Mega Millions Winners Sold In Illinois, Kansas and Maryland; Olbermann Fired, Replaced by Spitzer; State Budget Approved

You probably didn't win the $640 million Mega Millions jackpot -- the chance of winning was 1 in 176 million -- but the money will be divided up by at least three people. Lottery officials said winning tickets were sold in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland. In New York, 17 people will get a second-prize of $250,000 each. And the lucky numbers? Those were 02-04-23-38-46 with a Mega Ball of 23. People around the country collectively spent about $1.5 billion for a chance to get their hands on the winnings. [CBS New York, NYDN]

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Aaron Sorkin Definitely Made a Show About Keith Olbermann

The script for Aaron Sorkin's new HBO pilot, as of yet untitled, has been obtained by Flash, the gossip desk at News Corp.'s iPad newspaper The Daily, corroborating rumors that Keith Olbermann's ego will indeed be growing soon. Sorkin, who allegedly spent time studying both Olbermann and Chris Matthews, calls his cable news host Will McCallister, the host of a show called News Night, which leads his network's ratings, ruling Matthews out as the main inspiration. "Are you telling me bin Laden is a nicer guy to work for than I am?" the McCallister character asks in a Olbermannian bout of hyperbole. Get the full scoop from The Daily, even if you don't have an iPad, HBO or Current TV.

What Will Keith Olbermann Tweet at 8 P.M.?

Screen shot 2011-01-24 at 5.01.52 PM.png
Keith Olbermann, recently departed host of MSNBC's Countdown, is coming back to the 8 p.m. slot just three days after he signed off. Despite talk in this morning's New York Times of a gag order, in which Olbermann can not speak about his departure, he has promised a dispatch tonight on his newly MSNBC-free Twitter. What could it be?

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Rachel Maddow on Keith Olbermann Suspension: At Least MSNBC Isn't Fox News

Rachel Maddow dedicated her final segment on Friday night's show to the Keith Olbermann flap, in which the Countdown host was suspended for making political donations, and said she understands the punishment Olbermann received. "I understand what it means to break this rule," Maddow said. "I believe that everybody should face the same treatment under this rule. I also personally believe that the point has been made and we should have Keith back hosting Countdown." But Maddow's most salient point was about, what else, Fox News.More »

Glossy Liberal Magazine Brings Keith Olbermann Out of MSNBC Suspension Slumber

Keith Olbermann is in the hot seat this weekend with Deborah Solomon in the New York Times Magazine. Okay, so he did the interview before the mess yesterday, in which Olbermann was suspended indefinitely from MSNBC for donating to three politicians without declaring so, but it's still funny timing! Thank god for the web, though, because the interview leads with a special framing: "Two days before his suspension from MSNBC, the anchor talked about his partisanship."

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OLBERMANN DOWN: Keith Olbermann Suspended Indefinitely From MSNBC, Sir

Following revelations that he made political contributions in what's apparently a direct violation of MSNBC's Code of Ethics, Keith Olbermann has been indefinitely suspended from MSNBC. If there's any other way to react to a media bombshell like this other than "Wow," we'd sure like to know. More »