Takes on Cooper Union Protests, Complains About Dumbing Down of America

A refreshing take on the Cooper Union occupation today from The students, alumni, and other folks protesting the school's decision to charge tuition are "multiculurists [sic] with a political agenda" and "dream of a Spolied Brat [sic] Socialist Utopia."

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Keith Olbermann Takes New York Times Out to the Ballgame; Anthony Weiner Invests in Them

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Media reporter and movie star David Carr takes on a giant ego in a feature from this weekend's New York Times Magazine, posted online today, about Current TV host Keith Olbermann. After Olbermann's unceremonious exit from MSNBC, the loudmouth anchor spent most of year the silent except for on the internet, where he yelled a bunch and berated random bloggers, blog commenters and political enemies, like he used to do on television. But starting this week he's back on the air, albeit to much fewer viewers, and so in the ramp up, he gets the big profile treatment in a premiere weekly magazine. Unfortunately, for all of Olbermann's bombast, this one is bombshell-less, mostly more of what we already know. More inside Press Clips, our daily media column, plus Anthony Weiner's own stake in the Times and new rules for working at The Daily.

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Ann Coulter vs. Piers Morgan: She Just Doesn't Want Stalkers to Know How Old She Is

It's hard with people like Ann Coulter because yes, everyone knows her game is to get people riled up with things like xenophobia, homophobia, lies, and rape jokes, while making piles of money in the process but really subsisting on the attention, and that's precisely the trap Piers Morgan falls into during the second half of the above clip from last night on CNN. Coulter's "Just joking!" defense brings out her smuggest smile. But in the beginning, when Morgan, who's not not an asshole himself, asks about her age, her three engagements, and her hypothetical gay child, she's legitimately squirming and it is glorious -- just great television all around. [ h/t]

Donald Trump Calls Anthony Weiner 'a Psycho'

Did you expect that Donald Trump would remain silent when the opportunity arose for him to discourse about another man's misdeeds? Au contraire! Many people have asked him what he thinks about Anthony Weiner, and the Donald does not disappoint the people. Today, he posted this video, in which he says that he knew all along something was wrong with Weiner. For one thing, Weiner always wanted campaign contributions from Trump! But also, the fact is, according to Trump, Weiner is "a psycho...a boiler ready to explode." So Trump was not surprised at all about Weinergate. Except for what he didn't realize. But then he realized it, and he knew everything. The End.

Bill Keller Stabs at Aggregation, Arianna Huffington While She Lays Off Tons at AOL

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Bill Keller, executive editor
New York Times executive editor Bill Keller does some tired stomping and finger-wagging from atop a his new pulpit this weekend with his second go as a columnist at Hugo Lindgren's redesigned New York Times Magazine. In this filing, to be published Sunday, Keller writes "All the Aggregation That's Fit to Aggregate," which amounts to a half-baked screed against aggregation and blogging, couched in some almost self-aware personal satire. Ultimately it's more auto-erotic asphyxiation than self-flagellation, leaving Keller sounding both serious and attuned to the new media idea that swinging at rivals gets attention. But he also comes across as stuffy, arrogant and threatened. He throws punches in the direction of, mostly notably, Arianna Huffington, but also at media reporters not worthy of naming, media thinkers like Clay Shirky, Jay Rosen and Jeff Jarvis, and maybe unintentionally, about 90% of young people hoping to be SERIOUS REPORTERS, who are practicing by writing on the internet. But for Keller, it's hard to land a shot from up there on the throne. Here we go! Press Clips, our daily media column.

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Howard Kurtz Is Not Too Big To Join the Kurt Bardella Pile On After Darrell Issa Snafu

Howard Kurtz, the former Washington Post media critic and current Washington bureau chief at The Daily Beast, suffered some embarrassment earlier this year when he admitted to waiting six weeks before running a correction on a factually inaccurate article. Kurtz thought he was speaking with up-and-coming Republican Darrell Issa, who he quoted extensively, dubbing the man the "GOP's New Top Cop." Over a month later, Kurtz issued his correction, clarifying that he had been speaking to Issa's spokesman, Kurt Bardella, not the congressman himself. But now that Bardella has gone and got himself fired, Kurtz is more than willing to blame Bardella, even for their own unconnected mix-up, which had nothing to do with Bardella losing his job.

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Tina Brown Excites Staff With Redesign, Still Riding New Newsweek Hype Wave

If there's one word to describe the media news narrative so far in 2011, it's probably "reinvention," or something like it, what with all of the relaunches, redesigns and restructuring, from AOL and the Huffington Post to Gawker, the New York Times (plus Magazine), New York Observer and Tina Brown's Newsweek and The Daily Beast hybrid. The latter is the subject of even more speculation today, with the magazine she's remaking preparing to drop maybe as soon as Monday (or maybe later). But while Gawker, HuffPo and the Times have thrived recently or otherwise maintained next-level relevance, earning the breathless analysis of their switch-ups, Brown has revitalized Newsweek, at least in certain conversation circles, through the sheer power of her leadership presence and celebrity, based not at all on any editorial product. Let's talk more about it inside Press Clips, our daily media round-up.

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Howard Stern Was So Over Twitter, Briefly

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We've already come out as not-fans of Howard Stern's Twitter account or radio show, but we never said the guy should quit. In fact, his extremely loyal followers seem to love it, and even Twitter executives were into it when Stern live-tweeted his own movie, Private Parts. But this morning on the radio, Stern said he was "so over" Twitter because "it's too much contact with the fans."

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Aaron Sorkin Definitely Made a Show About Keith Olbermann

The script for Aaron Sorkin's new HBO pilot, as of yet untitled, has been obtained by Flash, the gossip desk at News Corp.'s iPad newspaper The Daily, corroborating rumors that Keith Olbermann's ego will indeed be growing soon. Sorkin, who allegedly spent time studying both Olbermann and Chris Matthews, calls his cable news host Will McCallister, the host of a show called News Night, which leads his network's ratings, ruling Matthews out as the main inspiration. "Are you telling me bin Laden is a nicer guy to work for than I am?" the McCallister character asks in a Olbermannian bout of hyperbole. Get the full scoop from The Daily, even if you don't have an iPad, HBO or Current TV.

Olbermann to Current TV, Which Is Apparently a Channel That Exists

Last we heard from Keith Olbermann, he was leaving his MSNBC show Countdown, in something of a hush-hush move that probably had something to do with Comcast pushing him out. He was contractually barred from talking about it. Today, Olbermann is expected to announce that he is joining Current TV -- what the New York Times calls a "public affairs channel" -- which is partially owned by Al Gore. You take what you can get, maybe? Or you take a chance and change the world. Yeah!

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