Busted NYC Heroin Dealer "Likes to Stab People and Hear Their Skin Pop": DEA

How to step on heroin (artist's conception).
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration recently busted a New York heroin dealer but not his wholesale suppliers in Brooklyn, according to charging documents filed October 22 in federal court for the Eastern District of New York. The case involves a beef between the Bloods and Latin Kings, shipments of pure cocaine imported from Panama, and a plot to rip off a stash house, but it offers little insight as to why the feds chose to target a suspect apparently at the lower end of the supply chain.

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There's a Loosie Shooter Loose in the Bronx

On Sunday morning, a Yemeni immigrant was shot in broad daylight on his first day working at a bodega in the Bronx. He's in stable condition, sustaining an injury where he was shot in the hip. But the reason? The customer wanted to use his credit card to buy a loosie -- a single cigarette sold out of the pack -- and the unidentified worker denied him to do so (because a loosie is usually only 50 cents or so; nowhere near any credit card minimum.)

In the video shown above, released by the NYPD and uploaded to YouTube by Gothamist, the assailant is seen arguing at an unseen figure, and he gets physical for a second or two. Then, hours later, he returns, hood on and gun in hand, to seek vengeance on the worker.

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Man With Hypodermic Needle Strikes Again in the Bronx

It's one thing getting robbed at gun point. It's another thing getting a knife pulled on you. But having someone threaten you with a hypodermic needle in their hand is a whole other experience.

Over the past six weeks, this has been the case in the Bronx. A 39-year-old man, identified as Angel Anthony Clintron, has reportedly run rampant across Morris County, pulling out a hypodermic needle to steal an assortment of Apple products - iPhones, iPads, iPods and the likes. 

He first struck in late August when he threatened a man on East Tremont Avenue. Since then, there have been seven other occasions in which victims, mostly teenagers and all males, have reported to cops that a man threatened them with a hypodermic needle. The most recent case occurred yesterday morning: a 14-year-old boy on the 1 train at around 8:30 am was held at needle-point while the suspect stole his phone and ran off the train around 145th Street.

Police are unsure if the robbery was linked to the other seven crimes or so earlier that month. But who else robs people with a hypodermic needle?

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Cops Nab Runaway Crook After Wild Subway Goose Chase

If you're going to run away from the cops, you should make sure (1) you're not in handcuffs and (2) you actually get away. That's just basic knowledge every person learns at high school parties when the cops knock on the door. It's also common sense.

Well, last night, one 18-year-old kid (man? what age is the cut off for kid/man?) didn't pay attention to either. After a minor marijuana arrest, the suspect jumped out of the backseat of a moving cop van and bolted. His first mistake was the whole being-in-handcuffs thing and then he made another one: he ran down into the subway (the 1 train at Christopher Street, to be specific). In any situation, the subway is a dead end, unless the subway is there waiting for you in an awesome James-Bond-esque coincidence.

Who knows what happened down there - the cops apparently have no idea. The fugitive might have jumped down on the tracks and ran for his life or that coincidence mentioned before actually did happen. All we know is that the 1 train was temporarily suspended and when the fugitive came out of a manhole somewhere around East 21st and Lexington Avenue.
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Watch This Video of New Yorkers Trying to Nab a Subway iPhone Thief

This year, the Daily News reported that iPhone and iPad theft in New York City is up an astonishing 44 percent so far. The handheld devices, with users constantly looking down at them, are easy targets for thieves. 

And, in this video from Gothamist's Ben Yakas, taken by a NYPD surveillance camera, we see one of them in hot pursuit, caught squeezing out of a turnstile at the R train stop on Canal Street.

Good Samaritans, unite!

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Raccoons Invade Central Park!

Central Park's Public Enemy No. 1
As opposed to pigeons, mice and bees, raccoons are not that commonplace in New York. Then again, this city is full of surprises...

According to the Post, the furry critters have been popping all over Central Park, specifically in the Rudin Playground - that small family-oriented area near Central Park West and 96th Street. Because if raccoons were to show up in the city's largest park, why wouldn't they be near small children?

Reports started flooding in to the City a few months back, when raccoons were first spotted in broad daylight on heaps of garbage, eating away at what was left over from the day. Due to this reason, worrisome parents have been calling 311, demanding that Bloomberg's offices do something about these possibly rabid creatures. But the agencies involved cannot help unless the raccoons are already rabid.

That makes sense.

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Columbia Killer of 3 Suspect Arrested This Morning

Nunez fleeing the scene of the murders.
On the evening of June 7th, three men - Luis Catalan, 25; Heriberto Suazo, 26; and Amaury Rodriguez, 30 - were found dead inside a stolen $88,000 BMW on 122nd Street and Claremont Avenue, just on the outskirts of the Columbia University campus. 

No gun shots were ever heard and a Columbia class held nearby told authorities that students heard nothing from the scene.

According to DNA Info, police officials said the car had been there for an hour or so and was likely to be a drug-related homicide. Catalan, Suazo and Rodriguez all had criminal records in which drugs and robbery were involved and the three had a reputation for being marijuana traffickers. 

It seems as if this deal was their last.

Since then, nothing had developed of who had killed the three. But, this morning, that all changed.

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The Fastest Bank Robber of All Time: 3 Brooklyn Banks, 30 Minutes Flat

We don't know if we should "Bravo!" this guy or start locking up our own cash in vaults (the Times described the suspect's non-violent rampage as a "mini-crime wave." What a title).

In Midwood yesterday afternoon, NYPD officials say that a bank robber flew through three separate banks on Kings Highway... in a half an hour. And the suspect on the lam had a success rate of 66%. 

Now, that is criminal efficiency; just check out this rundown:

2:15pm - Apple Bank, 1321 Kings Highway, Score.

2:30pm - Capital One, 1226 Kings Highway, Fail.

2:40pm - HSBC, 1621 Kings Highway, Score. 

Damn. And, what's even more impressive is that the suspect never used a weapon.
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MTA Bus Driver Says Boss Licked Her Face

If this is true, this has to go down as one of the worst workplace intrusions we've ever heard.

Yesterday, Nancy Jenkins, a 42-year-old bus driver in the Bronx, said to reporters at The Daily News that she was subject to a tongue lick that spanned her entire face: "He stuck out his tongue and licked me from under my chin all the way up to my eyebrow," Jenkins said, "It was just so nasty." Yuck.

The disgusting event happened after Jenkins visited her boss the morning of to receive her assignment at the Kingsbridge Depot. Apparently, the woman was upset at something the supervisor had said to her and, for consolation, he committed the act.

What's even worse is that the day after the event, which occurred on April 9th, the bus driver returned to work after filing a sexual harassment complaint with the MTA and the supervisor remained in the same position.

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FBI Names 'Holiday Bandit' Bank Robber

Marat G. Mikhaylich

The FBI has identified the guy who stuck up three banks in December in Brooklyn and Queens as Marat G. Mikhaylich. A big dude, he's 6-3 to 6-5, 210 pounds and 35 years old. Last seen, he was wearing a black hat (naturally), black ear muffs, dark sunglasses, a black winter jacket, and dark blue jeans. His handgun is also black, the FBI says.

These are the bank jobs he's sought for:
* Sovereign Bank located at 24-29 Jackson Avenue, Queens, New York on Thursday, December 30, 2010
* Ridgewood Savings Bank located at 8522 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, New York on Thursday, December 23, 2010
* Sovereign Bank located at 37-10 Broadway, Astoria, New York on Thursday, December 9, 2010

"This is a clear picture and anyone can speak up if they have seen this individual," says Special Agent Richard Kolko. "Mikhaylich's alleged behavior was reckless and incredibly dangerous. Anytime anyone enters a bank with their finger on the trigger, the worst can happen."

See the Holiday Bandit in action.

Squeal on this suspect and you can get a cash reward if it leads to an arrest. Call the FBI at 212-384-1000.