Peter Thiel Announces 2011 '20 Under 20' Fellows, but Why So Few Women?

Meet Peter Thiel's Fellows: a handsome selection of the finest innovators under 20 years old. And by handsome, we mean 18 of them are boys, two of them are girls. But is anyone really that surprised of the ratio? Probably not. (Back to that later). Thiel's 20 Under 20 were selected based on a rigorous criteria, and while there were over 400 applicants to Thiel's program, which debuted earlier this year, only 20 of them made the final cut, winning $100,000 and a two-year tenure with the foundation's network of masterminds. In exchange, of course, for their resignation from Harvard, MIT, Yale, and the rest of the Ivy League brigade.

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Urban Outfitters, Still Stealing Designs From Local Artists

If Urban Outfitters executives aren't shaking in their boots yet, they should be. Because based on this, and this, they've been caught red-handed stealing from online fashion and jewelry designers. It will have been a year ago tomorrow that Foster Kamer called out the mega-hipster monolith for stealing from Brooklyn's own. Today, Chicago blogger/jewelry designer Stevie Koerner discovered the company had stolen her design for a line she called "United States of Love," calling it instead the "I Heart Destination" line. As Koerner herself commented, "Not cool, Urban Outfitters. Not cool."

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Study Suggests Teen Internet Addiction Leads to Drug Use

Lately, it seems as if everything has to be turned into a diagnosis and a treatment. Trouble sleeping? You probably have restless leg syndrome. Bored at work? You probably have ADHD. Check your Facebook a bit too often? You probably have an internet addiction. And while we won't deny a mild case of internet dependency, it seems a mite overboard that a study conducted on more than 3,500 Connecticut high schoolers found that "problematic internet use" could lead to future issues with drugs and aggression.

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The Top Five Worst Baby Names in Recent History

As humans who generally don't name ourselves, we're all prone to wanting another name at some point or another. Sometimes we reject what our parents decided to call us in favor of something better, more likable, or often, more popular. For example, names like Kate or Nicole or Natalie, anything more mundane and easily spelled, could be coveted. (My name rhymes with "slavery.") But it could be worse: a fruit, a last name, or any location.

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Unabomber's Items Will Be Auctioned to Compensate Victims

Thumbnail image for Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 3.43.22 PM.png
U.S. Marshals
Kaczynski's typewriter
How would you like to have one of Ted Kaczynski's personal documents? Wait, you wouldn't? Well, why not? Doesn't everyone want to own a treasured item from one of America's most "celebrated" killers? (If you answered any one of these questions with "no," you're still sane, don't fret.) The U.S. Marshals seem to think you do, and after a lengthy court battle it has been decided that the Unabomber's items will be auctioned online to compensate his victims.

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No Smoking Signs Just Make Smokers Want to Smoke More

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There's something to be said about being told specifically not to do something: It makes you kind of want to do it anyway, right? Translate this into a psychological study on the impact of no smoking signs and you have a conundrum: Telling smokers not to light up actually increases their cravings for nicotine. And what do you know, we find yet another failed attempt at getting New Yorkers to quit the habit.

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15 More Things to Read About the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Today on Runnin' Scared was, obviously, dedicated to news surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden, for too long the world's most elusive terrorist, who shook our city almost ten years ago. Since news of his demise broke late last night, we've covered the scene at Ground Zero on Monday morning's early hours, fake photos of Bin Laden's death, an updated FBI's Most Wanted List, the conservative right's reactions, and the unrelated death of Osama's own obit writer. Then there's the wackier news: a cartoon dramatization, conspiracy theories already bubbling, a man who could finally shave, the announcement at a wrestling show and the fact that another famous wrestler, The Rock, knew about the death before everyone else. Even still, we couldn't cover it all. Below you'll find 15 more tidbits worth reading as this historic news day comes to a close.

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35 Cooper Square Will Be Torn Down

"Unfortunately, it was concluded that it would not be feasible to develop the site with the building or any significant portion of it remaining," wrote Stephen Lefkowitz on behalf of Arun Bhatia, developer of 35 Cooper Square, in a letter to city council member Rosie Mendez last Friday. Advocates for the 186-year-old building had remained hopeful until recently. But merely four days after the letter was released, 35 Cooper Square is officially starting to come down. Crew members started work on the upstairs scaffolding earlier today.

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Walmart to Start Selling Guns Again

Had enough of the Royal Wedding? Cool, so have we. Now we can move onto bigger and brighter things, like guns. Walmart has announced they will resume selling guns at half of its stores across the nation in an effort to restore so-called "Heritage" items to their shelves. "Heritage" as in fishing rods. "Heritage" as in sewing fabric. "Heritage" as in firearms that will be sold mostly in rural areas, causing a possible influx of rednecks to swarm the country with weaponry. Or so it goes in our nightmares...

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City Council Rethinks Alternate Side Parking

nyc traffic jam.jpeg
Having a car in the city can be trying at the least, because not only do you have to navigate the traffic on a daily basis, but even when you're not driving the car you still have to move it to make way for street-cleaning services. Lucky for car owners, life might be getting much sweeter. New York's City Council passed a measure yesterday that could potentially mean one less day per week NYC drivers have to move their cars due to alternate side parking regulations.

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