If You Must Know, That Was Lemon Herbal Tea in Bill de Blasio's Mug

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Bill de Blasio is a lemon herbal tea fan, he informed the city today, putting to rest the question New Yorkers have been asking for more than a year.

While unveiling his $77.7 billion budget proposal for fiscal year 2016, the mayor took several sips from a mug before being asked by a reporter what he was drinking. De Blasio replied that he was drinking lemon herbal tea "with honey and more lemon."

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If Trump's Obama Doozy Is What Douglas Kass Thinks Is Trump's Obama Doozy, Then Trump Just Stole the Last 48 Hours of Our Lives

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He makes his announcement today on Twitter at noon. Shortly thereafter, we will hit the unfollow button.
So on Monday, New York City's biggest attention whore, Donald Trump, appeared on the single worst television show of any kind in the whole fucking world Fox News' Fox & Friends and told Doocy et al that he had found "something very, very big" about President Obama, something with the power to maybe even decimate the president's campaign, to end the president's political career, and that he'd let us know today around noon.

Trump, flawed as he is, is undeniably good at keeping himself in the news without actually doing anything newsworthy, so like the beaten pups that we media outlets are, we spent Monday morning on wondering what this wigged kumquat of a man had in store for us.

This announcement could be something and/or nothing at all, but much of the media is playing ball. For something to be as big as Trump claims, it has to be a deal breaker, both politically and personally. There are a couple theories going around. Maybe Trump found evidence that this man is indeed from Kenya, even though we've already seen the president's birth certificate many times now. Maybe Obama's a secret Muslim (read: terrorist), even though the president is baptized, goes to a Protestant church and has spent the last three and a half years systematically hunting and remotely butchering the absolute shit out of Muslims.

Maybe the dude's gay.

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Barack Obama's Birthday Bash: We're Totally Invited, Maybe

Oh my God, guys! OH MY GOD!

Michelle Obama, who's totally like, my BFF, keeps sending me e-mails -- she, like, knows me by my first name and stuff. We're that close.

Anyway, she told me that Barack's having a 51st birthday party next month, and the best part is that I'm totally invited!!!

Well, at least I think I am.

Like, I keep re-reading her e-mail and it's like trying to figure out some dude's texts or something -- really hard. I just don't know if she really likes me.

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Will Barack Obama Veto Tax Cuts?

Well, this is a mess...

Remember yesterday, when Barack Obama called on Congress to extend Bush-era tax cuts for families making up to $250,000? Remember how Obama made the politically risky move of describing the economy as disappointing under his watch, using that as proof the country needs tax break extensions? And then there was that whole "'Do the right thing,' Congress! Stop holding the country 'hostage!' 'I will sign it tomorrow'" bit.

Apparently, Obama will veto said legislation -- if Congressional Republicans try to extend all tax cuts, including for earners making over 250 K.

Of course, this is what the GOP will probably do, considering House Speaker John Boehner swore that the House would vote to extend tax cuts for all, according to ABC.

We told you this was a mess!

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Barack Obama Calls for Tax Cut Extension: Should You Care?

Barack Obama will call on Congress today to enact a one-year extension of Bush-era tax cuts for the middle class.

Media accounts of Obama's mandate indicate that the president's tax relief plan would pertain to families making less than $250,000.

If Congress does not OK the prez's pitch, this could pinch a lot of Americans' pockets come Jan. 1, when the cuts officially expire: as detailed by the New York Times, a household pulling in 50K would have to pay an additional $1,750 to Uncle Sam.

You might wonder: What else do the cuts' expiration mean for you and the rest of the U.S.?

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BREAKING: Supreme Court Has Upheld Individual Mandate, Handing Obama Huge Victory on Healthcare Law

We're listening to the Brian Lehrer show and reading
SCOTUSblog's liveblog as the Supreme Court sits for what will probably be the final time of this term.

And...SCOTUSblog is saying that the mandate has survived as a tax, and that Chief Justice John Roberts has joined the left in this ruling. The Affordable Care Act, also known as the ACA or "Obamacare," has been ruled constitutional.

Todd Zwillich of the Takeaway is reporting that in front of the Supreme Court building, it's a chaotic scene. "A cheer went up from certain sectors of the crowd, as you can imagine," Zwillich says.

According to Brian Lehrer, Medicaid expansion is "limited, but not invalidated."

More soon.

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The Evil Ways Immigrants Destroyed America When Reagan Granted Them Amnesty

There has been the expected nuclear hay made by Republicans out of President Obama's decision to give temporary relief to the children of undocumented immigrants in lieu of the D.R.E.A.M. Act passing. We were in the Rose Garden to witness the first attack personally, as an Irish immigrant, of all people, wouldn't allow the president to even finish his statement on his planned immigrant executive order.

If there is one thing conservatives love more than tax breaks it's Ronald Reagan, and you can't look at Reagan's history without remembering the Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform and Control Act, which granted the dreaded "a word" (amnesty, that is, something Obama pointedly said his plan will not do). But a lot of conservatives try to forget their beloved Reagan signed amnesty into law and said, "I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and who have lived here, even though some time back they may have entered illegally."

Whatever happened to the three million people Reagan granted amnesty to a quarter century ago? Did they succeed in ripping the nation to shreds, destroying American industry, and murdering gringos left and right, much as Reagan's disciples predict would happen if such a bill would become law (or even Obama's much more tepid stopgap executive order) today?

Actually, quite the opposite.

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Is This a US Embassy or Sarah Jessica Parker's House?

Betty White Meets Obama, Drops "White Power" Presidential Bid

Pete Souza/The White House
The black/gay "Kumbaya" moment continues.

First we had President Barack Obama support same-sex marriage, followed by the NAACP and a bevy of black leaders getting on the gay rights bandwagon.

Then we had Gay Inc support the end of racial profiling.

And now we have gay icon Betty White meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office yesterday. The 90-year-old Golden Girls star recently endorsed Obama. This must mean she has given up running for president herself, on the controversial "White Power" party line, as she told Craig Ferguson she was planning to do last October.

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Outside Obama's Broadway Fundraiser, Some Ask Where The Money To Investigate Financial Fraud Is

Protesters march on Obama's fundraiser yesterday to demand he conduct real investigations into financial fraud.
Barack Obama was in town last night for a series of fundraising events, including one at the New Amsterdam Theater in Times Square.

A coalition of activists demanding accountability for the financial fraud that set off the economic crash used the scene of the president raising millions of dollars to return himself to office to call attention to a project that's sorely underfunded: the taskforce charged with investigating mortgage fraud by the nation's biggest banks.

"Before you can campaign, you have to do the people's business," said Nish Suvarnakar, an organizer with the Campaign for a Fair Settlement, who helped organize the evening's demonstration. "The campaigning and fundraising is going to go on, but we're not going to go away either."

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