Hipster Mattress Start-Up Offers Free Naps in Noho

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Lara Zarum
Take a load off.
Manhattan can be exhausting, but did you know you can take a nap on a plush, king-sized bed in a swanky Noho loft apartment practically any time you want?

No, it's not an art installation. And if it's not an art installation, it must be a marketing ploy.

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Astorino Ad Uses Nuclear War As a Metaphor for Voting for Andrew Cuomo

Screenshot via.
Re-electing Governor Andrew Cuomo is a vote for nuclear war, criminality, and general disaster. That's roughly the message, anyway, behind Republican challenger Rob Astorino's newest ad, titled "Jail," a shot-for-shot remake of the infamous "Daisy" ad that Lyndon B. Johnson ran against challenger Barry Goldwater in 1964.

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In New, Shutdown-Timed Ad, NJ Governor Chris Christie Just Wants to Remind You He's Good at Compromising

A still from the new ad.
This morning, for no particular reason--not because the federal government has ground to a screeching partial halt, and certainly not because he might like to be president someday--Chris Christie would like to remind you how good he is at compromising. The New Jersey governor released a new 30-second TV ad this morning, "Bipartisan." Against a soaring backdrop of Ferris wheels and beaches, Christie tell us, "I stand up strongly for principles, and I speak bluntly and directly, and I say what I believe. But I also know that my job is to get things done for the people of this state."

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Romney First Election Ad: Most Epic Day One Ever (Well... Sorta)

"What would a Romney Presidency look like?"

That's what the narrator, who sounds a bit like the Republican nominee himself, asks viewers in the Romney campaign's first video ad for the general election (entitled "Day One") that went up on YouTube last night. The advertisement will be shown over and over again in the battleground states (i.e. Virginia, Michigan) to a people who presumably hate the word "swing." 

Most of us have no idea what the answer to that question is; predicting the future is a hard trait to come by for the non-clairvoyant demographic. Our fellow Voice writer Pete Kotz took a wack at it and, apparently, so did Mitt.

Interwoven with gleeful shots of Mitt shaking peoples' hands and workers that exist somewhere Bain Capital hasn't found yet, the video takes hypothetical politics to the White House, painting a first day on the job portrait for anyone who's interested. And, if the video is any indication, he has a lot planned.

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'Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing' Billboard Is Not OK, Says Scott Stringer

If an offensive advertisement fails, and you apologize for the offensiveness of the ad, what's the next logical step for the ad company? For Wodka Vodka, the answer apparently is to try and offend someone else. IN VERY LARGE LETTERS.

The thinking behind the madness: If making fun of Jews doesn't work, choose a different victim.

How about, um, hookers? (And, y'know, everyone who would prefer not to read "HOOKER" on the drive home?)


In November, the company that runs ads for the Vodka business, put up a large billboard that read 'Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing.'

After wonderful feedback, they took it down.

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Questions Surround Fallen Billboard On BQE

Screen shot 2012-01-14 at 2.42.28 PM.png
A tweet from around 2:30 p.m. today.
A day after a billboard came down on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in high winds between Meeker and Metropolitan Avenues, there are lingering questions about the structure.

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Durex Ad Goes After 'Uncommunicative Condom User' Demographic

The above image (via Reddit) is an excerpt from a Durex condom print ad from India. In it, a woman coyly chews on her nails with the thought, "hmm...did he? didn't he?" floating above her head. Full image after the jump.

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New Yorkers May Soon Enjoy Ads on Our Taxi Receipts

If every available surface is not covered with an attempt to get us to buy something, are we even Americans? No. Hence, the completely ad-wrapped subway car, the vintage subway car that is itself an ad, the giant billboard-ization of Times Square (and everywhere), and all the enterprising young people tattooing themselves with company slogans for money (you won't regret that!). Related: The TLC will consider whether to put ads on the back of cab receipts, which would mean that receipts would get larger and your wallet would need cleaning out on a more consistent basis. The New York Post reports that the issue will be discussed a public hearing on the 19th of January.

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'Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing' Billboard Echoes The Simpsons

Stuart Elliot, ad reporter and blogger for the New York Times, earlier today tweeted that WodkaVodka had put up a billboard on the West Side Highway touting its "Christmas quality" at, ahem, "Hanukkah prices." Along with the tagline, there's a small dog, quite possibly a Chihuahua, in a Santa hat (representing Christ?) and a larger, long-haired dog in a yarmulke. Check out a photo on Gawker. Unsurprisingly, the internet has already begun to rise up in rage over the billboard, which, I mean, you do have to ask, who approved this, exactly, and why?

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Occupy Wall Street Doesn't Pair Well With Online Advertising

NYT ows home page.png

One tricky thing about OWS is that literally any product you advertise next to an item on the protest looks incredibly tacky and forces you to think the words "One percent." At least the Mercedes Benz logo is small. Meanwhile, at the Huffington Post:

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