Schumer Wants to Curb "Academic Doping" in College, Suggests Drinking Coffee Instead

They're study drugs. Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse--you name it. The plague of prescription pills, with their often dangerous side effects, has been heavily reported by major media outlets but still continue to dominate finals week on college campuses across the country. And Senator Chuck Schumer wants to do something about it (in New York, at least).

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Sen. Chuck Schumer Goes After the Laaaaasers

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Who said the economy was at the top of our national priorities list? Who cares about Iran? The real problem in this country doesn't lie in our deficit or our debt; it's those damn laser pointers we use with our PowerPoints.

Senator Chuck Schumer is laying his legislative foot down on the issue of electronic lasers, writing to federal regulators to enforce a couple of rules with our favorite toy to unknowingly piss people off from a distance. 

The hot button topic comes off the heels of situations where pilots could have the lasers pointed at planes from a distance of at least 5,000 feet

Damn, those are some strong lasers.

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As Whooping Cough Spreads, Schumer Demands Free Vaccinations

WebMD describes whooping cough as a "disease that causes very severe coughing that may last for months." It is a respiratory infection that can spread rapidly if untreated. And, in recent weeks, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that cases have been popping up across the country of people coming down with the horrible sickness.

In the past year, 18,000 people have reported the disease - a number that is double that of last year's numbers. It is on track to be the highest report rate since 1959, when 40,000 cases of whooping cough were reported. 

New York, unfortunately, has been a hotbed for the infection; cases have tripled in recent weeks in the Empire State, rising to about 1,800, as state health officials hurry to prevent the disease from spreading. In the City alone, about 187 cases of whooping cough have been reported.

With that being said, Senator Chuck Schumer is taking his case to the federal government in a plea to urge Washington to provide free vaccinations across the country for anyone over the age of 18 who has yet to receive the medicine. 

Whooping cough is much scarier than the deficit.
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Local Pols Say Federal Government is Getting in the Way of NYC's First Outdoor Film Studio *UPDATED*

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Sam Levin
City Councilman Jimmy Van Brammer with Sen. Chuck Schumer, representatives from Kaufman Studios, and other local elected officials.
New York City is oh so very close to being a better city for film and television than Hollywood -- if the federal government would just get out of the damn way!

At least that was the message today on the corner of 36th Street in Astoria, Queens, where Sen. Chuck Schumer, flanked by relevant neighborhood politicians, called on the National Park Service to stop making it difficult for a local film company to build New York City's first-ever outdoor studio.

This project -- which would convert 36th Street between 34th and 35th avenues into a movie studio lot -- apparently could make all the difference in attracting filmmakers and production companies to New York City, instead of Los Angeles, or Toronto, or New Orleans. That means, you guessed it, lots of jobs and economic development, all on one block in Queens.

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Senator Chuck Schumer Calls on House to Pass the Violence Against Women Act with Key Provisions

Sen. Chuck Schumer
Senator Chuck Schumer this morning called on the House to pass a bill called the "Violence Against Women Act," which he says literally saves women's lives.

A measure to reauthorize the act was approved by the Senate on Thursday with broad bipartisan support, despite some objections from Republicans about a few key provisions. The legislation includes grants to help train cops and legal officers in stopping domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. In addition, it also toughens federal anti-stalking laws so that digital stalking and "new forms of harassment" tied to the internet and social media are more harshly punished.

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Obama, Schumer and the Student Loan Armaggedon

Over 7 million students receive some sort of subsidized student loan from the U.S. federal government. That is a ton of debt and it's getting larger every year: eclipsing credit cards and car loans, the figure right now stands at around $870 billion nationally. And, on July 1st, it could double in size.

As of now, students pay an interest rate of 3.4 percent for Stafford loans but, due to Congress's constant evasion of the issue and short-term budget deals, the number will revert back to 6.8 percent that day if no action is taken. What does that mean for students? 

The White House claims that an additional grand would be placed on top of loaners' backs if nothing is done. But, thankfully, the timing comes at an opportune time: as the election nears, Democrats, including President Obama and New York Senator Chuck Schumer, are looking to keep students on their side of the aisle.
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Senator Schumer Ramps Up His Crusade Against Pill Thieves

Watch out, drug store cowboys.

After a bloody shootout at an East Harlem pharmacy last week, Senator Charles Schumer is stepping up the rhetoric for his Safe Doses Act, a bill he wrote that is currently crawling through the Senate.The legislation would increase the penalties for drug store robberies and give police much more authority in the investigation of illegal pill rings.

The fatal encounter Uptown involved two men on the hunt for pain medications, one of whom was wanted in Georgia for murder. Police officers gunned down and killed the fugitive, a 23-year-old named Rudolph Wyatt, while the other stock-masked accomplice escaped and is still at large. Both were armed and firing at authorities outside the RX Center on 1st Avenue and East 119th Street.

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Senator Chuck Schumer to AT&T: Invite Us to Your Industry Meeting, Please

Appealing to his iPhone-addicted constituents, Sen. Chuck Schumer is calling on AT&T to do something about the steep uptick in smartphone thefts in the city. You might be thinking: "What can this little ole cell phone provider do to fight crime in Gotham?" Well, our senator thinks the company can do quite a bit -- starting with an invitation. We want in!

A week from today, AT&T will participate in a meeting of the (deep breath, it's a mouthful), Global System for Mobile Communications Association's North America Committee on Security and Fraud. Schumer says the company needs to bring the NYPD to the table to discuss the rapidly rising rate of smart phone thefts in the city. But wait, he's more than just an elected who wants some dialogue -- he's a tech guy, too!

In a letter that he sent out to AT&T yesterday, he also urges the company to consider adopting technology that permanently disables phones after they've been stolen.

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Paul Oetken, First Openly Gay Judge, Confirmed to Federal Bench

James Paul Oetken was confirmed to the United States District Court yesterday for the Southern District of New York. He was the first ever openly gay man ever appointed to the federal bench.

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Internet Week Kicks Off With Speech From New York Senator Chuck Schumer

Esther Zuckerman
During a question and answer session at Internet Week New York this morning, Senator Chuck Schumer quipped that he was of "the older generation." And even as Schumer looked forward in his keynote speech, which kicked off IWNY at its headquarters in the Metropolitan Pavilion, he made his age hard to forget.

With an AOL backdrop featuring drawings of donuts behind him, Schumer discussed his goal of boosting New York to the forefront of the nation's high tech centers, one day beating Silicon Valley. He announced the creation of a "working group" with the mayor, the governor and New York industry leaders with the aim of making that technology talking point a reality.

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