Ann Coulter vs. Piers Morgan: She Just Doesn't Want Stalkers to Know How Old She Is

It's hard with people like Ann Coulter because yes, everyone knows her game is to get people riled up with things like xenophobia, homophobia, lies, and rape jokes, while making piles of money in the process but really subsisting on the attention, and that's precisely the trap Piers Morgan falls into during the second half of the above clip from last night on CNN. Coulter's "Just joking!" defense brings out her smuggest smile. But in the beginning, when Morgan, who's not not an asshole himself, asks about her age, her three engagements, and her hypothetical gay child, she's legitimately squirming and it is glorious -- just great television all around. [ h/t]

Ann Coulter Sells It Hard in the Style Section

Only a few years after Ann Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot," she spoke to a room of conservative homosexuals at Homocon 2010. Marriage, she told them, "is not a civil right - you're not black." Presumably, they clapped for her. ("She boasted of having several gay friends.") The New York Times was there, following around the performer, and deduced that in the wake of actual crazy people -- they of witch, masturbation and Nazi fame -- Coulter is switching her style up, advocating some "shocking" political positions. In other words, this whole this has always been about making a splash -- and making money -- so Coulter has a new plan:

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