Podcast: Why Did So Few People See Sin City 2?

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Very few people saw this movie.
Why did so few people see Sin City: A Dame to Kill For over the weekend? That and other topics are discussed in this week's edition of the Voice Film Club podcast with the Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl and Stephanie Zacharek, joined as always by Amy Nicholson of the L.A. Weekly via the magic of the Internet.

The trio also discusses the latest YA adaptation If I Stay, the BDSM doc Kink, and it wraps up with Alan and Amy split on relationship movie The One I Love, starring Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass.

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Stephen Flanigan
Stephen Flanigan

The first had such poor dialogue. More mood than writing. But the effects were unique, it was visually stunning. This feels like the same movie from eight years ago. If anything like the first (and it looks just like the first), the audience won't build much empathy for the characters, there isn't much for plot direction, just dark helplessness and cynicism mixed with the rare moment of vigilantism, and multiple story lines that likely won't verge with any sense of satisfaction. It looks lackluster and depressing, and just seems so.. straight-to-video.

José Leitão
José Leitão

Because this movie is so fake and unrealistic looking that any kind of suspension of disbelief is nearly impossible. A world where most women are hookers or killers, or dead. Characters that come back from death, a stylized photography that owes more to computers than actual technique, bad shadows, bad lighting, confusing story all over the place, it's terrible.

Cristian Pagu
Cristian Pagu

perhaps taking the responsibilities as a writer, director, actor, editor and a few other thousand duties on set was not such a good idea for Frank Miller..

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