Hit Hard by Sandy, Coney Island Museum Will Re-Open May 26

Image via Coney Island USA
After being closed for a year and a half due to Hurricane Sandy-related renovations, the world-famous, sideshow-hosting, awesome-stuff-having Coney Island Museum will re-open May 26, just in time for Memorial Day. We're so excited we may show up dressed as a topless mermaid.

Coney Island was hit especially hard by Sandy; in April of last year, the area's unofficial mayor, Dick Zigun, who runs the museum and heads Coney Island USA, the non-profit behind it, told the Daily News the museum had suffered "major damage" to the museum, its props and inventory.

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This Is A Video Of A Little Old Lady Single-Handedly Scaring Off Five "Gang Members"

Categories: Awesomeness, Guns

Five thugs attempted to rob a pawn shop in California last week and learned a valuable lesson: don't fuck with granny.

As the creeps -- who CNN has dubbed "gang members" without any evidence that they are members of any gang -- are attempting to rob the store, its 65-year-old owner grabbed a pistol and started blasting away. As you can see in the video below, the "gang members" booked out of the store toot sweet.

The woman has not been identified, and the "gang members" are yet to be caught. Regardless, the gun crowd now has some new ammo in its fight against Mike Bloomberg's blatant disregard for the Second Amendment.


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Mayor Cory Booker Saves Woman from Fire on His Free Time

This is the week of celebrities saving the community, one citizen at a time. First, with Ryan Gosling pulling away journalist Laurie Penny from oncoming traffic and, now, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark. The up-and-coming star politician, who, some argue, has "President" written all over him, saved his next-door neighbor from a ferocious fire after having "a proverbial come-to-Jesus moment."

Booker was on his way home Thursday night when one of the detectives he was with noticed a flame in the house over. At around 10pm, dispatchers were called and Booker was on his way into the building, where some residents had not even realized their own house was on fire. Some awoke to Booker's yells and Lamar Hodge, the woman who was saved, said she had heard her sister screaming from upstairs. 

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Rapping Train Conductor Plays His Heart Out on the Harmonica

Who said train conductors were mean, boring stickler-ish types shushing you in the quiet car, punching your tickets through a thinly disguised veneer of hatred, and kicking you off the train after you pee drunkenly in the vestibule? Train conductors are fun, too! Some of them are even sort of comedians. Like this guy in a video posted on YouTube yesterday. "I was born to be a clown," he says, "but I found this job instead." Indeed.

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Watch the Last 100 Years of New York City Subway Maps

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 2.44.02 PM.png
One of the maps.
Today in subway porn we have a beautiful depiction of the ebb and flow and changing formats of the New York City subway map over the years. The only thing better than watching the map come of age to the inspirationally epic music in the video created by Gizmodo's Matt Toder back in December (Bowery Boogie reminded us of it today) would be actually holding one of those early 1900s parchments in our hands. Though, probably, we'd accidentally tear it or spill coffee on it and then get sued, so this is really better, anyway.

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Here Is Your Mesmerizing Subway Video of the Day

Add this to your collection of things posted on YouTube that happened on the New York City subway this year. This one, "Zilla March," is from a group called The Next Level Squad; they're doing a Brooklyn-bred mix of street dancing and contorting called flexing. The gas masks do give us pause, and this definitely breaks our rules of subway behavior, but the performance is pretty awesome -- way better than some stupid old lo mein fight.

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Lucy Cooke, Sloth Documentarian, Shares About the Animal She Calls 'Cute Crack'

Lucy Cooke may have one of the best jobs on the entire planet. She's a documentarian, a sloth documentarian; you've probably seen her work in the happiness-producing "Meet the Sloths," her video about the Aviaros sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Animal Planet has realized her talents (and the great power of sloths) and will air an hour-long documentary called Too Cute! Baby Sloths this Saturday at 8 p.m. The trailer is above. Set your DVRs now.

We got in touch with Cooke, who is also writing a book called The Little Book of Sloth, to ask her a few questions about our possibly most favorite animal, aside from the slow loris. Our Q&A, after the jump. Happy Friday.

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What the Abandoned Trolley Terminal on the Lower East Side Looks Like Now

Remember "the Low Line" -- the proposal to make the 60,000 currently unused square feet of the abandoned trolley terminal on the Lower East Side, under Delancey Street, into something called The Delancey Underground? James Ramsey and Dan Barasch came up with the plan to create a green space there utilizing solar technology, and got a lot of press about it in September. Then, just before Thanksgiving, the MTA took a little tour of the area and posted it on YouTube to show the public what it currently looks like and put out a call for proposals for what it might be.

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Hillary Clinton Surprised by Loincloth-Clad Torchbearer

In what we'd like to think of as an "antidote" of sorts to Holly Van Voast's surge in boob-flashings at Barnes & Noble book signings (a target of which recently included Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill), a man surprised the Secretary of State with his own version of an homage recently in Honolulu.

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Brooklyn Treehouse Is Basically the Shit

People who dislike treehouses are clearly not to be trusted.
While we are somewhat irritated with the title of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith's classic and wonderful coming-of-age novel, being co-opted for anything imaginable related to Brooklyn, we have to say that Alexandra Meyn's Brooklyn treehouse, which appears in the New York Times with the of-course-they-did headline "A Treehouse Grows in Brooklyn," is pretty awesome, and Smith herself might have enjoyed it. We would go there, and drink some wine, and dish, if she were to invite us, in a hot minute. We would even bring the wine.

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