Billy Leroy on the New Bowery: 'I Hate the Mom Jeans; I Hate the Flip-Flops'

Rebecca Nathanson
For the last 25 years, a massive canvas tent has stood on the north side of East Houston Street between Bowery and Elizabeth. For the last 10, that tent has housed Billy's Antiques and Props, an antique store that specializes in obscure objects. Owned by Billy Leroy, the store is one of the last remnants of the "old Bowery."

This winter, however, as reported by the New York Times, the tent will come down for good and be replaced by a two-story building, part of which will include Billy's. In keeping with the store's current, slightly sinister atmosphere, the tent will be buried beneath the new building as a way of celebrating its importance to the history of both the store and the Bowery, which was once heavily populated with tent shops.

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Faile is Installing a New Mural on Houston and Bowery

mural 002.jpg
Rosie Gray

Say goodbye to French artist J.R.'s mural which was up on the corner of Bowery and Houston for four months, and hello to a new work that's currently being installed. The mural is by a duo called Faile (real names are Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller). More photos after the jump.

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The Bellmen of the Bowery Spill About Their Jobs: From Finding Prostitutes to Seeing Tara Reid Faceplant

We've long wondered about the dapper gentlemen we always see on our way to and from Voice Headquarters, standing outside the gentrified hotels of the Bowery. What must they think? What must they see? We took to the streets to ask a few questions of the bellmen of the Cooper Square Hotel and the Bowery Hotel. Due to some job security related issues, they decided to keep it anonymous.

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