Warhol, Wizards, and Dolls: Here's the Cool Stuff of the Antiques Roadshow in New York

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Location: Custom-made smiley face jacket from early 1970s
Anticipated value: Unknown
Appraised value: $1,500

Yvonne bought her casual smiley face blazer for $5 from a woman who worked for the Spiegel catalog (from which you can now purchase a somber jacket the color of ennui). It was custom-designed for a photo shoot and is the only one of its kind. Despite the flawless fit and overwhelmingly positive response to the jacket, Yvonne says that she only brings it out for special occasions.

Location: Manhattan
Antique: Set piece from 1966 Red Grooms and Mimi Gross film, Fat Feet.
Anticipated value: "It could be $100, it could be more."
Appraised value: ~$10,000

Patrice had the kind of New York story that's rapidly facing extinction. She and her husband live in a loft formerly inhabited by legendary multimedia artist Red Grooms and his collaborator/wife Mimi Gross. When he moved, the artist left several pieces, including this taxi from the set of his 1966 film, Fat Feet (potentially the greatest thing you've ever seen) as well as fantastical loft fittings like a life-sized turreted castle -- now the couple's bedroom -- and a brightly-colored cat house that would probably make a killing on Airbnb.

Bob and Carol.
Location: Glasstown, New Jersey
Antique: 1983 Kay Ritter papier mache sculpture
Anticipated value: "I wasn't worried about dollar value. I spent $275 because it was just so unusual."
Appraised value: $200 to $400. Side note: a 2006 auction site has a similar Kay Ritter piece estimated at $9,000 to $12,000.

We initially mistook Bob and Carol's 1983 Kay Ritter sculpture for an eccentrically dressed child. As it turns out, he is just as beloved as a member of the family. Of their drive to the Roadshow, they said, "we put him in the backseat, hoping we didn't get pulled over. He was very quiet, he's a good passenger."

Abandoned artwork on the main floor.

Location: Clifton, New Jersey
Antique: James Janney wizard illustration
Matt was extremely eager to point out the Betty Page pinup in the corner of this illustration by his Uncle, James Janney. A few hours later, he was headed for the doors, deterred by the interminable painting line. Sadly, Matt is not a practitioner of the Dark Arts.

Location: Portland, Maine

Natasha knew her 1950s deco style vase, handed down from her grandfather, had to be worth something since she and her brother weren't allowed to play around it as a kid. With a $450 appraisal, she must be glad she didn't manhandle it while her parents weren't looking.

Location: Wooster, Massachusetts
Antique: dolls from 1853 and 1875, handed down from her great grandmother and great-great grandmother.
Anticipated value: no idea.

One of Kristine's dolls was making penetrating eye contact from across the appraisal area. Of the dolls, she said: "this one was in a little bit poor shape so I did have her face restored. This one, there was nothing wrong until just recently--one of her foot broke off but I do have the foot with me."

Mark L. Walberg, Antiques Roadshow host (and apparent heartthrob).

From his deep tan and artfully coordinated shirt-tie combination (not to mention the throngs of hovering onlookers), it was clear that host Mark Walberg was the biggest celebrity in the room. A Google search for "Mark Walberg Antiques Roadshow" yields "Mark Walberg Antiques Roadshow shirtless" as the second result, which would seem to confirm his status as the Channing Tatum (or Mark Wahlberg?) of public television.

He lit up when speaking about his time spent in local landmarks -- describing the Apollo Theater as "sick." Of his hosting duties, he noted, "My time is spent with the people--who are all quirky, I won't call them weird. While the appraisers are [working with] the collection of objects, my collections are the people." His hair is flawless.

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Jacob Javits Center

655 W. 34th St., New York, NY

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