Queens Man Sues Car Dealership Over an Escalating Series of Insane Events

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Mamdoh Eltouby, driving.
Here's the short version: A Queens cab driver and father of three, Shahdat Tuhin, 41, is suing a Woodside car dealership called New York Motor Group, alleging that they sold him a lemon, and charged him much more than he'd agreed. He's upset about that. Longer version: According to the lawsuit he filed this month in federal court, Tuhin is also upset about other things he says the dealership did during the process of selling him that car, including defrauding him, deceiving him, and threatening to file for divorce on his behalf. (We'll explain in a minute, don't worry.)

Things got so out of hand, according to Tuhin, that New York Motor Group's owner, Mamdoh Eltouby, tried to run him over during a "peaceful protest" of the dealership's business practices.

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New York Is Third in the Nation in Electric Car Ownership

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A little bit of trivia to charge up to your Tuesday (had to, sorry): New York City is third among metropolitan areas in the country for electric car ownership, according to a study by automotive industry researchers R.L. Polk. Los Angeles and San Francisco top the list, and Seattle and Atlanta round out the top five.

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Here Are All the Words You're Not Allowed to Put on a Vanity Plate in New York

Image via Flickr user coolmallu
We may have to get creative, like Virginia.
Why does anyone drive in New York? Operating an automobile in this city is terrifying, outrageously expensive, and statistically quite likely to result in a trip to the impound lot. (The Brooklyn Navy Yard is lovely this time of year, by the way, excellent for strolling through with gritted teeth and $185 cash in hand to get your goddamn car back). Plus, you can't text or sleep or get drunk or engage in ecstatic sexual congress or any of the myriad other activities people do on the subway, usually while sitting next to me.

But worst of all, we've discovered, you're not allowed to use your license plate to telegraph to other drivers what an EZLAY you are. The same goes for HOOKER, VOMIT, CL1T and several dozen other very tasteful vanity plates that the state of New York has decided are permanently off-limits.

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Two Rikers Officers Die In Crash On Kings Highway, Four Loko Found At Scene

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Early yesterday morning, Africaque Smith and Tiffany Underwood, two corrections officers at Rikers Island, were driving along Kings Highway. At one point, their 2004 Nissan Murano veered off the road and into oncoming traffic. The two women's car hit an SUV driven by an off-duty police officer. The two were rushed to the nearby Brookdale Hospital and pronounced dead.

The unidentified officer in the SUV, on the other hand, was rushed to Kings County Hospital and remains in stable condition

Officials are unsure as to how the car lost control around 4:45am. Toxicology reports yet to be seen to figure out if the two were under the influence of some sort of substance. However, a Four Loko can was seen by reporters at the scene, leading officials to suspect that the hellish drink was involved. Also, after reviewing the crash, authorities are unsure as to who was driving but it has been confirmed that neither were wearing seat belts.

"An untimely death is always a tragedy and often feels more so during the holiday season," Department of Corrections Comissioner Dora Schriro said. "I speak for everyone when I extend heartfelt condolences to our two officers' families, friends and co-workers."

The two had been working at RIkers for some time; Smith since 2006 and Underwood since 2009. They had left work at 5:30pm the night before and why they were driving that late at night together has yet to be seen.


Mayoral Hopeful Bill de Blasio Gets Involved in Foreign Policy, Targets Iran

Bill de Blasio march 29,2012.JPG
Sam Levin
Public Advocate and mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio speaks on 43rd Street near the United Nations this morning.
Running for mayor of New York City? Well, you better stick your nose in some foreign policy issues -- and backing Israel certainly won't hurt your cause.

Enter Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who is expected to run for mayor in 2013, and who held a press conference this morning -- on a plaza on 43rd Street overlooking the United Nations -- to announce the launch of a consumer action campaign to pressure companies to stop doing business in Iran.

Backed by groups Iran180 and United Against Nuclear Iran, de Blasio unveiled an interactive website called IranWatchList.com designed to target companies that are doing business with Iran and in some cases allegedly selling directly to Iran's military. They are starting the campaign by focusing on twelve foreign car companies that continue to sell vehicles in Iran, despite economic sanctions.

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Driver Going Wrong Way On The FDR Drive Causes Crash, Two Die

Screen shot 2012-02-12 at 1.59.42 PM.png
via @nysgo

A 26-year-old driver going the wrong-way on the FDR Drive was responsible for a crash that left two dead, Eyewitness News reported. The driver, in a Nissan Maxima, hit a Dodge Caravan driven by a 53-year-old man. The Caravan was going southbound -- the correct direction -- when the Nissan, coming northbound, hit. Both drivers were killed.

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City's First 20 mph 'Slow Zone' Implemented in the Bronx

New York City's first "Slow Zone," a residential area of several blocks with maximum marked speeds of 20 miles per hour, has been unveiled in the Claremont section of the Bronx. The Daily News reports that 46 people were injured or killed in the Community Board 3 neighborhood, which includes Claremont, between 2006 and 2010. In fascinating yet morbid statistical information, if you're hit by a car going 20 miles per hour, you have a 95% chance of surviving, which drops to 30% if the car is going 40 miles per hour.

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Street Closures for New York City Today

With the 9/11 commemoration taking place in lower Manhattan as well as two presidents' presence and the elevated security measures following a "credible, but unconfirmed" threat of a "vehicle-borne" terrorist attack, there are a myriad of street closures in New York today. Plan for a complicated commute all day, with unforeseen security measures being a very real possibility. After the jump, a list the locations and times of street closures.

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Four-Year-Old Chinese Girl Drives a Car [VIDEO]

The above video appears to show a 4-year-old girl in China at the wheel of a car. She is navigating a relatively busy street while her parents can be heard instructing her. Like the smoking baby before her, there is sure to be much outrage about this child exhibiting the dangerous behavior of an adult. Before that outrage erupts, can we take this time to acknowledge that she does a pretty good job merging? [h/t @stevesilberman] [@nickgreene]

Delancey and Essex Intersection Is A Hell Zone

Here's a warning sounded by the Daily News today: The intersection of Essex and Delancey street is pretty much the worst place in the city to walk or drive a car or get in a taxi or do anything. Just, like, try not to go there, okay? It's scary. It's where Satan would be like, "Hey, this is a good place to cruise around in my fiery red automobile." Here are some of the horrifying statistics the Daily News compiled from state Department of Transportation records: Between 1998 and 2010 there were 523 motor vehicle accidents, 134 with bicyclists and pedestrians, three resulting in death. The intersection also yielded 258 injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Proceed with caution. [NYDN]

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