Read All 2,040 Pages of Subpoenaed Documents in Chris Christie's Bridgegate Scandal

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New Jersey Legislature
Exhibit A

We've got your Friday news dump, and it's a doozy: thousands of pages of documents subpoenaed by the New Jersey Legislature in connection with their investigation of the scandal we've come to know as "Bridgegate."

The treasure trove includes emails, letters, and traffic schematics from various Port Authority officials subpoenaed by the Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee, including 908 pages and 603 pages, respectively, from Christie appointees David Wildstein and Bill Baroni, both of whom stepped down in December.

Below that, you'll find the transcript from Thursday's hearing as well.

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Christie Apology Overshadowed By Mention of His "Morning Workout"

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Chris Christie stepped up to the podium today to express his sincere apologies to the people of New Jersey, and of Fort Lee, NJ in particular, who were affected by four days of lane closures on the George Washington Bridge in September. The traffic problem, it now appears, was manufactured as payback to the mayor of Fort Lee who declined to endorse Christie, and it was not only irritating and inconvenient, but also may have been responsible for killing a 91-year-old woman whose ambulance was delayed by the congestion.

Christie's apology seemed to be going pretty well until he mentioned, in passing, that he first heard about the smoking gun emails implicating his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly, on Wednesday after his "morning workout."

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Watch Live as Chris Christie Tries To Explain Away That Traffic Jam His Office Created

This Time cover came out a year ago today. Prescient!
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's in big trouble, and he knows it. Yesterday morning, it was definitively revealed that his office helped orchestrate a massive traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey leading onto the George Washington Bridge. Emails obtained by North Jersey paper The Record revealed that one of his top deputy chiefs, Bridget Anne Kelly, planned the traffic jam with David Wildstein, a Christie guy in the Port Authority. The whole thing was a harebrained revenge plot to get back at the mayor of Fort Lee for declining to endorse Christie's re-election bid. As an added dose of awful, the traffic jam delayed EMS crews responding to at least four emergency calls; one was an unconscious 91 year-old-woman who later died of cardiac arrest at the hospital.

It looks bad. Real bad. Possible criminal charges bad, if New Jersey Democrats have anything to do with it; State Senator Ray Lesniak told CNN this morning he's calling for a federal investigation. And, as Christie's crew is almost certainly more worried about, it could harm the governor's carefully crafted image of an affable, reasonable dude who plays well with others and gamely eats doughnuts on late-night talk shows. That could potentially sink any hopes he'd had of becoming president before he even launches a campaign.

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A Guide to Chris Christie's Fun Traffic Jam Scandal [UPDATED]

Image via Twitter
Christie deputy chief Bridget Kelly celebrates her 40th birthday, as Christie hovers in the background.

Update, 4:35 p.m.: Christie has issued a statement denying all involvement in the controversy, and pledging to hold his staffers responsible. We've reprinted it in full at the end of this post.

Original post:

If you were on Twitter earlier today, you might have noticed every reporter on the planet hyperventilating and repeating a number of words, chief among them "Chris Christie," "emails," and "traffic."

Oh, Jesus. Traffic? This sounds like one of those Important Civic Stories You Should Care About, a sort of eat-your-vegetables infrastructure deal, more soporific than a pound of Ambien and half your freshman reading list. Who gives a damn about this stuff besides transportation nerds and journalists, the two lowest lifeforms?

In fact, though, you're watching a tremendously entertaining little scandal in progress, featuring the governor of New Jersey, some deeply incriminating emails, and an ex-blogger and former small-town mayor who, with Christie's help, turned into one of the most powerful men at the Port Authority, and then used that position to extract mind-bogglingly petty revenge on his political enemies. It also has Chris Christie's top aides laughing at school buses full of stranded children. Let's get caught up, shall we?

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