Illinois For-Profit College Pays $10.25 Million Settlement to New York Attorney General To Settle Charges of Scamminess. Will Trump University Be Next?

The face of quality, non-bullshit education.
The past couple years have not been kind to Career Education Corporation. The Illinois-based for-profit school is the fourth-largest in the nation; it operates hundreds of campuses across 23 states and 5 countries , and currently serves about 75,000 students. It also appears, if we can use a technical term, to be kind of bullshit. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced yesterday that CEC would pay a $10.25 million settlement , after a two-year investigation found that the school had wildly exaggerated its job placement rates to lure in new students.

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Deferred Cooper Union Applicants Feel Like Collateral in Board's Beef With Art School

Jason Lewis/Village Voice
The hearts of the folks running Cooper Union seem to have turned rather cold lately.

President Jamshed Bharucha informed faculty members from the School of Art last Wednesday that all of the school's early-decision applicants would either be lumped in with the college's general admission pool or denied admittance altogether. The move came shortly after Art School faculty members sent a letter to Bharucha, informing the administration of their opposition to the implementation of any tuition-based programs at the Cooper Union.

Current students and deferred applicants took to the front of the college's Foundation Building yesterday afternoon to voice their outrage over the decision.

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Cooper Union Art School Faculty Formally Rejects Tuition-Based Proposals

via Cooper Union Student Action to Save Our School
Faculty from the School of Art at Cooper Union sent a letter to the school's dean Friday opposing proposals to implement tuition-based programs at the college.

The statement marks the latest development in the on-going fight to preserve the college's long-standing tradition of providing free tuition for all students. The faculty members signed the letter opposing plans to create tuition-based programs during the week-long student lock-in in December when 11 students barricaded themselves inside the college's Foundation Building.

"Cooper Union is not only the last citadel of the social reforms movement of the 19th century, but is in fact the vanguard of the 21st century -- a beacon of access to free education," the letter reads. "In this soul searching process our commitment to this fragile and precious mission was reinvigorated."

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Student Loans: Will Interest Rates Double?

The Voice recently reported that the interest rates on federally backed Stafford loans will double July 1 -- from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent -- unless Congress gets its shit together.

Well, it looks like some legislators in the House are trying to prevent this increase -- by cutting funding to health programs, that is.


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Student Loans: Yes, There's Even More Bad News

Hey, college students!

If you weren't already bummed that 53 percent of you will likely face joblessness or underemployment upon graduation, or that university is a big waste of time and money, we have even more bad news for you.

Unless Congress gets its shit together -- which it probably won't because it's Congress -- interest rates for federally backed Stafford loans will totally swell from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent July 1, according to the Associated Press.

For some 7 million U.S. undergrads, that means that tuition would go up $1,000.

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College Is Still a Waste of Time and Money

HuffPo recently posted "College Degree Is Cheaper Than The Cost Of Dropping Out," an item imploring young folk to stay in school.

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Huffington Post Will Publish Your Undergrad Thesis and Probably Won't Pay You

Maybe the aggregation turbine is broken?

Looks like HuffPo, the "internet newspaper," might soon become a term paper mill.

Huffington Post College tweeted late last night: "Want to publish your senior thesis on the Huffington Post? Email rharrington [at] huffingtonpost [dot] com for more details."

(H/T @mylestanzer, a former Voice intern who sometimes contributes to RS).

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Godlike Yale Boy Chooses Football Over Rhodes Scholarship As World Watches

patrick witt.jpg
Yale University
Have you been following the saga of Patrick Witt, the most perfect college student in the United States? Witt, class of '12, is a gentleman athlete and scholar who has been faced with a difficult situation: do a Rhodes Scholarship or play quarterback in the annual Harvard-Yale game?

It's been a torturous period but the decision is made: Witt has decided in favor of the football game.

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Life, Not College, Is What Makes You Fat

Today in news you can use to remind yourself that you're not in college anymore (unless you are, in which case, hooray!), MSNBC reports that the cursed, vile freshman 15 is actually not true, at least, so says a new study, which found that most college students don't actually gain 15 pounds in their first year at school. More accurate would be a freshman 3, but what happened to the old college try?

"The 'freshman 15' is a myth," said Ohio State research scientist Jay Zagorsky, co-author of the study that is believed to be the first nationwide look at the purported phenomenon. "There is no 'freshman 15.'"
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Cooper Union Considers Charging Tuition

cooper union.JPG
Since 1902, Cooper Union has been free. Students don't pay tuition. The "free as air and water" ethos has been integral to the school's culture, but it could be changing. Faced with mounting debt, the school is considering a shift from free to...being like every other university in the country and charging kids to go there.

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