City Will Pay $55,000 To Settle Case of Occupy Livestreamer Josh Boss, Tackled By High-Ranking NYPD Chief

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A video still of Boss's arrest
Occupy Wall Street is still proving expensive for the city of New York, who keep having pay out large sums of money to Occupy protesters who were over-enthusiastically arrested by the NYPD. In April 2013, the city paid $365,000 to settle claims over the destruction of the OWS library, and civil rights attorney Wylie Stecklow of Stecklow Cohen & Thompson says he's settled six or seven other Occupiers' claims for unlawful arrests. The latest came just yesterday, when the city agreed to pay $55,000 in the case of Josh Boss, who was livestreaming a December 2011 march when he was thrown to the ground and kneed by Chief Thomas Purtell, then the commanding officer of the Manhattan South Patrol Division, which oversees all marches and protests in the city.

"Purtell is the most senior officer we've ever seen in a physical unlawful arrest," Stecklow tells the Voice. "He got hands on."

Boss was filming the march on the evening of December 17, 2011. As the marchers crossed the street, so did he, camera in hand. Footage of the incident shows that he was in a crosswalk when Purtell came running at him, flung him to the ground, and put his knee on Boss's chest. "Kick his ass, Tom!" another officer can be heard saying in the background.

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Summer Idyll: Crutch Fight In Times Square

Aaah, summer.

Beach, sun, surf, and of course, two guys fighting each other with crutches in Times Square.

Yeah, the video is in the Daily News, but really it shouldn't be missed. It's also on youtube New York Writes Itself and Buzzfeed.

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Alleged Subway Groper Turned in by Brother After Being Beaten Up by Victim

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The alleged groper.
Remember Shyane DeJesus, the feisty gal who punched the crap out of her subway groper on October 23, on the platform (and then the train) at Union Square? The alleged groper has been caught! In a further dramatic twist, he was busted thanks to his estranged brother. The two "just don't get along," law enforcement said the brother, who also provided the alleged attacker's home address, told them. That info led to Froylan Andrade's arrest, reports the New York Post.

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Denny's Fight Club: First Rule Is Post It on YouTube (Updated)

File this video under Crazy Americans. Late night, in a Denny's in Chicopee, Massachusetts, on Sunday, February 20, two men, and three women duke it out during an extremely profane and vicious argument that supposedly started over maple syrup, at least according to whoever posted it on YouTube.

Well, we made the extra call, and learned from the Chicopee Police that in fact, the cause of the nasty brawl was a previous "road rage" incident. That makes more sense. We guess the parties involved then then found themselves sitting next to each other in the Denny's. Perhaps the maitre'd was to blame?

Sgt. Jeffrey Nadeau, of the Chicopee Police, says police officers responded to the restaurant, and took an incident report. All the parties were identified, and were offered the option of filing complaints.

The Smoking Gun website obtained the police report, which says the fracas began as the two groups of people left a local bar in their vehicles. The two cars arrived at the Denny's at the same time. Words were exchanged in the parking lot, and inside the restaurant and then the fisticuffs started.

A statement from Denny's says, "Unacceptable behavior of this type will not be tolerated..." The statement noted, as the video shows, that a Denny's employee helped diffuse the fight.

Teen Beat For Pretending To Be "Hard" on Facebook [VIDEO]

A video surfaced online yesterday of a teenager being beat by an adult (either his uncle or father, the video is unclear) for pretending to be gang-affiliated and being "hard." It has gone viral very quickly, achieving about one million views, 2,000 tweets and 176,000 Facebook shares in less than 24 hours. The video reveals a heavy sympathy online towards strict and abusive parenting. Link to the video after the jump.

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Mayor Bloomberg Reports His Daughter Is "Fine" After Fall from Horse

Following her recent accident during an equestrian competition, Georgina Bloomberg is in stable condition, the New York Daily News reports . During a show-jumping event in Syracuse this past Saturday, the mayor's 27-year-old daughter had tumbled from her horse, suffering a concussion and minor spine fracture.

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Brooklyn Woman Beats Up 500-Pound, Bed-Ridden, Oxygen-Masked Sister Over $100 Gift

Sometimes there are news stories that only lead to further questions. Like this one in the Post today, in which a Brooklyn woman with the awesome name of Jewel Lane beat up her "500-pound, bed-ridden sister -- even tossing her sibling's vital oxygen mask into the hallway" -- over an argument about a $100 gift.

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Kid Delivers Smackdown to Crazed Coyote

via New York Post
We all wonder, now and again: When faced with a crisis, how would we act? Would we do the brave, dangerous thing, regardless of our own safety, or would we scream like a little girl and flee? In the case of Eric Mandel, a 14-year-old Westchester boy, the brave thing involved giving a marauding coyote interloper not one, not two, but three slaps to the face. But it's not like he enjoyed it.

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Obama-Beating Boardwalk Game Faces Public Stink-Eye

If George Bush was the butt of all jokes, Barack Obama is the outlet of choice for pent-up anger -- or at least his plastic "likeness" is. A boardwalk game in Sea Side Heights -- the city with the probable highest amount of testosterone per capita and the summer home of Snooki, the Situation, and the gang -- features an Obama figure alongside Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Michael Jackson, and several other public figures.

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Video: Standardized Testing, Bullying, Charter School System to Blame for Texas Teacher-Student Beatdown

Good Morning America on ABC News - ABC News_1274288470297.jpg
Have you seen the video of that teacher at a Texas charter school who gave a kid an ass-stompin' beatdown? Well, via Yahoo, the teacher -- Sherri Davis -- went on Good Morning America today. It was fairly convincing, but a few elements in the narrative that are pretty important to understanding this thing get grazed over quite quickly.

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