Will Brooklyn's Insane Real Estate Market Doom This Long-Stalled Park?

Courtesy NYC Parks Department
Bushwick Inlet Park, as it stands now in its nine acres of glory
Hundreds of Brooklynites flooded City Hall on Thursday to protest the city's slow action on buying land for Bushwick Inlet Park, as real estate prices have soared in line with condo construction along the East River.

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If You Must Know, That Was Lemon Herbal Tea in Bill de Blasio's Mug

All images via YouTube
Bill de Blasio is a lemon herbal tea fan, he informed the city today, putting to rest the question New Yorkers have been asking for more than a year.

While unveiling his $77.7 billion budget proposal for fiscal year 2016, the mayor took several sips from a mug before being asked by a reporter what he was drinking. De Blasio replied that he was drinking lemon herbal tea "with honey and more lemon."

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De Blasio Still Drawing Criticism for NYPD Snub During State of the City Address

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Credit: Demetrius Freeman/Mayoral Photography Office
Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking heat from police reform advocates.
Before Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered his State of the City address on Tuesday, his office let it be known that hizzoner would be focusing on affordable-housing proposals.

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De Blasio Wears 'No Blood No Foul' T-Shirt to Gym in Worst Wardrobe Decision Ever

Jack Buehrer
Straight outta high school?
As he sometimes does, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spent the afternoon of December 7 working out at the Prospect Park YMCA in Park Slope. He and his wife, Chirlane McCray, alternated between the weight room, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines over the course of the hour or so they were there. McCray was decked out in fashionable contemporary gym clothes. We can only guess de Blasio's dirty-laundry hamper is overflowing, given the T-shirt he was rocking, which had the contextually unfortunate streetball slogan "No Blood No Foul" emblazoned on the back.

See Also: NYPD Cops Rip Bratton Online for Going to Hospital Before Garner Decision Announcement

Despite being NYC's tallest-ever mayor, the 6-5 de Blasio's not exactly known as a tough customer on the hardwood. Back in his City Council days, his nickname is said to have been "The Cactus" -- a reference to how he always "had his arms at 90 degrees at his sides, watching people running around him."

De Blasio's security detail was abundant. His stylist and his PR team, on the other hand, must take Sundays off.

First Lady's Top Aide Rachel Noerdlinger Spotted at Department of Investigation Headquarters

Image via Instagram
Rachel Noerdlinger, pictured in September.
For several weeks, New York news has been full of Rachel Noerdlinger, First Lady Chirlane McCray's chief of staff, after DNAInfo reported on September 25 that she's in a relationship with Hassaun McFarlan, 36, who has a lengthy criminal record. McFarlan spent time in prison when he was 15 years old after being convicted of manslaughter for killing 18-year-old Kenneth Carter; more recently, the website reported, he was arrested in Edgewater, New Jersey for eluding a police officer after a car accident. He was ultimately convicted of disorderly conduct.

The New York Times , citing anonymous sources, reported last night that the city Department of Investigation has opened an inquiry into Noerdlinger. Although the mayor's office has refused to confirm that, earlier this week, we saw Noerdlinger heading to the Department of Investigation, which is headquartered in the same building as the Village Voice.

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De Blasio and a Bunch of Other Mayors: The Economy's Still Not So Great

Photo Credit: noheadlights via Compfight cc
Things are still pretty bad. And they're worse in the big cities.
Mayor Bill de Blasio, along with a group of city leaders from across the country, are trying to drum up some attention for what has turned out to be a lackluster economic recovery, especially within large metropolitan areas.

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Video: De Blasio Addresses Death of Man Strangled by NYPD Officer

Cut to 31:45 into the video see the beginning of the press conference.

On Thursday night, Staten Island man Eric Garner, 43, known affectionately as "Big E,"died while being arrested after an NYPD officer placed him in a chokehold. Garner, a father of six, was reportedly asthmatic. A disturbing video of the incident posted on Live Leak shows that Garner repeatedly said "I can't breathe!", sounding close to tears, as the police held him to the ground. The Staten Island Advance reports that Garner, who stood over 6 feet and weighed more than 350 pounds, was a fixture in the neighborhood who sometimes sold loose cigarettes for 50 cents apiece. Witnesses have said that Garner was trying to break up a fight in front of a beauty supply store.

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Bill de Blasio and Assorted New York Children Uncomfortably Sing "I Love L.A."

Screenshot via Hulu.
Mayor de Blasio brings shame upon our city, these children, and music itself.
At the beginning of the month, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made a friendly wager: If the L.A. Kings lost the Stanley Cup to the New York Rangers, Garcetti would go on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and perform "New York, New York." If the Kings won, de Blasio would have to sing an ode to the city of traffic jams and immobile, botulism-rich foreheads.

"Start spreading the news," de Blasio said at the time, according to the L.A. Times. "It's been over 20 years since the Stanley Cup has found its home in New York City, and we look forward to it making it's way here."

But that enormous silver spittoon was not to be ours: to no one's surprise, the Rangers lost 3-2 to the Kings on Friday, June 13. Last night, our mayor appeared via satellite on Kimmel's show to make good on the bet. It was uncomfortable.

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Celebrity-Stuffed PETA Video Denounces Carriage Horse Industry, Urges de Blasio To Ban It Already

Screenshot via PETA
The battle over carriage horses in the city is dragging on and on, with no end in sight, and, as yet, no bill introduced in the City Council that would actually ban the industry and replace it with the classic cars favored by animal rights group NYCLASS. While Bill de Blasio famously promised "an immediate ban" on carriage horses during his campaign, the mayoral reality hasn't been quite so neat; a recent Newsday story found that 19 city council members are undecided on the merits of a ban, versus 15 who support it and eight who oppose it.

Neither side definitely has the 26-vote majority they'd need for victory, and in the meantime, everyone is ramping up their publicity. First there was Liam Neeson's big visit to the Clinton Park stables, where he called carriage driving "a beautiful industry." And yesterday, PETA released a new video wherein millions of celebrities denounce the carriage horse industry as cruel and inhumane. If you were waiting to hear what Dave Navarro's eyebrows think about horses before you made up your mind, wait no more.

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De Blasio Has a History of Intervening on Behalf of His Friends

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We're having flashbacks.
Early Wednesday morning, the Wall Street Journal reported a high-profile pastor and member of Mayor Bill de Blasio's inaugural committee with two warrants out for his arrest was released from jail after the mayor made a phone call inquiring about his arrest.

Officers pulled Bishop Orlando Findlayter over at 11:21 p.m. Monday. Findlayter, who was an early supporter of de Blasio's campaign, had made a left turn without signaling. When a database query revealed Findlayter had failed to appear in court in January after he was arrested in October at a protest, he was taken into custody.

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