Williamsburg's Dildo Spiderman Is Gone

Image via Twitter user @IRobbedJohnLo
A Spiderman and a large dildo who hung benevolently over a Williamsburg intersection since at least mid-January have been removed, the Daily News reports.

The Spiderman-dildo installation, or "Spiderman Dildo," as we like to call it, has been the subject of widespread hilarity for a couple months now. (The Daily News is apparently forbidden from using the word "dildo" in print, or showing a picture of one; for delicacy's sake, the tabloid calls the silicone part of the display a "large rubber penis." But let's be real here. That's a dildo.)

But this priceless work of art disappeared last night, and it looks like the sequence of events went something like this: Daily News spots Spiderman Dildo, snaps photo, calls Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, the neighborhood's 71-year-old assembly member. Lentol is not amused.

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A Glitch in Google Maps Lets You Watch Williamsburg Gentrify in an Instant

Google Maps
A lot of ink has been spilled over Williamsburg's transformation from a seedy warehouse habitat for the city's creative underclass into the world capital of the hipster overground. Bemoaning gentrification in Williamsburg is the most tired conversation you can have about how this city is changing. But this one glitch in Google Maps reminds of us of how stark the difference is between the Williamsburg of today and the Williamsburg of not that long ago.

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Long Live the G-Train? New Petition Tries to Preserve Park Slope Extension (UPDATE)

Well, here are four words we never thought we would type: Save the G-train?

Brooklyn's straphangers, known to love the looping line as much as they hate it, are now rallying in support of the G: District Leader Lincoln Restler has organized a petition to keep the MTA from cutting off full Church Avenue-to-Queens service. Nearly 1,200 have signed the online petition, which began Sunday. The move comes as communities continue to feel the effect of MTA cuts -- which resulted in the loss of two subway lines, 36 bus routes, and 570 bus stops in the last several years.

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Gun-Toting Robber Hits Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Jackson Heights

hipster robber.jpeg
A man has robbed five Brooklyn and Queens businesses at gunpoint, and cops want your help bringing this jerk to justice.

Police say that he began his crime spree on Sept. 25, around 12:15 a.m., when he stormed into a Greenpoint Dunkin Donuts at 356 McGuiness Boulevard, shot a gun, and fled with cash.

The suspected perp then hit a Williamsburg Capital One Bank, located at 185 Broadway, on Oct. 18.

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If You Give Directions, You Might Get Robbed at Gunpoint -- Even in Williamsburg and Bushwick

Hey, New Yorker! Yeah, YOU! Now you finally have good reason to be that asshole -- you know, that guy or gal who doesn't want to give directions. It could be dangerous!

Cops say the four scumbags pictured here are preying on the city's good Samaritans -- they'll stop and ask you for directions and rob you while you're distracted.

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City Lawyers and Councilman Stephen Levin: Plan for Brooklyn Broadway Triangle is Solid

Elected officials like to be cheerleaders for affordable housing. But that doesn't mean they're always cheering for the same thing. For some Brooklyn pols speaking out this week about the Broadway Triangle -- the 31-acre parcel of city-owned land on the border of Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant, where gentrification tensions are high -- there is, shall we say, a lack of consensus on the best path to produce affordable housing.

Yesterday we reported on a group of advocates and electeds rallying at City Hall to criticize the city's plan and praise a recent state Supreme Court decision that bars the city from moving forward with its housing development. The opponents of the city's plan, with support from City Councilwoman Diana Reyna and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, argue that the current proposal would promote segregation by giving preference to those living in the whiter parts of north Brooklyn. The courts agreed last week, saying the project would perpetuate discrimination and granting the city a preliminary injunction barring the plan.

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Mike Bloomberg Walks By Press Conference Criticizing Him as Advocates Applaud Brooklyn Broadway Triangle Court Decision

D Reyna Jan 11.JPG
Mayor Mike Bloomberg awkwardly walked past a press conference on the steps of City Hall this morning as advocates criticized him and called on the city to change its housing plans for Brooklyn's Broadway Triangle.

The group of advocates and residents, with the support of two electeds, had rallied today to urge the city to support inclusive affordable housing in the Broadway Triangle, a plot of city-owned land in north Brooklyn at the heart of the borough's gentrification tensions. Along with arguing that the city's plan violates the federal Fair Housing Act, the group came to City Hall today to celebrate a state Supreme Court decision last week that granted a preliminary injunction barring the city from moving forward with its housing development on the border of Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant. The decision argued that the city's plan would perpetuate discrimination.

"We want to send our city and our mayor a message about perpetuated segregation in Brooklyn," said Juan Ramos, chair of the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition, glancing to his left as the mayor walked around the press conference and up the steps of City Hall. "And what is that message? That we don't accept segregation in Brooklyn."

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Brooklyn Hipster Politics Wonks Going National, Launch 2,012 for 2012 Campaign

election eve.JPG
courtesy of Sarah Baker
Lincoln Restler on the night of his election to the New York State Democratic Committee last year.
Last year, Brooklyn politics-as-usual got a shakeup via the election of glasses-sporting 27-year-old Lincoln Restler to a State Committee seat as the District Leader for Williamsburg and the surrounding environs. Restler and the New Kings Democrats, a grassroots lefty organization in Brooklyn, took on crooked Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez and won, showing that with the right amount of effort and door-knocking, an upstart can get voted into local elected office.

The Voice wrote about NKD a bit last year during that election cycle. Recently we heard from Sarah Baker, a NKD organizer who's now involved in a new project down in D.C. with other young Brooklyn political minds. She and Carlos Odio, an Obama campaign veteran, are running the Candidate Project, whose goal is basically to replicate Lincoln Restler's success all over the country by recruiting progressives to run for local elected positions (the political establishment in Washington now being seen as something of a lost cause). Odio is the director of the project and Baker's title is digital director. Yesterday they launched the 2,012 for 2012 initiative, which will attempt to get 2,012 regular people elected to local offices in the 2012 cycle. Brooklyn hipster-pols are going national!

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Turkey's Nest Tavern, Beloved Bedford Ave Bar, Closed for Health Violations, Plans To Reopen Wednesday

Creative Commons via Bitchcakes
Have no fear, Williamsburg lushes. Even though the Turkey's Nest, the Bedford Avenue drinking hovel made famous by its take-out margaritas and bathtub-sized beers, has been shuttered since last Wednesday, the old-school bastion of neighborhood degenerates is, in fact, not out of business!

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Guard Thwarts Armored Truck Robbery Outside Williamsburg Deli

Thumbnail image for Late Night Deli.jpg
Don't come between a security guard and his breakfast. The New York Post reports of a struggle earlier this morning between a masked assailant and a security guard outside of East Williamsburg's Late Night Deli on Metropolitan and Olive Street (the Post incorrectly reported it as Oliver St, which is on the Lower East Side and has a fairly decent Chinese place).

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