People Are Staying at Other People's Houses for Free, and Sometimes They Are Naked

This story is not what you think it will be, which is to say, it's not a dating story. Not explicitly, and not generally, either. This story is about kind people, people who are opening their New York and other city apartments to traveling strangers in need of lodging. Except, the twist is, sometimes these people are nudists, and as such, when their travelers arrive, they are faced with nude people. This is unusual, but also, sometimes, fun for everyone! This is an actual story in the New York Times.

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Park Slopers Offer $500 for the Return of Monkey Doll, the 'Son They Never Had'

Thumbnail image for monkeyflapjack.jpg
Not Bongo
In Park Slope, a couple is desperate. A parenting nightmare has become their own -- where, oh where, is their monkey doll, Bongo? Bonni Marcus and Jack Zinzi lost Bongo, who is, yes, a stuffed monkey doll, on Sunday night at around 7 p.m. as they headed to El Viejo Yayo, a restaurant on Fifth Avenue. He was there, and then he wasn't, reports the Brooklyn Paper, which is taking the case of missing Bongo very seriously.

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Jazz, Woman Who Grew 24-Inch Fingernails to Become Famous, Is Kind of Famous

Do you remember Jazz Ison Sinkfield, the lady from Atlanta with the abnormally long but incredibly special 24-inch fingernails that, she told America, were going to make her famous and help her meet Oprah? Well, the Oprah thing didn't pan out (yet), but Jazz has been honored by reality TV. She is the latest star of the TLC program My Strange Addiction! Not everyone is that sort of famous. Jazz truly deserves this, as she "has over 19 feet in fingernails and values them so much that she considers them her babies. Her husband Antonio says that she pays more attention to her fingernails than to him." Congrats, Jazz!

Our Favorite WTF!? Stories of 2010

Confession: We like crazy people. They make us feel good, warm and cozy, among the like-minded. And sometimes like maybe we're just the slightest bit "healthier" than they are. Thus, we have a certain special feeling for the following stories, which we loved when they happened...and which stand the test of crazy, crazy time.

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Santacon 2010 Starts Tomorrow Morning: Be There, Be Merry, Be Wasted

via Newyorkology
Santacon, everyone's favorite Holiday-themed bar crawl, takes place tomorrow in Manhattan. Participants dress up like Santa, the elves, all of the Christmas pals, and sometimes even...Hanukkah stuff. The starting location for this year hasn't been announced yet, but you can keep watch of Santacon's Twitter account to find out where to go at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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President Obama Finally Immortalized as a Chia Pet

President Obama.jpg
What's the ultimate form of terrible, tawdry, pop culture tribute? If you're President Obama, until today, you probably thought it was a vibrator made in your physical likeness. But oh, how wrong you were.

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Alert: Naked Women Are Running Around the USA Being Nuts

You'd think it was still August. Evidence: 1. People are acting crazy! 2. People are getting nekkid! Seriously, in two otherwise unrelated stories from our nation, in just one day, women have taken off their clothes to do otherwise mundane things (in public) and gotten arrested. Shall we compare and contrast?

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Yelp's 10 Quirkiest New York Review Topics

Most people know Yelp, the user-generated review website of mass proportions, for their infinite reports on restaurants, bars, shopping, and service centers. But if you scamper on over to the "Local Flavor" section, you'll find examinations of all kinds of New York stuff you never knew was actually reviewed. Here are 10 of Yelp's most random (helpful!) New York topics along with some of the choicest reviews.

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Ancient Egypt Uproar: King Tut's Penis Is M.I.A.; Cleopatra Died of an Overdose?

Today, Time asks a very important question for the ages: "Is King Tut's Penis Missing?" It seems that Jo Marchant, who was researching the possibility that Tut suffered from Antley-Bixler syndrome (which lends physical effects like elongated skulls and "even under-developed genitalia"), discovered that, lo and behold, Tut's genitalia wasn't there at all. But it was there in 1922, and even in 2006, although it had become detached in that period of time. (Note the benefit of having things attached: They are less easy to lose.)

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Voice Photo Makes It into Iron Man Comic

photo by Paul Crispin Quitoriano
We've learned that this rather amazing photo of comic book fan Sal Rizzo -- dressed as Wolverine from X-Men and taken by photographer Paul Quitoriano for the Voice at Comic Con in February of 2009 -- has made it into a new Iron Man comic. Which is pretty much the ultimate in regular-dudes-as-superheroes awesomeness (Sal, do you know about this?) but also a tad confusing for the photographer, who was as surprised to see his illustrated photo in a comic book as non-comic fans might be to see the photo at all.

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