Some Jerk Is Dressing Up Like a Clown And Roaming Around Green-Wood Cemetery [Updated]

Leo adds, in the first video's description:

REAL video! He is real and is freaky as hell! I would not dare get any closer, he seemed to gravitate towards the mausoleums by the lake in Greenwood Cemetery. I found a blog on him from several years ago...


When the Brooklyn Eagle asked around, most of the Green-Wood grounds staff seemed unaware that there's a tacky weirdo on the loose on their grounds. (A Green-Wood spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Voice.)

Our own tipster, Ryan Jackson, swears up and down that he's not part of the stunt. But he lives nearby, he adds, and sometimes walks to Green-Wood's lake to cool down. He spotted the clown on July 7, he said. " I was talking to my mother on the phone when I saw the clown. I told her I have to go and I took some pics and then I got out of there. I have never seen anything like that. The clown didn't want to get close with me and I didn't want to get close to it either."

Understandably. Jackson had his own theory about who's behind the greasepaint.

"I think it is definitely a hoax or something," he tells us. "My opinion, he is a fucking asshole who probably is promoting something. I didn't see anyone with him though. He may be just crazy."

All good options. We'll keep you updated.

Update, 2:52 p.m.: We've received the following statement from Richard J. Moylan, Green-Wood's president. He seems unamused:

Green-Wood staff has no information about this individual and has not seen him nor have any lot owners or visitors reported a sighting. When and if he is spotted, he will be immediately escorted from the premises.

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Why is everyone dumping on clowns, accusing them of being "creepy" and up to no good? This is nothing more than Bozophobia (aka Coulrophobia), an irrational and totally unjustified fear or hatred of costumed jesters who, throughout history, have made people laugh and delighted children of all ages.

Yeah, there have been evil clown characters in movies, and even evil people dressed as clowns in real life, but who would disparage the legendary Bozo, Clarabell, Emmett Kelly, Grandma from the Big Apple Circus, or mimes like Marcel Marceau?

Maybe this guy was just trying to find a graveside posthumous birthday party for which he was hired or to which he was invited, or maybe he was, himself, the victim of a prank. And how do we know that he wasn't a she, which would have made the clown's supposed motives somewhat less "creepy?"

Green-wood Cemetery has hosted all kinds of festive entertainment events from concerts to Halloween celebrations and even zombie-themed events, hardly in keeping with the somber, mournful, atmosphere to which many of the above commenters would restrict this landmark resting place for so many of New York's celebrated historical and entertainment figures. Perhaps this clown was visiting the grave of a departed friend or relative, perhaps even a fellow clown, or perhaps a child who loved clowns.

I can think of a fate far worse than having a balloon-bearing clown visiting my grave, like maybe having no visitors at all. So send in the clowns! At least this one was here.

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson

Why is he a jerk? Some people just like cemeteries. It's not like he's out there vandalizing anything or grave robbing. Just some cook in a clown outfit.

Stephen Marchese
Stephen Marchese

BOZO'S GHOST!-You're hung up on some clown from the 60's man

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