Warhol, Wizards, and Dolls: Here's the Cool Stuff of the Antiques Roadshow in New York

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Location: New Jersey
Antique: Signed first edition Andy Warhol book

A decades-long Warhol aficionado, Ida found this signed first edition Warhol book in her basement with an assortment of other used books. Ida's first Warhol collectible, an illustrated and signed paper bag that the artist made personally for her at a late '60s Brooklyn Happening, fell victim to her mother's overzealous cleaning. Astonishingly, a chance second meeting in a jewelry store fifteen years later yielded a replacement, which Ida has framed (it was too big to transport to Javits). Regardless of its value, the book will ultimately be displayed alongside her other personalized piece.

Furniture appraiser and AR favorite, Leigh Keno (twin brother Leslie Keno was also there).

The star power of the Kenos is such that they scored their own 2011 Fox reality show, Buried Treasure, which was not renewed (possibly due to the slightly grim undertone -- the families seeking appraisals were all hoping to cash in on their heirlooms to cover costs for crises like foreclosure and cancer treatment).

Location: Manhattan
Antique: Pair of midcentury clown figurines
Anticipated value: unknown
Appraised value: $250 for the pair

"These are my boyfriend's, given to him by his grandmother. I've actually never looked at them outside of the plastic -- I was always too afraid to take them out but they're cute!" Jeff was given a highly specific caveat to his appraisal -- that they'd fetch $250 at an eclectic store in Miami. Buena suerte, Jeff.

Decorative arts appraiser Karen Keane evaluating a set of midcentury clown figurines

Alexa and Michele.
Location: Staten Island
Antique: Giant Pepsi bottle cap
Anticipated value: unknown
Appraised value: $450

Michele may have unintentionally swiped her giant Pepsi cap while working downtown in the '80s, snagging it from a pile of what she assumed was garbage. Of the possible set appropriation, she said: "Later I found out that it was part of a film set and they had all their props there. But no one was around and I had just walked away with it!" The moral of the story: Definitely always pick up interesting garbage in New York.

Location: Burlington, Vermont
Antique: Midcentury risqué nun painting
Anticipated value: unknown (paid $10)

"I got her at a church sale to benefit the United Church of Underhill. Even if I find out she's worth a fortune, I'm gonna hang her right back up above the kitchen table." Bridget is lucky that this wasn't immediately pried from her hands by our photographer.

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Jacob Javits Center

655 W. 34th St., New York, NY

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