Love (and Methane) in the Air at Valentine's Day Tour of Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pranay and Erin Reddy
Like most successful romantic endeavors, the Valentine's Day tour of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant began with a release form.

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There's an App for Reporting Crime in Brooklyn

Welcome to the age of smartphone civilian authority.

At the City Council Hall on 250 Broadway this afternoon, State Senator Eric Adams, a Democrat from Brooklyn, will announce a little app that he helped create called "Brooklyn Way of Life." It's a downloadable "crime fighting mobile app," in his own words, and will offer residents of crime-stricken neighborhoods the ability to report something suspicious to the police. If you see something, get your iPhone out.

As a former cop, Adams has told reporters that the app was not made to discourage people from calling the police. In his point of view, many of these residents are scared to call the police, either because of some sort of consequence or simply distrust of authority.

Well, now, they won't have to worry about that. And here's how the app works.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Cherry Esplanade Lawn Finally Grows Back -- Just In Time To Get Trampled Again By Big Ass Tent (PHOTOS)

Cherry 1.jpg
Steven Thrasher
The lawn is green and full, just in time to have a big ass tent plopped down to make the grass RIP.

One of the Great Mysteries of Brooklyn which has long perplexed us is what happens every year to the Cherry Esplanade at the Brooklyn.

The Cherry Esplanade is a treasure, especially in April. The grove comprises one of the most beautiful collection of blossoming cherry trees in the state, if not along the East Coast. (Indeed, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the ideal spot, we can personally attest, to practice walking outdoors if you ever find yourself needing to practice walking in public arenas without too much congestion for some reason.)

But it has always baffled us just why this Nirvana like grove with the beautiful lawn and the gorgeous rows of meticulously cared for trees is sullied annually. During the garden's annual Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival, this lawn is blemished with a big ass tent, which not only tramples the grass for damn near a year (it was fenced off until last week), but kind of ruins the idyllic setting. Really -- if so much thought is put into making this spot so beautiful (and it really is stunning), why is it blemished at the height of its season?

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Prospect Park Loop Redesign: More Space for Walkers and Bikers

By now, you have probably heard about proposals to redesign the Prospect Park loop, which were discussed at a public meeting last night.

You see, the Prospect Park Road Sharing Taskforce has been seriously considering changes after several recent accidents left two with severe brain injuries.

The coalition announced yesterday that it wants to double the space allocated to cyclists and pedestrians -- so there would be one lane for each group and one lane for vehicles. The move would get rid of one car lane.

Transportation advocates seem to think the changes, which could take place as early as this spring, are a step in the right direction, but would still prefer an outright ban on cars.

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Gun-Toting Robber Hits Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Jackson Heights

hipster robber.jpeg
A man has robbed five Brooklyn and Queens businesses at gunpoint, and cops want your help bringing this jerk to justice.

Police say that he began his crime spree on Sept. 25, around 12:15 a.m., when he stormed into a Greenpoint Dunkin Donuts at 356 McGuiness Boulevard, shot a gun, and fled with cash.

The suspected perp then hit a Williamsburg Capital One Bank, located at 185 Broadway, on Oct. 18.

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Merry Christmas, Hipster! With Love From Metrocards, PBR, and Old Shoes

New York Shitty
Happy holidays! This is when we cut down trees, decorate them with a billion lights and stars and shiny things, and watch them die. It's also when we walk down sidewalks and inhale deeply and pretend, if only for a minute, that we live in the forest -- and when we chug all of the cheap beers we can and stick them into a fence outside of McCarren Park in the general shape of a fir tree, along with some red and green shoes and a star made of Metrocards and a bunch of plastic bags, and call it Christmas. To each his own.

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McCarren Park Has a Poop Problem

via OSA
What with the recent art gallery "poop mystery" and now the latest problem in McCarren Park, things seem to have taken something of a scatalogical turn in these late-summer days in New York City. The Brooklyn Paper reports that nannies and parents taking their kids to McCarren Park to play are tired of drunks using the playground "as their own personal toilet." Seems a fair thing to be tired of, especially given the existence of restrooms -- however imperfect they may be -- in the park.

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At Least One Man Has Gotten a 'Survived the Quake' Tattoo

In honor of surviving the earthquake on Tuesday (congrats, all of us!), Joe Khay at Citizen Ink on Avenue U in Brooklyn created a "Survived the Quake" tattoo, kind of as a joke. Surprisingly, someone actually got it. The tattoo recipient, Jonathan Berg, 21, has 14 other tattoos, so perhaps it was time to venture beyond the usual options. How many Calvin and Hobbes depictions can a man have before starting to take himself slightly less seriously, anyway? According to the guys at Citizen Ink, Berg is the only one who's gotten the quake tattoo, as of this moment, but they have a few more customers lined up to come in and get it. Do not judge: We all heal in our own ways, including by inscribing things into our pale, fleshy waist-skin!

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Did You Lose Your Chicken in Downtown Brooklyn?

This is what happens when you google "hipster chicken."
Via Brownstoner, there's a chicken lost in Brooklyn that's been located by some kind soul who is trying to help it find its way back home. (Home, we hope, is a place amenable to chickens, as this story would go very differently if it were an escaped, gonna-be-food kind of chicken.) Their tipster, who is fostering the chicken, writes, "I found a chicken last night around Downtown Brooklyn and am trying to find its owner. This is not a joke. Since she likely would have been run over and killed and looked like someone's pet, I brought it home and am now trying to locate its owner. BTW, I already have a rabbit and for the record, the rabbit is not afraid of the chicken but the chicken is terrified of the rabbit."

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Williamsburg Totally Hearts Park Slope (Not Really)

Remember when the boroughs were sending each other love and/or hate notes? Hate is a certain kind of love, no? Anyway, now the neighborhoods have gotten involved. Specifically, Williamsburg, which has its own share of PR issues but is lashing out at Park Slope and telling it where it truly belongs, as evidenced by this photo snapped by New York Shitty's Miss Heather at North 3rd Street. It's unclear whether this missive is meant toward the entire neighborhood of Park Slope or Park Slopers invading Williamsburg, but it's sort of like the hipster calling the kettle a kettle. We imagine these unlikely bedfellows are united, at the very least, in their dislike of Manhattan. [NewYorkShitty]