Warhol, Wizards, and Dolls: Here's the Cool Stuff of the Antiques Roadshow in New York

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The feedback booth. The line here was as long as that of any appraisal line.

Glen and Valerie.
Location: Glen Cove, Long Island
Antique: 1910 model ship
Anticipated value: unknown
Appraised value: $2,000

"My uncle perished at sea on this boat."

It only took Glen and Valerie 45 minutes to drive to the Javits Center but (for fear of breaking the glass) they spent another 30 painstakingly pushing this ship across the room. Made in 1910 by Glen's grandfather, the ship is a replica of The Njord, which circumnavigated the globe twice in a row and on which his uncle perished at sea.

Location: Ridgefield, New Jersey
Antique: Bakelite bracelet (part of larger collection)
Anticipated value: unknown
Appraised value: $500-$700

Kathy amassed much of her impressive bakelite collection from a specific seller at the 26th street flea market who would set aside special pieces just for her. She's never worn the bracelet, for which she received the highest valuation, but resolved to start today (and promptly clamped the bracelet on her wrist). Of the other pieces, she said "I was wearing the pin until my kids said they wouldn't be seen with me." Kathy, your kids are wrong.

Location: New York and Florida
Antique: 1983 Maria Finkel paper sculpture
Anticipated value: Unknown, paid $250

"It was the face of [the artist's] mother with some kind of Semitic headdress. We are now slowly but surely disposing of some of the things in the [Vermont] ski house and my children don't like it."

Margot (on left) and Claudette (paintings are Margot's).
Location: Bed Stuy, Brooklyn
Antique: Pair of midcentury portraits
Anticipated value: Unknown.
Appraised value: $3,000 to $5,000

"As an antique shop owner, I buy tons of stuff all the time but never for me," says Margot. "I'm not likely to hang Caucasian people in my home so I was excited to find African American figurative people. It has a European sensibility -- I'm also European and that's why I was drawn to it because it's kind of got both in one painting."

Location: Brooklyn
Anticipated value: no idea, purchased for $200

Ben and his life-size wooden soldier were on their way out the door following a somewhat fruitless visit (the appraiser was unable to assign a dollar value). Says Ben of his two-dimensional buddy, who was a fixture in his childhood bedroom, "he just kind of stood in this sentinel position by the wall quietly." Ben has not ruled out the possibility of traumatizing entertaining future children with his flat companion.

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Jacob Javits Center

655 W. 34th St., New York, NY

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