Here Are New Jersey's Most Agile Cats

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"Dogs have masters and cats have staff, the servants, and that's us. It takes some intelligence to know how to twist that dynamic around and that's what cats do."

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It's Almost Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, And Here Are Three Who Need Your Help

Image via Brooklyn Animal Action
Somebody take Flame home and pet him forever.
We all did terrible things this winter -- think of the subway fares evaded, the stingy tips left for delivery guys, the string of unsolved arsons committed up and down the East Coast. Now summer is almost upon us, and that means it's time to improve your karma. Luckily for you, June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month .

Every spring, animal shelters across the country are deluged with kittens (seriously: the Humane Society calls it "kitten season," and it happens because people don't spay and neuter their pets). New York shelters are buried under an annual monsoon of tiny whiskers and little paws. But the kittens often get adopted fairly quickly, while the slightly older cats sharing space with them at the city's shelters and animal rescues can languish without real homes for a very long time.

Brooklyn Animal Action is one of many rescue organizations who saves cats (and the occasional dog) from both the street and the city-run Animal Care and Control. From May 31 to June 1, they're waiving the adoption fees for all their cats. Thanks to a grant, BAA will also be reimbursed if any of the animals being adopted need surgery or medical care. Here are three of their current fosters who could really use your help:

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Video: The Bowery's Cat Cafe Was Adorable

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The Purina One Cat Cafe at 168 Bowery started on Thursday, April 24 with sixteen cats from the Long Island's North Shore Animal League, all available for adoption. Just as the cats planned, New Yorkers have been eager to welcome them into their homes. The pop-up cat cafe attracted all sorts of cat enthusiasts before it closed up shop on Sunday, April 27. Video by Jessica Pitcher for the Village Voice.

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Cats Lure Humans to the Bowery with Promises of Cuddles and Free Cappuccinos

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C.S. Muncy

First, they took the Internet; then they set their sights on Manhattan. Welcome your new feline overlords to New York City, humans.

The cats have infiltrated the Lower East Side, and planted their flag at 168 Bowery. They are luring New Yorkers inside with the promise of free cappuccinos, snacks, and cat cuddles.

The Purina One Cat Cafe (as it shall be known until Sunday) started on Thursday with sixteen cats from the Long Island's North Shore Animal League, all available for adoption. Just as the cats planned, New Yorkers have been eager to welcome them into their homes. At least two were adopted on Thursday.

New York is really just a dry run for these cats, though. Their plans for world domination include similar permanent cat cafes set to open later this year in Montreal, Oakland and San Francisco.

The Voice dispatched photographer C.S. Muncy, recently back from a reporting trip in Ukraine, to document the incursion.

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At Least 60 Feral and Outdoor Cats Have Vanished in Astoria

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Photo by Mary Witty
Old Orange, a ginger tomcat who disappeared from a feral cat colony around December 12.
A mystery in Astoria is growing stranger by the day. Caregivers for the neighborhood's feral and outdoor cats report that at least 60 felines have gone missing between early December and now.

"Just for Astoria alone it looks like it's between 66 and 70," says Mary Witty. "Just in this neighborhood."

Witty, who works at NYU, has lived in Astoria for 14 years. She's cared for a colony of feral cats for about five years, seven of them, all of whom were part of a Trap Neuter Return program to keep the city's outdoor cat population down. She set up food and shelters for them in her yard, and most of them slept there every night; several were related to one another.

Then, one morning in December, she realized they'd begun to vanish.

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Uber Delivers Kittens to Newsrooms Around New York

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Simon Constable of WSJ getting his cat on.
You may have heard that Uber is promoting their product with #ICanHazUberKitten day. No? Then allow us to explain the Internet's latest abomination thing: The mid-to-high-priceed digi-car service is ferrying kittens from office to office all day to promote its services and raise money for the ASPCA.

Unable to contain the cuteness in the physical realm, users of the day's services have posted the kitten house calls all over social media. It seems like media organizations are taking advantage of the service, obviously doing their journalistic duty despite the fact no one would ever click on a headline with "kittens" in it. (Runnin' Scared writers had a serious conversation about who could front the $20 for the service.) NBC Latino, Huffington Post Live, even the Wall Street Journal are on Twitter with their ordered kitties.

Runnin' Scared wanted to get in on this kitty cat media blitz, so we rounded up some of the tweets of the feline fuzzballs hanging out with serious journalists.

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FDNY Rescues NYPD Rescuing Cat, Publishes Photos of the Actually Dangerous Shit They Do

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We guess this is what you call bragging rights. On Monday, the fire department was called in to save an NYPD officer who got stuck in a tree while trying to rescue a cat in Queens. The firefighters laughed at the cop, and saved the cat first, but also published photos of their rescue paramedic teams training for crazy situations (i.e. not cats) on Randalls Island the same day.

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Assemblymember Amy Paulin On The Shelter Access Bill

Amy Paulin
In response to longtime concerns over how shelters and rescues treat animals, Assemblymember Amy Paulin (D-Westchester) has sponsored the Shelter Access Bill.

The proposed legislation has been in the works for several years. After intense debate -- including outcry from some "no-kill" animal rights and welfare groups -- a revamped version recently got the OK from the Assembly's agriculture committee, and will soon go before the codes committee. If it succeeds there, the bill will go before the entire Assembly.

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Bulldog Attempts To Sit In Box; Channels Maru

Because it's Sunday, we bring you this video of a bulldog named Bo with an underbite and expressive eyes. Watch as Bo tries to squeeze into a box that clearly cannot support a bulldog's girth. It's cute, but we have to admit, it isn't very original.

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Remember That Time You Taught Me What "Less Than Three" Meant?: A Totally Platonic <3 Letter to @thisisjendoll

‚ÄčIt is Jen Doll's last day today. We feel things. We read things Jen once wrote. We wrote this.

Oh, Jen. It seems like just yesterday you were starting at the Voice. You had just been another unemployed daughter living in the East Village. We listened with rapt attention over the cubicle wall as Foster tried to coach you on how to get 100 twitter followers. And look at you now, @thisisjendoll: two years later you have 2,455 tweeps, not to mention your name on 3,433 blog posts, on three cover stories in the paper, and on a 30-year mortgage (in Brooklyn, no less)!

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