Charlie Rangel Declares a Narrow Victory, But Adriano Espaillat Won't Concede

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Rangel in a 2012 campaign against homophobia.
After serving in the United States House of Representatives for an unbroken 43 years, 84-year-old Congressman Charlie Rangel has won yet another term, defeating Democratic primary challenger and New York State Senator Adriano Espaillat. With 98 percent of precincts reporting, WNYC's election results show Rangel as the winner, with 47 percent of the vote to Espaillat's 43 percent, or roughly 1,800 votes. But Espaillat has refused to concede, saying there are still absentee ballots that need to be counted. There are, but that's probably not going to help him out much.

Espaillat, 59, previously challenged Rangel in 2012, who still managed to squeeze out a narrow victory, defeating the younger man by less than 1,100 votes. That was particularly impressive given that his 2010 censure by the House was still fairly fresh in voters' minds. Rangel was censured for failing to pay taxes on a villa in the Dominican Republic, and for hoarding four rent-stabilized apartments, one of which he illegally used as a campaign office. Espaillat challenged the election results for more than a week after the June 26 election in 2012 before eventually conceding defeat.

The other challengers in this year's race didn't fare particularly well, although Pastor Michael Walrond, who lives in New Jersey but has a church in Harlem, still garnered about 1,000 votes, enough to slightly tamper with Rangel's lead. Meanwhile, Bronx activist Yolanda Garcia, who mainly made news for claiming that someone in the Espaillat campaign had come to her house to threaten her in the middle of the night, won barely over 200 votes.

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Here Is Charlie Rangel's "Waiting To Go On Television" Dance

Rangel's also still spry enough for a hearty double thumbs-up
Congressman Charles Rangel has held some kind of higher office pretty much continuously since 1967. He's 84 now, still serving, still nattily attired, even when exercising as vigorously as someone in his 80s probably should.

He's so spry, in fact, that as recently as December, during a press conference kicking off his re-election campaign, he was moved to talk about his amazing dance moves, telling the assembled reporters: "Right now I find myself on the dance floor doing things I haven't done in a long time." Then he invited a reporter to get up and dance with him (she declined while "smiling painfully," according to Politicker).

According to the Congressman's Vine account, we've now learned that he'll also bust out his moves in the brief moments while awaiting the start of a live interview.

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New York Congress Members Charlie Rangel and Joe Crowley Arrested During Immigration Reform March in D.C.

Photo via Twitter user Felicia Johnson Yoda
Charlie Rangel during his arrest.
Over 200 activists, politicians and religious leaders are being arrested right now in Washington D.C. during Camino Americano, a massive protest on the National Mall supporting immigration reform. Among those already arrested were Congressman Joe Crowley, who represents New York's 14th Congressional District, Congressman Charlie Rangel, who represents the 13th, and Charlie Rangel's splendid mustache, which stands only for itself.

The protest and subsequent arrests were planned long before the government shutdown, but people still managed to work the shutdown into their protest signs. One read "Congress may not work, but immigrants will."

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Charlie Rangel: The Poster Boy For Congressional Term Limits?

Categories: Charles Rangel
Charlie Rangel not only is old as dirt, he's also an ethical nightmare. Yet, voters apparently love the guy.
Congressman Charlie Rangel escaped this year's Democratic primary -- and subsequent recount -- with his job and likely will be returning to Congress for what will be his 22nd term, which begs the question: is it time for Congressional term limits?

Just to put the longtime representative's reign into perspective, Richard Nixon was in his first term as president when Rangel first was elected to Congress. He is the third longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, and carbon dating indicates that the longtime representative is 82 years old.

In other words, we'd seriously question allowing an 82-year-old man to drive a car, let alone represent us in Congress.

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Adriano Espaillat Throws In The Towel; Charlie Rangel -- At 82 -- Is Likely Heading Back To Congress

Congressman Charlie Rangel, ladies and gentlemen!
Congratulations, New York -- the man to the right (at 82 years spry) is likely heading back to Washington D.C. to represent you in Congress for what will be his 22nd term as a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Congressman Charlie Rangel has (unofficially) fended off Democratic primary opponent/former state Senator Adriano Espaillat in a recount of last month's primary election, which Rangel also won.

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Charlie Rangel Recount: Adriano Espaillat Expected To Concede (Redux)

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That's (likely-to-be) 22-term Congressman Charlie Rangel.
Despite being old as dirt, having been censured...and being old as dirt, ancient Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel likely will be heading back to Congress for a 22nd term after it appears he'll survive a recount in this year's Democratic primary.

As of this writing, Rangel's lead over former Democratic State Senator Adriano Espaillat is at 990 votes, with all of the remaining ballots now counted.

Espaillat -- who conceded on election night but then recanted his concession -- is expected to concede (again) later today, according to various media reports (the Voice has been unable to independently confirm those reports).

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It Looks Like Charles Rangel Won This One, Guys

Finally, it's over.

When we started reporting on the Rangel/Espaillat primary race last week, the challenger to the Harlem Congressman's throne was ready to take the vote count to court. The race was close but it wasn't that close; the State Senator Adriano Espaillat was contesting 2,110 votes, of which he had to snag 60 percent or so to actually claim victory over Charles Rangel, the 21-term Representative. As the recount continued, it was evident that the Congressman's lead was growing and Espaillat's attempt had backfired.

But, as of this morning, it is safe to say that United States Rep. Charles Rangel will return to Congress on his 22nd term since there is no registered Republican challenger in the general election this November. According to a Board of Election spokesperson, after the recount, the votes were tallied up; Rangel received 18,940 votes while Espaillat, just off by 990 votes (which, we admit, is actually a close race, using Bush v. Gore as our go-to example), received 17,950 votes.

Good thing November, as of Friday, is only four months away.

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Charlie Rangel's Recount Lead Grows

Wake up, Charlie -- you're probably going back to Congress.
Things are looking up for longtime Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel, whose lead in a recount of last week's primary vote continues to grow.

As of this writing, Rangel's lead over former state Senator Adriano Espaillat's is 1,158, which is up from the 802-margin the 82-year-old congressman boasted before election officials started counting absentee ballots yesterday.

Last week, Rangel came out on top in the five-person Democratic primary -- and that's after he was formally censured by the House of Representatives for multiple ethical violations stemming from (among various other ethical issues) his failure to pay taxes on income he received from a rental "villa" he owns in the Dominican Republic (that photo to the right is Charlie enjoying his villa).

However, Espaillat demanded a recount after alleging Hispanic voters (who would benefit the Hispanic Congressional wannabe) were turned away from voting booths and bilingual election officials were replaced with ones who only speak English. More »

The Rangel/Espaillat Race Might Be Much Closer Then We Think

On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Congressman Charlie Rangel had the primary election in the bag. Against eleven counts of ethics violations, voters once again handed one of the founders of the Congressional Black Caucus a victory, sealing up his 22nd term as a member of the House of Representatives. His opponent was State Senator Adriano Espaillat, a public figure looking to become the first Dominican-American on the Hill.

However, soon after the initial reports were in, it was revealed that a vast number of ballots had not been counted by the Board of Elections, leading Espaillat to call out the Rangel campaign (in front of his own office!) for calling the race way too soon. 

So, the BOE did a recount and it turns out that this one is going to come down to the wire: with the new numbers in, Rangel has 44.29% of the votes cast (18,075 in total) while Espaillat has 42.33% (17,243 votes in total). That means that the latter is trailing the former by only 802 votes and there are still 2,110 paper ballots left.

In other words, this is going to be a close one.

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Charlie Rangel Survives Primary (Despite Being 82 Years Old, Having Been Censured, And Being 82 Years Old)

Chances are Congressman Charlie Rangel -- at 82 years old -- is heading back to Congress.
Longtime Manhattan Congressman Charlie Rangel can breathe a sigh of relief -- the 82-year-old Democrat has survived what was expected to be the fight of his political life.

Rangel, who fought in the Korean War before getting elected to Congress (42 years ago), came out on top in yesterday's five-person Democratic primary -- and that's after he was formally censured by the House of Representatives for multiple ethical violations stemming from -- among other ethical issues -- his failure to pay taxes on income he received from a rental "villa" he owns in the Dominican Republic (that photo to the right is Charlie enjoying his villa).

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