The Hair Club for Men Attempts Bad-Ass Biker Rebranding

As a kid, did you burst into mocking giggles over the Hair Club for Men commercials ("I'm not only the Hair Club president, but I'm also a client") and President Sy Sperling's too-fluffy-to-be-true mane? Confession: We did. However, we are wiping that smile right off our faces because the Hair Club for Men (now just "Hair Club" -- don't laugh) is rebranding, and it "is not your father's Hair Club," according to Lee Zoppa, VP of marketing and advertising. It is your biker uncle's Hair Club.

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To Get in the Mob, You Have to Get Nude

The Mafia is always one step ahead of the rest of us. This is how they operate. We've all seen it in Goodfellas, right? Thus, when FBI agents started sneaking in and infiltrating mob ranks wearing wires and hoping to get the needed dirt to bust them, the Mafia thought of a solution: To get initiated, you have to get naked. This is not from any perversity or need to check the merchandise, but rather, from wisdom, mind you. As was testified by Anthony "Bingy" Arillotta, "fears of FBI surveillance meant clothing wasn't an option when he became a 'made' member of the Genovese clan" reports the New York Post.

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The Emotional Wimps of Today Would Rather Say "Fuck" Than "I Love You"

All valid emotions.
Oh, society. We are wimping out hardcore. Despite a heretofore unknown squishy comfort with phrases like "Go fuck yourself" and "Eat shit and die," adults have resorted to whimpering like wounded puppies, cowering in a corner until finally faced with an ultimatum, or downgrading our full-fledged feelings to semi-sardonic backhanded compliments in our interactions with other humans. And this isn't just in romantic relationships, although that's where it's the worst -- even sometimes with married couples who you'd expect to be over this sort of thing.

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But Really, Is It OK for Men to Cry?: A Retrospective

Following House Speaker-designate John Boehner's Sir-Weeps-a-Lot moment on 60 Minutes recently, along with the salty, flowing waves of 2010 man-tears (including Charlie Rangel's please don't censure me sobs and Chris Brown's spontaneous waterworks at a Michael Jackson tribute), the Today Show is once again bringing to the forefront the question: "Is it OK for men to cry in public these days?" (FYI: 58% of their pollsters say yes, if it's sincere).

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Vladimir Putin Declares Leonardo DiCaprio "a Real Man" for Getting on a Plane and Making It to Moscow

This has been a big week for Leonardo DiCaprio. He was on that Delta flight to Moscow that had to make an emergency landing when an engine blew. A dog named after him is involved in a dramatic and bitter custody battle. His second flight to Moscow, where he is attending a conference on tiger extinction, had to make an unscheduled refueling stop "due to strong headwinds." And now...Vladimir Putin has dubbed him "a real man"!

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Guys, There Has Never Been a Better Time to Have Facial Hair

Pardon if we're a few days late with this -- there was that whole election to deal with. But since November 1, we've been in a month also known as "Movember," created by an actual organization known as the Movember Foundation, which has existed worldwide since 2004. Their cause, a/k/a Movember, is all about getting guys to grow mustaches to "change the appearance and the face of men's health."

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Wise Chilean Miner Nearly Chooses Hole in Ground Over Facing Wife and Mistress

Poor Yonni Barrios, the miner who loved too much! The man reportedly considered death instead of rescue from the mine after hearing that his wife had found out about his mistress. Apparently, it took three weeks for rescuers to talk him into living.

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New York Women Like Their Men to Smell Like the Inside of a Starbucks

Well, this is interesting. Smell purveyor AXE body spray took it upon themselves to survey ladies in various cities to find out how they'd like their menfolk to smell. (Note to men: Two of three women say they are actually more likely to make out with a guy on the first date if he smells good, which does not necessarily mean wearing AXE body spray. Shower.)

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Carl Paladino Dispatches Duck to Stalk Andrew Cuomo

via Capitol Tonight
Proving that nothing is too stupid in love and politics, Carl Paladino has dispatched a person in a duck suit -- get it, duck? as in, "ducking questions about his position on health care reform"? -- to follow Andrew Cuomo around the state as he campaigns for the New York governorship.

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Groundbreaking New Shapewear for Guy Parts Makes Us Very Nervous Indeed

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Since we have kind of a problem with women's shapewear (where does the fat goooo? And what happens when you take off said shapewear and reveal your actual shape to the prying eyes of the public?), you'd probably assume we feel the same way about men's shapewear. And you'd be wrong, because we feel even worse about it! For this reason: Not only do men now have shapewear to hide unsightly man-boobs and flab rolls, some person -- people, even: Andrew Christian, BumGear, Joe Snyder, Gregg Homme, and Calvin Klein -- have created a new line of shapewear specially for "down there." Yep, to make your Johnson emerge in the best possible light.

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