Anthony Weiner Pulls Twitter Boner

image via Twitter/emphasis added
Anthony Weiner, Twitter man (artist's conception)
At about 8 a.m. today, Anthony Weiner, former representative of New York's Ninth Congressional District, unsuccessful mayoral candidate, and reformed sexy texter, had 27 Twitter favorites.

They included some tweets about hockey (he's a fan) and some compliments on his new-ish column (he writes about politics and hockey).

Her Instagram avatar
The lovely Paris.
Oh, and at least six photos of this Orange County, California woman , who goes by ParisDylan550 on Instagram and ParisRoxanne0 on Twitter.

We don't know much about Paris, except that she's lovely. She poses not infrequently in her underwear and has some 41,000 Instagram followers who are thrilled every time she does. While Weiner doesn't have an Instagram, he favorited several Instagram links Paris posted to Twitter, including a link to this photo , which features her in her underwear and a Bob Dylan T-shirt. (Her Instagram profile declares her as "Future Mrs Bob Dylan.")

She may be a New York Rangers fan.

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Anthony Weiner Denies Hiring Fake Crowds Using Twitter

The Anthony Weiner campaign denies paying for plants at the August 11 Dominican Day Parade, an accusation levelled at it by report yesterday in the Post. While the story does get Spokewoman Barbara Morgan to issue a disappointingly tame denial, Weiner himself took to Twitter to rail against the story, claiming a retraction is in order. Perhaps the Weiner doth protest too much? He does have a history of overdoing the comeback.

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Is Anthony Weiner's Entire Ridiculous Candidacy a Cover-Up? Internet Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In

It seemed like it couldn't get any worse, and then it really, really did. A spokesperson for Anthony Weiner's soaring mayoral campaign offered some color commentary on a former intern yesterday, responding to the intern's tell-all piece in the Daily News by calling her a "twat," a "cunt," and a "slutbag" in a phone conversation with Talking Points Memo's Hunter Walker. But, like, she never meant for you to hear any of that stuff, saying last night that she thought her comments were off the record.

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Anthony Weiner Denies He Spent $43,000 in Campaign Cash to Investigate Who Tweeted Those Pictures of His Junk

Weiner and wife Huma Abedin, both probably wishing they could just sink through the floor
Even as we were processing the latest details of Weinergate Redux last week, new problems were brewing in Camp Weiner. Over the weekend, as the Times first reported, Anthony Weiner's campaign manager abruptly quit. It's almost impossible to figure out why 30-year-old Danny Kedem might have felt the need to jump ship, isn't it? It may possibly have something to do with the fact that his candidate's penis apparently requires fresh air, direct sunlight, and the gazes of women other than his wife in order to thrive.

But while Weiner was busy telling reporters that Kedem's departure is a non-issue, he also had to make time to fight off another, more interesting potential scandal. The Daily News alleged on Sunday that back in 2011, after Weiner accidentally tweeted the Boxer-Briefed Boner Heard 'Round the World, he then hired a private company to investigate who had "hacked" his Twitter. Even though, you know, no one actually had.

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As Everyone in the Universe Calls on Weiner to Leave Mayoral Race, His Sexting Buddy Gets an Agent

Thumbnail image for weinerpic.jpg
The candidate in more dignified times.
Blech. Ugh. Blorgh. Hork. Sorry. Just had to fight down a little vomit and some journalistic pride in order to write this post. Where were we? Ah, yes. Weinergate: The Return. A whole slew of polls in the last 48 hours show that Weiner's slim lead over City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the mayoral race has evaporated. Where last month he led the pack of Democratic candidates with support from 25 percent of registered voters, yesterday he hovered around 16 percent. Keen political observers suspect Weiner's campaign may be faltering due to his affinity for amateur freelance crotch portraiture.

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Even Weiner's Alleged Sexting Partner Loves Anthony Weiner Jokes

Carlos Danger for Mayor
Who doesn't love a good Weiner joke? They're simple, yet effective, and since Tuesday--the day New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner publicly confessed that "some" of the explicit photos and chat logs unearthed by were legitimate--comedians (and people who just think they are comedians) have been going nuts with the dick jokes.

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The Dirty's Nik Richie on Going "CSI" on Anthony Weiner's Penis, and Other Revelations

Nik Richie is the proprietor of TheDirty, the gossip website that posted dick pics and dirty chats that Anthony Weiner sent to a 22-year-old he met online--after resigning from Congress and amid a year-long apology tour that preceded an announcement that he intended to run for mayor of New York.

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Anthony Weiner Is the New Democratic Frontrunner for Mayor

In late April, the polling team at Marist released a survey titled "Weiner Candidacy for Mayor Could Scramble Democratic Primary Contest." it projected major percentage points of approval for the former congressman, should he decide to step into the fray. A few weeks later, he did. And, nearly two months after that original sampling, its title has validated itself: according to the newest WSJ-NBC New York-Marist poll, Anthony Weiner is now the leading Democratic candidate for mayor in New York City.

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The Ghost of Anthony Weiner's Rent-Stabilized Past (UPDATED)

Wikimedia Commons
"Why No Tenant Should Vote for Anthony Weiner," read the headline in May's issue of Metropolitan Council on Housing. The op-ed, written by tenant advocate Michael McKee of the Tenants PAC, highlights a 1994 flip-flop by the then-councilman on rent stabilization--a term that has slowly evaporated from Big Apple real estate talk in the modern age. The vote cast by Weiner had angered the tenant community at the time and, now that he's running for City Hall, has only fostered more backlash. And, in a display of how utterly dismal the New York City housing market truly is, it's one of the first times the issue that should be a top priority has made an appearance in this election cycle.

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Weary at Israel Day Parade, Weiner Still Leads the Jewish Vote in Race

Wikimedia Commons
Since he launched his campaign two weeks ago, former Representative Anthony Weiner had yet to face in-person backlash against his mayoral aspirations. His inaugural subway trip from Harlem to the West Village was met with questions rather than taunts; his support for teachers in the Bronx was welcomed by the pro-teachers crowd; his debate presence at NYU last week became a media circus, not a media outcry. Until yesterday: At the Israel Day Parade, where Weiner appeared as the only Jewish mayoral candidate, the politician faced jeers. Except it's another case in this race of small, blown-up events versus realities of the Big Picture.

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