Unabomber's Items Will Be Auctioned to Compensate Victims

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U.S. Marshals
Kaczynski's typewriter
How would you like to have one of Ted Kaczynski's personal documents? Wait, you wouldn't? Well, why not? Doesn't everyone want to own a treasured item from one of America's most "celebrated" killers? (If you answered any one of these questions with "no," you're still sane, don't fret.) The U.S. Marshals seem to think you do, and after a lengthy court battle it has been decided that the Unabomber's items will be auctioned online to compensate his victims.

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Explosives in East Village Cemetery Initially Thrown Away for Looking Like "Movie Prop"

Following up the strange story of the C4 explosives found in the East Village's Marble Cemetery that basically shut down 2nd and 2nd yesterday, we have a familiar public service lesson: If you see something, say something, especially if that something resembles explosives (even if they do look like they're really old, and maybe fake.) Do not, as one cemetery board member did, just toss them in the trash.

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Mystery Unfolds Regarding Explosives in East Village's Marble Cemetery

Sergio Hernandez
The story of the explosives found today in the East Village's New York City Marble Cemetery at 2nd Street keeps getting weirder. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly just gave a press conference that explained, to some degree, how explosives would end up in such unlikely a bomb-spot as a cemetery (dead people being pretty much the least susceptible among us to such an attack) -- but also just lead to further questions.

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Announces New Unmanned Bomber Weapon

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via the Daily News
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Iran's latest threat to the world -- the "Karrar" ("striker" in Farsi) jet, which can carry up to four cruise missiles and travel 620 miles.

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Ivanka Trump Celebrates New York's Recent Bomb-Scare Spree News via Retail Operation

Ivanka Trump - daughter of Donald, The and husband wife of the owner of our city's favorite pinkly (pink + weekly) The New York Observer, Jared Kushner - is apparently celebrating Bomb Scare Month. With retail!

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Blog of the Day: "Tourists Thought I Was Da Bomb," The Tumblr

Oh, Tumblr. It's the web service that enables even the most three-toed sloth-brained invalids to - in a matter of mere minutes - set up a blog, start posting on it, cull content, attract reader-submitted content, attract the attention of an agent, and alchemize into a book deal. This likely won't be one of those instances where any money will get put forth anytime soon, but still, it's wonderful.

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The Handwriting Analysts Have Spoken: Faisal Shahzad Is Hostile

Since Faisal Shahzad has been uncovered as a terrorist "evildoer" all bets are off -- which means some media professionals have published pictures from his Facebook page (except, oops, that wasn't really his Facebook page), and reporters have been going through his trash hoping to find his old retainers, and even his resume -- "objective: to work in a high-energy and challenging business environment" -- is making the rounds, as if he expects to get hired now, what with unemployment as it is today...

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Times Square Car-Bomb Suspect Faisal Shahzad Confesses to Plot, Charged as Terrorist

Saturday night: A smoking Pathfinder clears out Times Square in what's now understood as a failed car bombing. Three days later: There's a suspect in federal custody. And that suspect just admitted his role in what's being recognized as a terrorist plot, and has now been charged as a terrorist by the federal government.

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Breaking: Manholes Are Exploding in Midtown, Which Has Yet to Go 72 Hours Without Crazyass Explosive Threats This Week (Updated)

manhole one.jpg
Arial view via Twitter user MyDamnChannel.
Updated! If it's not one thing, it's another. Seeing as how our fair city failed to detonate a car bomb in the middle of Times Square this weekend, the swirling forces of chaos that give this city its unmistakable 'elan' have decided to retaliate by blowing shit up naturally.

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Video: The Times Square Car Bomb, "Smoldering" and Live on Broadway

Various facepalm-worthy punchlines about this not being the only bomb on Broadway this season aside, the New York Post now has street-level footage of the unsuccessful Times Square 'car bomb' from Saturday night.

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