Boobs of Bushwick Is a Celebration of the Breasts of 'Hipsters'

Courtesy of Kate Chiplinsky
We had all these stickers lying around, so...
For nearly two years, Kate Chiplinsky has cheerfully photographed women — and men — exposing their breasts. It began in May 2013, when the oppressive heat of summer was beginning to afford New Yorkers more than the usual leeway regarding clothing choices. "We're all hipsters here, so we cut the sleeves off everything we own," Chiplinsky says of her friends. "So there's a lot of side-boob going on, a lot of cleavage, a lot of getting a little drunk and flashing your boobs. I was like, 'Oh my God! We should start a blog.'"

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Topless Book Club Wisely Opts Out of "Go Topless Day"

Image via Facebook
The topless book club during a recent outing.
We're sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but you missed out on an important national holiday on Sunday: GoTopless Day, which was held in cities across the country and is exactly what it sounds like. The festival of shirtlessness is sponsored by the Raelian Movement, a cheerful and publicity-hungry group of folks who believe that life on earth was created by aliens.

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Manhattan Topless Book Club on Brooklyn Woman's Arrest: Police Officer Was "Ignorant of the Law," "Abusive"

Image via OCTPFAS official blog
Book club members enjoy reading (and not being arrested) in Central Park
Last week, we told you about Jessica Krigsman, a Brooklyn woman who's suing the city, alleging that she was wrongfully arrested last summer for sitting topless in a Gravesend park.

According to the suit, Krigsman was sitting on a bench when two police officers approached and told her to get dressed; when she declined, the suit alleges, Officer Colleen Canavan forced her shirt on her. Krigsman was cuffed, taken to the precinct, and, ultimately, charged with "obstruction of a sitting area," a charge that was later dropped.

Although going shirtless in New York is, for the nth time, totally, totally legal, Krigsman's lawsuit generated the usually flurry of commentary about whether it's right and appropriate and what about the children.

"Skank," offered one thoughtful commenter beneath a New York Post story.

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A Woman Sues New York City After She Was Arrested for Going Topless in a Brooklyn Park

Categories: Boobs

via Facebook
Jessica Krigsman
Despite the February memo telling NYPD officers not to arrest topless women, some cops seem not have gotten it. Jessica Krigsman is suing the city over her arrest for going topless at a Brooklyn Park last summer, even though the practice is legal in New York City.

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New York Women March For Equal Rights; Boob Puns Ensue *PHOTOS* (NSFW)

Samantha Shokin

Chanting "Nipples! Nipples!!!" in a crowded street is one surefire way to draw attention. Flashing nipples is another. 

Yesterday, unsuspecting Times Square pedestrians got a bit of both, in a fleshy display of female empowerment. Coinciding with Women's Equality Day, the fifth annual Go-Topless Day -- an initiative started by to protest "unconstitutional gender discrimination" -- urged ladies to liberate themselves by liberating their areolas (see NSFW photos after the jump).

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Planned Parenthood NYC: Breast-Cancer Screenings Will Continue in the City

The battle has finally been won against...breast-cancer screenings?

Yes, you read that right, and yes, it's OK to get really pissed off, ladies.

Amid sustained pressure from right-to-life groups (and the congressmen they support), Susan G. Komen for the Cure -- the nation's main breast-cancer nonprofit -- has pulled all of its breast-cancer-screening grants,$680,000, from 19 Planned Parenthood Federation of America offices nationwide. This means that thousands of American women might no longer have access to basic, life-saving diagnostics.

(But hey, if you're the kind of sicko who would consider this a political victory, you probably wouldn't think that far in advance about women's health.)

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Pilates Ate a Breast Implant

This is reason #137 that we don't quite trust Pilates. (Yes, we know, some swear by it, but when we work out, we want to do more than make those weird little flappy motions with our hands, and "make a corset with our ribs," not to mention, there's the distinct sense that we're doing it all wrong.) In any case, a 59-year-old woman who'd had breast cancer and a bilateral mastectomy, and had gone on to get breast implants, was in a Pilates class. She was doing the "Valsalva maneuver," which involves "moderately forceful attempted exhalation against a closed airway, usually done by closing one's mouth and pinching one's nose shut."

Suddenly, she reported, her "body swallowed one of the implants." WTF? But, really, it happened, it's all in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Bill Clinton Is the Latest Target of Holly Van Voast's Topless Campaign

Humans of New York

This is becoming something of a trend, the inaugural Holly Van Voast boob-flash outside of the good old Barnes & Noble book signing. Just last week, Bill Cosby found himself surprised by the breasts of Van Voast. But the latest flashing was quite the coup: Bill Clinton, former U.S. president, author, Secret Service-protected man was about town to promote his new book, Back to Work.

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Bill Cosby Flashed Outside of 5th Avenue Barnes and Noble by Holly Van Voast

Cosby responds, via Humans of New York
Today on the topless beat: From the blog Humans of New York (and photographer Brandon Stanton) comes a tale of two breasts and a man we all can't help but associate with our childhood and hideous but fascinating sweaters. Yes, we are speaking of Holly Van Voast, the woman who recently flashed a courtroom while in court for being topless, and Bill Cosby, he of television sitcom and wild dance moves and Jell-O pudding fame. In town to promote his new book, I Didn't Ask to Be Born: But I'm Glad I Was at the city's Fifth Avenue Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, the 74-year-old Cosby got a surprise.

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Holly Van Voast, Frequently Topless Lady, Gets Topless in Court

Van Voast, via @lensjockey
News from the naked beat: Holly Van Voast may be one of New York's most publicly nude personas, having stripped in Times Square, the Staten Island Ferry, Grand Central Terminal, and, most likely, in her own home, in the name of nudity activism. (You may have seen her walking about the city, nude on top, sporting a mustache.) Most recently, in August, she stripped in Grand Central, which meant she had to go to court yesterday. When she did, she stripped again -- or, at least, "removed her black coat to reveal her bare breasts to the court," reports the New York Times. Among those witnessing the incident were her 89-year-old court-appointed lawyer, Franklin Schwartz, Judge Rita Mella, and a stenographer.

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