John Liu, City Comptroller, Defends Statements in CityTime Scandal

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Comptroller John Liu has issued a response to the feds for asking him to refrain from public comments on the ongoing CityTime scandal investigation.

Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, had written Liu last month saying he hoped Liu would allow prosecutors and the Department of Investigation to continue their work, "free from concern that even well-intentioned actions or announcements by third parties without access to all the facts might compromise their ongoing investigation."

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Cindy Sheehan, Grieving Mother and War Critic, Doesn't Believe Osama Bin Laden is Dead

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Cindy Sheehan, who became a national symbol of the anti-war movement when her son Casey was killed in Iraq, has taken to (what looks like) her official Facebook page to cast doubt on President Barack Obama's claim that the United States killed Osama Bin Laden yesterday. Sheehan grabbed headlines back in 2005 when she camped outside of George W. Bush's ranch in Texas to protest the wars and later ran unsuccessfully for Congress. Since, she's protested Obama too, and has worked recently with the Socialist Alternative. Today, she appears to have really lost it. She's not the only one.

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Did Michael Wolff Set This Media Panel on Fire?

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We recently reported on I WANT MEDIA's Media Person of the Year discussion at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism that took place earlier today, which ended with the building being evacuated by New York's Bravest, the good people of FDNY. But what's wrong with the picture we saw when we got downstairs?

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The CIA Isn't Cool with CIA Agents Talking to The Press

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Imagine being a super-secret spy for the CIA and having something you think is in the best interests of the American people that you know, that they don't. What to do? Call a reporter! Looks like the CIA isn't too cool with this kind of thing.

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The Terror Babies Conspiracy Anderson Cooper Freakout! (Video)

Terror Babies. Yes, "Terror Babies." Anderson Cooper recently had Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) on his show to discuss Terror Babies. And Gohmert freaked out on Cooper and started yelling at him. What are Terror Babies, you ask?

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Has BP Actually, Seriously, Helped the Terrorists Win by Getting the Pan-Am Bomber Released?

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Sure, the leak very well might be contained! It's a celebration! Except we can't forget that BP, British Petroleum, is the organization responsible for one of the biggest environmental disasters (and subsequent disastrous clean-up) in the history of mankind. This matters because we're now forced to ask if they are actually helping the terrorists win?

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Bros Icing Bros: The Media Conspiracy, Unveiled

Have you been subjected to the braindead drinking war-dance ritualism that is Bros Icing Bros? It involves you, everyone you know, the existential nature of the universe, and The Closest Carbonated Beverages Can Get to Resembling Sweetened Fizzy Piss, Smirnoff Ice. The most recent development involved the New York Times (after closely following RUNNIN SCARED DOT COM's airtight coverage) embarking on their own deep cover mission into Bros Icing Bros. Now that the Bros Icing Bros media coverage gap between humble web logs and Mainstream Media Outlets like the New York Times and CNN has been closed, one could argue that this viral sensation the media discovered has reached fever pitch! Not so fast.

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