Remember That Time You Taught Me What "Less Than Three" Meant?: A Totally Platonic <3 Letter to @thisisjendoll

​It is Jen Doll's last day today. We feel things. We read things Jen once wrote. We wrote this.

Oh, Jen. It seems like just yesterday you were starting at the Voice. You had just been another unemployed daughter living in the East Village. We listened with rapt attention over the cubicle wall as Foster tried to coach you on how to get 100 twitter followers. And look at you now, @thisisjendoll: two years later you have 2,455 tweeps, not to mention your name on 3,433 blog posts, on three cover stories in the paper, and on a 30-year mortgage (in Brooklyn, no less)!

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The Story Behind Last Night's Verizon Building 99% Projections

For many Occupy Wall Street Day of Action participants, the highlight of the evening was a series of "bat signal" pro-OWS messages projected on a building bearing Verizon's name.

Yesterday, the Voice's Steven Thrasher wrote about the series of Occupy Wall Street related messages on a building bearing Verizon's name after our own Nick Pinto tweeted about the sighting near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. Projected messages included "99%" "Mic Check," "Occupy Earth" and "Love."

While some have speculated that Communications Workers of America were behind the projections on the building, located at 375 Pearl St., a group of visual artists affiliated with OWS are the creators. And while many New Yorkers refer to the structure as "the Verizon Building," it is not owned by the large communications company, but rather to a company called Sabey Data Centers, John Bonomo, director of media relations at Verizon told us in an e-mailed statement today.

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"99%" Projected Onto Side of Verizon Building

Nick Pinto
This is pretty amazing. Our Nick Pinto just tweeted out this picture of the Verizon Building near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, where he's covering the Occupy Wall Street march. The march includes workers from the Communications Workers of America, who were out on strike at Verizon and have been working without a contract for some time. We can't imagine Verizon is very happy about having the CWA's message seen on the side of their building. (We must admit, however, that the scary, largely windowless part of the building seems to have a better purpose now as a screen.)

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'NYC Rapture Readiness Committee' Signs Prepare You For the World's End

The Rapture, which failed to occur back in May, has been re-scheduled for this Friday. Are you prepared? For whatever it's actually going to be? You can never be too ready!

Runnin' Scared was walking down Third Avenue today and saw some signs that look like this:

rapture ready.jpg
Rosie Gray

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Sexy Jeffrey Eugenides Billboard: Mystery Solved

jeffrey eugenides billboard.jpg
via @peterlattman
The smoldering glamour shot of Middlesex author Jeffrey Eugenides in Times Square left a lot of people scratching their heads. Not because it's not awesome, but because it's almost too awesome. Since when do people who aren't reality TV stars or professional athletes get to be on billboards? Gives us hope for the current state of American culture.

Now WSJ has gotten to the bottom of the Eugenides billboard, which was made to advertise the author's new The Marriage Plot:

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'Metropolitan Etiquette Authority' Posts New Signs Around New York City

Jason Shelowitz, or Jay Shells, a New York artist who in 2010 launched a subway etiquette campaign covering all sorts of ills committed by commuters (something we clearly have an interest in as well), and later followed with a "clean up after your dog" series, is at it again. He put up street signs last night in five or so Manhattan neighborhoods, including ours, at Cooper Square, as well as Times Square and Hell's Kitchen, in hopes of drawing attention to urban etiquette issues like saggy pants, cigarette-butt-flicking, and NYPD horse poop.

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Here Is Your Encouraging Street Art of the Day, at the Nassau G Train

You're sweltering in this heat and you have to travel deep into the barren desert wasteland of the even-hotter subway and then off to your chilly cavern of an office, where the sweat will freeze to your body and you will feel flu-like by noon, but still, there are bright sides to be had. For instance, in this cheery messaging outside the Nassau G Stop.


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A Construction Sign the MTA Would Never Intentionally Use

It's obvious that the wording of this sign, on a construction site in the Atlantic/Pacific subway stop, was not actually put up by the MTA. They would never be quite so direct, concise and efficient in their messaging. We'll start counting today how long it lasts. | @steven_thrasher

East Village 'Will You Marry Me?' Mural: The Time Lapse Video

Over the weekend we had a chat with Jeff Gurwin, the guy behind the sweet East Village engagement mural on 2nd and Avenue A. Here's a time lapse of the making of the mural (with some shots of Jeff, in the plaid shirt, and his fiancée Caitlin, in the yellow skirt). Congrats, guys! The mural will be up for a month.

NYC's New Skeleton Street Signs Are Supposed to Remind You of Something

Alert! The city would like to remind you that Halloween is just around the corner Losing weight is as easy as walking instead of driving We're all the same underneath our clothes Everybody's got to go sometime so stop and smell the roses while you can A zombie apocalypse could happen Speeding kills! Hence, the new custom-designed speed board featuring that guy that your mom hangs on the door in October. You'll start seeing these around town this summer, so don't freak out -- they are not a veiled threat. The sort of cool techy part: Apparently the skeleton will appear whenever a car goes over 30 miles per hour on city streets. Mayor Bloomberg thinks this new "graphic" image will help hammer home the message, presuming the New York City driver in question actually cares about whether he hits anyone or not. Walkers, focus on crossing the road, not staring at the sign. A Spooky Reminder to Obey the Speed Limit [NYT]