Fear and Loathing in the Holland Tunnel: One More Take on Jon Stewart's Serious Speech

Have you heard enough about this rally that happened in D.C. this weekend? Maybe. We've already told you what it was like and what the best signs looked like. But what about what it looked like from TV, far away from the uncontested idealism and cheer? Village Voice film editor Allison Benedikt reports from a different elevation: down-to-earth and grounded in reality. Allison?

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To the Sales Clerk at Me&Ro Who Was Too Busy Being a Dick to Help Me

   We see you, dick.
Hello. If you are the guy with the handlebar mustache working at the Me&Ro jewelry store on Elizabeth Street between Houston and Prince who wouldn't make eye contact and barely spoke a word to me, even after I asked, nicely, for some assistance: Why are you such an asshole?

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