Video: This is the Deadliest Intersection in New York

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"I feel terrified to cross this street, which I have to cross about 10 times a day, every day," said a tenant who lives in a building on 95th Street and West End Avenue.

"I'm a driver, a pedestrian and a biker. And every time I go out, I have a close call," said Upper West Side city council member Helen Rosenthal.

The vicinity of 95th Street and West End Avenue is a notoriously dangerous spot for pedestrians. Insufficient crossing time coupled with drivers coming off the West Side Highway who continue to drive at a highway speed have taken four lives this year.

A vigil was held July 17 night after an SUV struck and killed Jean Chambers on July 10, when she was crossing the street at 95th Street and West End Avenue.

Relatives of the victims and concerned neighbors voiced their opinions on what needed to be changed. Rosenthal said that the city would implement new methods to increase pedestrian safety, including allowing more time for pedestrians to cross the street, adding a new speed hump and banning left turns at the intersection.

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Although I understand and agree with the outrage, this is hardly the deadliest intersection on Manhattan, much less NYC.  However, there is no question that - given two pedestrian deaths at 96th & Broadway, one at 97th and West End and one at 95th and West End, all in a period of less than six months - this area is in dire need of a complete traffic re-design.  The re-design that DOT did on Broadway and 96th is pretty good, but it is only a start.  Because THAT re-design is now forcing traffic in OTHER directions, to other intersections, etc., which simply makes other intersections more dangerous.

At a minimum, the area bounded by Amsterdam, West End, 100th and 93rd Streets needs to be looked at "in toto" for traffic calming and re-design.

Alberto Forero
Alberto Forero

School right on 96 st with West End ave, how many kids have been hit by cars ? It seems they no better than the adults....

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