Here Are Three of the Best New York Comedy Sketches You'll See This Week

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Screenshot via YouTube
Matt Moskovciak is on a roll. Over the last month, the Astoria-based comedy writer for online network Above Average, an offshoot of Lorne Michaels's Broadway Video, has written and produced three of the smartest comedy sketches about New York life that we've seen in a long time. The sketches take on loud upstairs neighbors, MTA rage, and — no surprise here — gentrified Brooklyn. But since there is nothing worse than explaining a joke — it's something you just don't do — we won't.

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Comedian Natasha Vaynblat Channels Public School Teacher Angst

Melissa Gomez Photography
Natasha Vaynblat
For a performer, any kind of exposure is a good thing. But as comedian Natasha Vaynblat recently learned, sometimes being discovered can be mortifying.

Vaynblat, 27, worked for four years as a public school teacher in New York City, an experience she recounts in her one-woman show at UCB Chelsea, "Natasha Vaynblat: United Federation of Teachers." At a recent performance, a group of her former high school students surprised her after the show. One of them had seen an ad on TV for an IFC-hosted Web series called Laurie, in which Vaynblat had starred. The students got together to check out her show. "I forget that it's so easy to find anybody now with the internet," Vaynblat says.

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Colin Quinn's 'Bitterness' Comes Through on New Web Series, Cop Show

Screenshot via L/Studio
Colin Quinn on his own 'stupid web show.'
"What do we got?"

"Female, Caucasian, late twenties. Looks to be possibly deceased."

Thus begins episode one of Cop Show, a new Web series created by and starring veteran stand-up comedian Colin Quinn. A mockumentary-style take on New York City–set procedurals and the grizzled cops who populate them, Cop Show finds humor not only in the groan-worthy clich├ęs of its titular genre, but also in the overlap between its lead character and the man who plays him.

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The Podcast Is the Product for Keith and the Girl

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In a roomful of podcasters, Chemda Khalili is a gravitational force.

As she steps down from the dais at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival's "Getting Started in Podcasting" panel discussion, she's mobbed before reaching the second row of folding chairs. The predominantly male crowd clutches caffeinated beverages, unconsciously uniformed in horn rims and blue plaid button-downs. "What you said about podcasting being a lifestyle," one gasps, "I loved that. It's true. So true!"

"We've got a half-hour," Keith Malley, who earlier moderated the "Getting a Job in Podcasting" panel, warns from the doorway.

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Comedian Loses His Mind While Trapped in Stranded 7 Train, Goes on Epic Twitter Rant

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Upright Citizens Brigade comedian Connor Ratliff is not having a good day.

At 8:45 a.m. he was getting on the 7 train in Woodside on his way to do Important Funny-Person Things, like meeting fellow comedian Jo Firestone to discuss a new project. But a burning umbrella stuck on the line's third rail, along with icy conditions near Queensboro Plaza, threw a wrench in those plans.

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Here's the NYPD Arresting an Audience Member Mid-Comedy Show, Then Heckling the Comedian

Screenshot via.
A bemused Adam Newman, onstage, as the NYPD arrests an audience member
As a general rule, the worst thing that can happen during a comedy set is realizing you've accidentally stumbled into some kind of hellish Dane Cook/Daniel Tosh marathon. But it could be worse! You could, for example, be sitting in a comedy show around midnight at the Upright Citizens Brigade's Chelsea theater when four members of New York's finest come in, fish you out of the audience, and arrest you. That's what looks to have happened this past Saturday night, during a UCB variety show called Underground Americana. The comedian onstage, Adam Newman, says he watched officers come in with flashlights and immediately handcuff a guy sitting to the left side of the stage. When Newman asked what was going on, an NYPD officer advised him to "shut the fuck up."

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Joan Rivers, Reviewed in 1967: 'I Don't Know How a Nervous Girl Can Be So Funny'

In February of 1967, Joan Rivers, then 33 years old, performed her stand-up act at the Downstairs at the Upstairs (37 West 56th Street). She killed. She had yet to hit the peak of her fame. She was also a bit of an anomaly: A WOMAN COMIC! Writing for this paper in the February 23, 1967, issue, Bill Manville contributed the below review of her set. Rivers died today at age 81 at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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De Blasio Stops By The Colbert Report, Is a Little Boring

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on The Colbert Report

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went seeking the "Colbert Bump" last night in what turned out to be a relatively brief, bland interview.

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WNYC's Drunk Fundraising Pledge Drive Was Delightful

Screenshot via WNYC
Studio 360 Host Kurt Andersen narrates drunk WNYC listener Zack Poitras' deep thoughts
For public radio fans (i.e., huge nerds), pledge drive season is the worst. No matter how self-effacingly Ira Glass asks for money, pledge drives still invoke an intense mixture of guilt and boredom in the public radio listener, an existential push-and-pull between "Wow, I should really drop a couple bucks on this programming I so enjoy" versus "I haven't had an extra $20 since the seventh grade, when the Bar Mitzvah money stopped coming in. Please just go back to Morning Edition."

This year, WNYC tried something a little different for their pledge drive messages. They made them drunk. Real drunk.

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Grizz from 30 Rock Carries Around Mark Malkoff as a Giant Man Baby [VIDEO]

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We've all thought it: "I wish I had it as good as all those sleeping babies in strollers." Comedian Mark Malkoff decided to see how good it really is. The 5-foot-7 Malkoff got 7-foot-tall 30 Rock alum Grizz Chapman to carry him around the city in a baby holster. The video of their escapades was posted to comedy website yesterday. Let the confused giggling commence.

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