Warhol, Wizards, and Dolls: Here's the Cool Stuff of the Antiques Roadshow in New York

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Location: Manhattan
Antique: El Morroco's Family Album

Lisa purchased El Morroco's Family Album a decade ago while working on the luxury condominium that was constructed on the footprint of the legendary nightclub space. Created as a sort of insider's yearbook for El Morroco regulars, the album was only available to preferred patrons -- the coolest celebrities of the club's glory days. The hundreds of photos inside its surprisingly contemporary cover make the Rich Kids of Instagram look like Midwestern mall rats.

Location: Connecticut
Antique: Fish and lotus pottery piece
Grace, a realtor, found her fish bowl while cleaning out the home of a client. The vessel was first given to a colleague who was less than taken with the fish-meets-flora motif and gladly parted with the piece for just $25.

Location: Brooklyn
Antique: 1816 miniature bible

Steve's grandfather brought this diminutive bible back from World War II and was having it appraised for the first time today. At what looked to be about 6' 7", Steve and his wee Bible were somewhat mismatched.

Location: Portland, Maine
Antique: Vintage Batman figurine

An avid Batman fan and collector, Emmett has scoured the internet in vain for information about this particular piece, which he was immediately drawn to when he passed it "lurking creepily in the storefront." Emmett expressed clear disdain for the shorter blunted bat ears and generally mellower vibes of later Batman iterations, which he claims were designed to cater to a younger (and clearly lamer) audience.

Kathleen Guzman, collectibles appraiser, posing with a piece from the Red Grooms collection.

Jon and Norene.
Location: The Bronx
Antique: "Begging for soup" lamp
Anticipated value: Unknown, paid $500 (down from $1500)
Appraised value: $500 to $800

Jon, a Bronx construction worker, fell in love with this lamp walking by it every day on a project. His wife, Norene, clearly doesn't share his ardor for the figural lamp -- as Jon put it, "I don't want to tell you what she called it when I brought it home." However, she was quick to point out its potential utility as a weapon.

Location: Yonkers, New York

This former FIT student scored her paper dress from a boyfriend whose brother-in-law, a theater owner, received it as a promotional item for universal studios. As to whether she wore the eco-friendly mini, she said "In 1968, it was way too long. Luckily I never took a scissor to it." The dress now lives inside a Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat in Lynn's closet (it sounds like her wardrobe is well worth raiding).

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