Cops Arrest a Long Island Woman for Dropping Off a Sick Cat at a Clinic, Cat Puns Abound

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A suburban retiree with a heart of gold. A cat with swollen ears. A jealous bagel shop worker. Something cute is bound to happen with this crazy crew.

Or not. Yesterday Nancy Glassman was arrested at her Long Island home for snatching a cat from an Upper East Side bagel shop and whisking it away to an animal clinic. Glassman, seeing the cat at the back of the store had ears appearing "five times too big," decided to get him some medical attention before Bagels & Co. worker Youal Aroety called the NYPD on her.

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We All Wish We Attended the Internet Cat Video Festival in Minnesota

If you have scoured the Internet over the past five years or so, there is a 85% chance (yeah, I did the math) that you've come across this video. You are looking at Keyboard Cat - a video that defines the Internet cat phenomenon, with over 27 million views worldwide. And it's just a cat playing a keyboard.

However, you are also looking at the winner of the lifetime achievement award given at the Internet Cat Video Festival that went down this weekend at the neo-modern Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And, from what we've read, it's a damn shame it was seven or so states away.
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ESB Shooter Jeffrey Johnson Used To Take His Cats On Walks -- Which Explains Everything

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Empire State Building shooter Jeffrey Johnson
By all accounts, the guy who murdered his former co-worker in front of the Empire State Building last week was a bit of a weirdo -- he's been described as "lonely," "creepy," and neighbors say they constantly heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner coming from his apartment.

However, the most telling sign of 58-year-old Jeffrey Johnson's apparently fragile mental state is the fact that he owned cats -- several cats -- which are wretched, vile animals that, when coupled with a box of white wine, are the ultimate indicators of complete and utter despair

Even more disturbing than owning cats, Johnson used to take them for walks, according to one of his former neighbors, who spoke with the Voice this afternoon.

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NY Lifts Ban on Burying Human Ashes in Pet Cemeteries, to Pet Lovers' Delight

kitten angel.jpg
New York state has OK'd the burying of human ashes in pet cemeteries, reversing a ban put in place earlier this year. According to an AP report, the decision comes after one lawyer's campaign to honor the wishes of her late uncle, who wanted to be buried next to his wife and their two dogs. One cat lover told the Post that the ban's reversal "was sort of like an early Christmas present."

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Cat Woman Convicted, Will Face Up to 15 Years in Prison

Sketch9thPct133844. cat robbery--300x300.jpg
Last year we watched, aghast but slightly intrigued, as a woman in a cat mask, later identified as Shana Spalding, a/k/a, "Purgatory," the singer in a death metal band called Divine Infamy, robbed high-end boutiques with a feline intensity (and a gun). Her wanted poster was the stuff of great things on the Internet, if her criminal bent was not -- or even if it was. Her spree ended, however, when she was busted leaving Cotelac, a store on Greene Street, in August of 2010. (Prior to that she'd robbed Arche Shoes near Voice HQ and a Body Shop in Astoria -- that time clad in a burka -- though she now claims she didn't commit those two crimes, despite having confessed to the police and pleaded guilty.)

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Things We Learned at the Third Annual 'Meet the Breeds'

On Sunday, Rosie and I headed over to the Javits Center to check out the much-anticipated Meet the Breeds, the "world's largest gathering of dogs and cats," hosted by the American Kennel Club and The International Cat Association. We were promised 200 different breeds, animal agility competitions, law enforcement K9s in action, and a cat fashion show. Alas, we missed the cat fashion show, but we saw a lot. And learned more.

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Website Rewards Your Writing With Virtual Kittens

Have writer's block? Everyone has a different cure for that -- taking a walk, having a drink or two, going on vacation, free-writing. A new cure: pictures of kittens. This website called Written? Kitten! rewards you for every 100 words written with a new picture of a kitten.

written kitten.png

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The AKC Names Brooklyn the 'Dachshund' of Neighborhoods

Brooklyn plus bun.
As they gear up for their big Meet the Breeds event on November 19th and 20th at the Javits Center, the American Kennel Club and the International Cat Association have been doing some thinking about what breeds "match" which of New York City's neighborhoods. Jessica Rice of the AKC tells us they "went through all of our breeds' personalities and characteristics to match a dog and cat up best with the neighborhoods." Sooooo, what cat or dog are you? If you're an Upper East Sider, they dub you a poodle (or an American Curl cat). Upper West Siders are English Springer Spaniels or Oriental cats. Folks who live in Little Italy are, obviously, Italian Greyhounds, or possibly a cat breed known as the Singapura. Most relevant to our personal interests, people who live in the Village are Brussels Griffons -- "highly intelligent and sensitive, with a very expressive face," yesiree -- and those in Brooklyn are dachshunds, you know, for hot dogs, a/k/a, Nathan's.

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'Crafting With Cat Hair': A Book That Exists

crafting with cat hair.jpg

Are you a cat owner that's covered in cat hair all the time? Now you can put all of it to good use by making little finger puppets and decorations out of it.

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Willow the Cat's Family Eyeing Children's Book

Willow the Cat has finally been reunited with her family, who flew all the way to New York to retrieve her. The cat, whose path from Colorado to New York was a mystery till Gothamist got a tip that she arrived here on a plane with a post-ski-trip New Yorker, met the Squires family again for the first time in five years last night. And this morning the clan appeared on The Today Show:

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