Carl Paladino Sends Psycho Message After Claims He Owes Campaigners Cash

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Yesterday, the hometown paper of failed New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, the Buffalo News, claimed that he owed as much as $130,000 to about a dozen people who worked on his 2010 campaign. Paladino has a history of acting crazy, and rash rants of the racist, homophobic, and all-around insulting variety have become his specialty. After his loss, he wrote a nutty letter to a journalist, blaming the media for his unsuccessful political bid, and is seemingly keeping up that tradition today with a response for the Buffalo News entitled, "SPINELESS AND HIS HATCHET MAN." In it, he writes angrily that the newspaper folks "live in a bubble" and much, much more. The whole thing is nearly a thousand words and ends with this: "To the thousands of people I have forwarded this memo to please feel free to forward it on to your friends and relatives and reprint it on your blogs and websites." After the jump, we've done just that!

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Carl Paladino Owes Staffers $130,000 From Failed Campaign

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Unsuccessful New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino still owes about $130,000 to "about a dozen" employees from his campaign last year, according to the Buffalo News, his very same hometown paper that endorsed his rival, now-governor Andrew Cuomo. The paper claims that various "salaries, fees and expenses" are owed to a handful of "consultants, vendors and staff members," while the shyster's company Paladino for the People sits in about $6.1 million in debt with a balance of just $5,305, according to public records. "I would have expected a nice thank-you from Carl for all the hard work I had contributed, but instead I got screwed," said Paladino's former manager of internal operations.More »

Chris Lee Could Be Replaced By Carl Paladino

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​Christopher Lee, the New York representative who resigned yesterday amid a scandal over shirtless pictures, will be replaced between 30 and 45 days after Governor Andrew Cuomo calls for a special election. Rumors have already started as to who might run for the spot, including one that New Yorkers might remember. Lee just happened to represent the 26th district, where Tea Party choice Carl Paladino, the losing candidate for governor of New York, happened to get 61 percent of the vote. For those who don't remember, Paladino is something of a handful.

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Carl Paladino Blames the Media in Slightly Batshit, Sore Loser Letter

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Carl Paladino was pretty much crushed by Andrew Cuomo in the race for governor of New York, and if you thought he was going to be a gracious failed candidate then you weren't paying attention to any of the campaign. Yesterday, he sounded off about the media in a letter to political journalist and Capital Tonight anchor Liz Benjamin, obtained by WNYC's Azi Paybarah. It's typically delusional, rude, almost sad and four pages long. You can read the whole thing below.

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Buffalo Is So Over Carl Paladino

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In credence to the adaptability and resilience of the human spirit, Buffalo, hometown to the little governor that wasn't, Carl Paladino, is kinda okay with things. In fact, maybe they never loved him in the first place. And even if they did, they certainly didn't consider him "marriage material." Let's face it, a breakup was inevitable.

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Carl Paladino Says Goodbye With His Best Lester Maddox Imitation

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Late last night Carl Paladino came on the air for his final hurrah and to admit defeat by Andrew Cuomo. He choked back tears, snarled at the media, and gave us one final reminder that -- no matter how much great theater he brought to this race -- we should count our blessings that we live in a state where his kind of toxic tea leaves get swept into the November trash. That happened when he produced a baseball bat -- his long-declared weapon of choice for cleaning up Albany. He stood there with the bat above his shoulder and a grimace on his face, looking like he'd enjoy the hell out of a big swing at someone's head, and just about anyone -- from Shelly Silver to the Times reporter who asked about his pit bull's license -- would suffice.

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Election Update: Wins Called for Andrew Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer

According to early exit polls, Andrew Cuomo is the new governor of New York. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer also maintain their spots in the Senate, as was pretty much expected. According to an AP analysis of poll results, three-quarters of moderates supported Cuomo over Paladino. Crazy Carl...we'll miss you. Sort of.

Meanwhile, NBC News was the first to project that Republicans will win the House by a wide margin (Fox followed suit shortly after, as did CNN). In other news you want to know: Christine O'Donnell has lost to Chris Coons in Delaware.

Morning Links: Your Election Day Edition

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• It's Election Day, in case you hadn't noticed. Find your polling place and get other useful info on how and when and where to vote in New York here. Or try this cool Google gadget. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. City government offices and courts are closed, as are public schools for students. Alternate side parking and garbage/recycling pickups are suspended, as well. [311]

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New York Gubernatorial Candidate Makes Final Pre-Election Push With Local Constituents

According to photographic evidence provided by, New York's Republican option for governor, Carl Paladino, partied with sexy wenches, a, er, "guy in blackface" (or maybe a burn victim/devil person/sexy post-op Jocelyn Wildenstein?), and a zombie for Halloween at West Seneca bar Potter's Field. Unless that's really Andrew Cuomo in a very realistic Carl Paladino mask.

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Reminder: Vote tomorrow, or you have no excuse for anything. Anything.

Morning Links: Election Day Nears; Cargo Bombs Possibly Meant to Go Off In Flight; Dance Club Opens for Dogs

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• It's a cold, bright first day of November. Today through Wednesday should be sunny, with rain coming toward the end of the week. [Weather]

• Election Day is tomorrow. Get ready to vote. (Currently, New York gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo has a reported 25-point lead over Carl Paladino, though he says he's not paying attention to that.) Nationally, Democrats are staying hopeful, while Republicans try not to overplay their expected victory -- yet. [NY1, CNN]

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