Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color of Change, on the Collapsed AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

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Earlier this year, we wrote about how a bevy of civil rights groups like GLADD and the NAACP supported, inexplicably from our point of view, the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. That deal fell apart yesterday, and the telecoms will not be combining forces after all. One civil rights group that never supported that union was Color of Change, who sent a petition with 53,000 signatures to the FCC to oppose it. The Voice spoke with the group's Executive Director Rashad Robinson, who is both a member of the NAACP and former employee of GLAAD, about Color of Change's relief that the merger went down.

Here's an edited transcript of our phone interview.

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The Story Behind Last Night's Verizon Building 99% Projections

For many Occupy Wall Street Day of Action participants, the highlight of the evening was a series of "bat signal" pro-OWS messages projected on a building bearing Verizon's name.

Yesterday, the Voice's Steven Thrasher wrote about the series of Occupy Wall Street related messages on a building bearing Verizon's name after our own Nick Pinto tweeted about the sighting near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. Projected messages included "99%" "Mic Check," "Occupy Earth" and "Love."

While some have speculated that Communications Workers of America were behind the projections on the building, located at 375 Pearl St., a group of visual artists affiliated with OWS are the creators. And while many New Yorkers refer to the structure as "the Verizon Building," it is not owned by the large communications company, but rather to a company called Sabey Data Centers, John Bonomo, director of media relations at Verizon told us in an e-mailed statement today.

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"99%" Projected Onto Side of Verizon Building

Nick Pinto
This is pretty amazing. Our Nick Pinto just tweeted out this picture of the Verizon Building near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, where he's covering the Occupy Wall Street march. The march includes workers from the Communications Workers of America, who were out on strike at Verizon and have been working without a contract for some time. We can't imagine Verizon is very happy about having the CWA's message seen on the side of their building. (We must admit, however, that the scary, largely windowless part of the building seems to have a better purpose now as a screen.)

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Verizon Workers in the Bronx Take Picketing to Job Site in the Field (VIDEO)

Verizon Bronx.jpg
Striking Verizon employees confront workers on a pole on Alexander Avenue in the Bronx
As the Verizon strike enters its fifth day, we've come across various picket lines near Verizon buildings, here in the East Village and around the city. But what we hadn't witnessed until today was a scene we stumbled upon in the South Bronx, where members of the Communications Workers of America confronted "scabs" in the field.

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