Happy Birthday, Kim Jong-un!

If you're wondering why the trees seem to wave in celebration today and the skies shine with joy, it's because January 8th marks the birthday of the newest dear leader, Kim Jong-un. According to the Telegraph, the exact date of his birth was unknown and had to be discovered through "testimonies from Kenji Fujimoto, a Japanese chef who worked for the Kim family, North Korean defectors and Kim's childhood friends at the Liebefeld school in Bern, Switzerland, where he briefly studied as a teenager." Also, no one is sure if he is 28, 29, or 30 years old. An easy way to find out: Ask dear leader, as he is never wrong.

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Dubai's New Year's Celebrations Were More Restrained than New York's

Dubai rang in the new year last night by shooting flames out of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. If you ever wondered what a half-mile-tall sparkler looks like, watch the above video.

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The Times Square Ball Drop Works, You're Off the Hook [Video]

The above video, from the AP, shows yesterday's successful test of the Times Square ball drop. Now that you've watched that, you don't have to watch it on TV tonight. You're welcome.

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'Stand Up for Heroes' Benefit Kicks Off Eighth Year of the New York Comedy Festival

The New York Comedy Festival has arrived. The festival turns eight this year, and will hopefully celebrate with humor children of that age can't understand. While always a showcase for chuckles, the first day of the festival has a higher purpose: supporting injured soldiers through the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

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Happy 80th Birthday, George Washington Bridge!

via Wikipedia
On October 24th, 1931, you were dedicated as the "Hudson River Bridge." Soon after, you were renamed, and now everyone calls you George. As the world's busiest bridge, we know you have a lot on your plate today. We just want to quickly say, "Happy Birthday," and let you know how appreciated you are. (And, because it's your birthday, we won't bring up the fact that half of you lives in Jersey).

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There Are Sukkahs in Times Square to Celebrate Sukkot

DNA Info
Sukkot is an eight day-long Jewish holiday that this year goes from October 12th to the 21st. One of the traditions of the holiday is the building of a sukkah, a walled, tent-like structure covered in plant material. The sukkah is intended as a memorial of sorts of the time the Israelites spent in exile in the desert, and is designed to eat meals and sleep in during Sukkot. And now there's one in Times Square, memorializing the Israelites next to M&M World and Scores.

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Crowds Celebrate Osama Bin Laden's Death At Ground Zero And In Times Square

firefighters times square .jpg
Unless you've been hiding under a rock all night, you'll have heard that Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday in Pakistan by American forces. As of the last few hours, huge crowds have gathered at New York City's Ground Zero and in Times Square to celebrate the news. We've been in contact with sources on the ground, as well as our very own Francesca Stabile, who posted this video of the crowd singing the national anthem:

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Happy Birthday, Empire State Building

Dear Empire State Building,

Happy 80th! Wow, that's old. You were born (completed, really, is the word) on May 1st, 1931, during the Great Depression. Standing 1,454' 8 9/166" tall, you were the tallest building in the world for forty years! A masterpiece of Art Deco design (although -- let's just face it -- not as pretty as your sister, the Chrysler Building), you've been attracting hordes of clueless tourists for years and years.

Empire State Building, this is your life.

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How to Throw a Party for 7 Billion People

It's Friday: Let's throw a party for the world's entire population (about 7 billion people). We've made the Facebook invite but spent so much time trying to make it funny (what should the picture be? A cat wearing a party hat? Charlie Sheen?) that we forgot to add a location. How much space will we need to throw a rager for 7 billion of our closest friends? National Geographic crunched the numbers and found a couple of choice locales. We thought we'd add our own math for some other necessities in order to make this party way better than stupid Becky Miller's 15th birthday which we weren't invited to (and, like, seven dudes got handinskis there).

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Happy Presidents Day!

Sure, it may not have the bombast of the 4th of July or the stoic dignity of MLK Day, but Presidents Day is a holiday worth celebrating. Hmm, "celebrating" is too strong a word. How about "observing?" No, that makes it sound almost religious, and it's far from that. Hey, some stores are having sales today, why don't you go and buy something nice?

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