NYPD Ready for Today's Occupy Wall Street Movement at Bryant Park


The New York Police have sent out a department-wide memo to prepare for today's Occupy Wall Street event, which is scheduled to take place 9am at Bryant Park. The protest, titled "Shut Down the Corporations #F29", targets, among others, Bank of America for supposedly selling subprime mortgages--which leads to the series of home foreclosures that we've been covering here.

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Sara Romanoski, Woman Who Spilled Wine on Glenn Beck, Tells Her Side

You may have heard that someone spilled wine on Glenn Beck's wife Monday evening in Bryant Park. Sara Romanoski, a 25-year-old Manhattanite with a penchant for Hitchcock movies, is the culprit. Surprisingly, though Beck has wept about it and many have written about it, no one has bothered to actually speak to the klutz holding the glass spilled 'round the world.

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Glenn Beck Gets Cold Shoulder From New Yorkers in Bryant Park

glenn beck.jpg
On Tuesday, American hero Glenn Beck held back tears as he recounted the way that New Yorkers in Bryant Park mistreated him and his family at an outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock's 39 Steps the night before. Beck's tears demonstrate the seriousness of the situation -- this is a man who never cries. Apparently, Beck and his family were simply trying to enjoy the film when a pack of ravenous New York liberals descended on them. Beck reported on his radio show that the New Yorkers screamed, "We hate conservatives here," and "We're in New York and we hate Republicans." Later, he reports, someone "accidentally" spilled wine on his wife, Tania.

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Bryant Park Ice Skater Is Surprisingly Quick Study

Here is a tale of courage on ice, via Improv Everywhere. A slightly chubby fellow who can't skate is left alone in the middle of the Bryant Park rink to the amusement of everyone watching, until...there's a surprising twist. Of course, it's less surprising when the music comes on and it becomes clear this is a performance -- and our poor skater is no novice at all -- but it's sweet nonetheless. Also, it's based on a true story!

Kelly Cutrone Promotes New Book, Assures Everyone She Is Not a Lesbian

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Kelly Cutrone, the abrasive reality-TV star and founder of fashion public relations agency People's Revolution, talked to a group of well-dressed, mostly insecure young women today in Bryant Park. A few guys, assumed gay, were also in the audience of about 150 people.

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