"99%" Projected Onto Side of Verizon Building

Nick Pinto
This is pretty amazing. Our Nick Pinto just tweeted out this picture of the Verizon Building near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, where he's covering the Occupy Wall Street march. The march includes workers from the Communications Workers of America, who were out on strike at Verizon and have been working without a contract for some time. We can't imagine Verizon is very happy about having the CWA's message seen on the side of their building. (We must admit, however, that the scary, largely windowless part of the building seems to have a better purpose now as a screen.)

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"Twin Towers" on Sixth Avenue About a Mile Apart

Steven Thrasher
Yesterday, we wrote about how from the middle of Sixth Avenue in the West Village, you can get a view that is eerily reminiscent of what the Twin Towers looked like from the same spot a decade ago.

The optical illusion is created by the pairing of the Trump SoHo Tower and the still-under-construction One World Trade. From this unique point in the city, the two buildings appear to be next to each other and to be the same size.

But how close are they? And how alike are they, really?

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One World Trade and Trump SoHo Recreate Twin Towers View on Sixth Avenue

Steven Thrasher
Crossing Sixth Avenue at 11th Street this afternoon, it was impossible not to notice. At its current stage of construction, One World Trade appears to be the same height and size as the Trump SoHo Tower. Together, the two create a view that looks eerily like the pre-9/11 World Trade Center from this intersection.

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James Ramsey Tells Us About the 'Low Line,' His Proposed Subterranean Sci-Fi Green Space on the Lower East Side

Raad Studio
James Ramsey, owner and founder of Raad Studio on the Lower East Side, has had a busy week. After New York Magazine unveiled his stunning renderings for The Delancey Underground (or, colloquially, "the Low Line," the name that seems to be sticking) -- an underground community green space proposed for an abandoned trolley terminal space beneath the Lower East Side -- he's been met with a whirlwind of interest in his idea. He presented last night to Community Board 3, and spoke to us today about his and partner (and third-generation Lower East Sider) Dan Barasch's plan to create an underground green space using advanced solar technology.

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Upper West Side Building Gets Its Own Postage Stamp

The U.S. Postal Service has recently gotten into Facebook and social media and stuff, in an effort to "reach broader, more diverse audiences," and also, perhaps, because they are kind of broke, and now they're releasing an array of new stamps, previewable by those means. One of these new Earthscapes stamps should be of particular interest to New Yorkers because, instead of representing glaciers and icebergs and volcanic craters and cranberry harvests (not that those things aren't awesome), it is of skyscraper apartments, the very sort of thing some of us live in.

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New World's Tallest Building Will Be Very Tall [UPDATE]

via Gulf News
Saudi Arabia will soon be home to a mile-high building, dubbed "The Kingdom Tower." Gulf News reports that it will be erected (you can say that about a building in Saudi Arabia, right?) in the Obhur Gulf, just outside of the port city Jeddah. Kingdom Holding Company is funding the structure, which will be surrounded by a new 80,000-person city. An end date has not been announced, but the plan -- initiated in mid-2008 -- has been given the green light.

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East Village to Get Another Ugly Building, at Astor Place

via Curbed
The Wall Street Journal reports today that 51 Astor Place, the site of Cooper Union's old engineering building, is once again in the works as the site of developer Edward Minskoff's fancy-shmancy new Fumihiko Maki-designed "13-story ribbed granite-and-glass office building," which had been postponed during that whole recession thing. Now that that's (sort of?) over, Minskoff says he's moving forward with the building again, which he predicts will attract residents like high-tech companies, i-banks, insurance companies, and ad agencies to our fine neighborhood by 2013. It's a perfect pairing for the new, ever-uglier Bowery Hotel! Construction is slated to start in July. [via Curbed]