Fox News Desperately Wanted Saturday's March for Eric Garner To Be a Bloodbath

If anything, though, the march was criticized by anti-police brutality activists for being too conciliatory towards the NYPD. One major labor union that participated, 1199 SEIU, which represents healthcare workers, carried signs in support of the NYPD as well as ones calling for justice for victims of police violence.


After the marchers failed to turn the whole of Staten Island into a pile of smoking embers, Fox did their best to point out that it could have.

"This rally in Staten Island, fortunately, by the reports that we have, was non-violent," declared a Fox & Friends host whose name we're not even going to pretend to know. "But very often aggression does follow Al Sharpton."

You have to admire their determination.

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Maybe Rupert Murdoch should be deported for using his questionably acquired media companies to destabilise and disrupt the society, politics and economy of the U.S. ??


What do you expect from FOX news--they are HATEFUL RACE BAITERS!!!!!!

Steven Otto
Steven Otto

It's so nice that pastor Robert Jeffress can acknowledge that there are 'rogue pastors'; that he fails to realize that he is one of them ... not so much.

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