Does New York Have America's Best Bathroom?

Rainwater collection system for Habana Outpost's toilets.
Every year, workplace supplies company Cintas holds a contest to find the best restroom in America. This is the competition's tenth year and vying for the prize are two New York restaurant bathrooms: Fort Greene's Habana Outpost and Ninja, a theme restaurant in TriBeCa. The other eight finalists include museums, hotel crappers and a mobile unit made for President Obama's inauguration. Now that Mars Bar is closed, their restrooms are ineligible.

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How Is New York Not in the '10 Most Promiscuous Cities' List?

portlandia 2.jpg
Portland, the most promiscuous city in America.
Dating site OkCupid, which comes out with interesting sex and dating data every now and then, has dropped some new knowledge on us: a list of the 10 most promiscuous cities in the U.S. The metric is based on how many OkCupid users' profiles said they were seeking casual sex. New York, the city of Samantha Jones, of bars that stay open till 4 a.m., a city that should rightfully claim its spot as a bastion of forward-thinking sexuality, is somehow not even in the top 10. To add insult to injury, Portland won instead of us, claiming the number one position. More »

Do You Ride Horses and Possess The Bravery of a Warrior? The HISTORY Channel Wants You!

Knocking on reality TV is like kicking a kid with crutches, but sometimes that kid with crutches begs to be kicked. Which brings us to another one of those open casting calls out there in the trades, the ones with the shady Gmail address contact info and the thinly veiled condescension for the people who use it. Far more ridiculous than a show about fat sex or inkslinging competitions, we now have Full Metal Jousting! For this back-channel spectacular, HISTORY is seeking experienced horseback riders who openly "possess the bravery of a warrior," which means they're searching for the sort of humans who've actually gazed upon themselves and thought, I could totally kick Geronimo's ass. Oh, right and these people spend their summer days clicking through casting calls, but then again, of course they do.

By all means:

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New York City Wants Your Ideas for an App

Do you have an ingenious idea for an App but are repulsed by the thought of earning copious amounts of money from it? You're in luck! The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications is hosting the "NYC BigApps Ideas" contest and awarding finalists up to $250 for the right to use and distribute their idea. We assume that the App is for smartphones, although they don't specify this anywhere on the site.

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Runnin' Scared Wins Eurovision Song Contest

Well, "Running Scared," I guess. Whatever! Congratulations to Eli and Nikki, representatives of Azerbaijan and the performers of this blog's new theme song.

If anyone out there is handy with video editing, can you please replace Eli and Nikki's faces in the following video with those of Joe Coscarelli and Jen Doll?

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What Will We Name The Cobra?

bronx zoo cobra.jpg
Contest alert! The recently-located Bronx Zoo Egyptian cobra is still nameless, and we all have until 1 p.m. on Monday to submit our suggestions. The contest is run by the Bronx Zoo in conjunction with the Daily News and if you'll win the honor of having named the most famous snake in New York. Nay, the country. So what kinds of names should we be considering? More »

Yeshiva University Students Try to "Top" Dreidel-Spinning Record at Dreidel-Palooza

Dreidels pictured here not "made out of clay"
Yeshiva University students are aiming to set the record for "most dreidels spun at one time" at an event they're calling Dreidel-palooza, to take place tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. at the Max Stern Athletic Center on YU's campus. According to organizers, the event will "help raise Yeshiva University undergraduate scholarship funds" while also, ideally, snagging the participants a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Your "Taxi of Tomorrow" Will Be an Iconic Minivan

Mayor Bloomberg and the Taxi and Limousine Commission are tired of those Crown Vics. At a press conference today, the city announced three finalists in a contest to choose a new, custom-built car model to replace the city's fleet of taxicabs. See pictures of whatever high-tech deathtrap-on-wheels you'll be drunkenly stumbling into 10 years from now after the jump.

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Presenting the Single Worst Sex Toy Ever: The Obamarator (Obama + Vibrator)

obama vibrator 1.jpg
Click to Enlarge. Not like that.
What are you going to be gift-wrapping this holiday season? A Squinky? A Sing-A-Ma-Jig? A Gremlin? Maybe for the children. But alas, a gift has arrived that will bring all Americans -- Red State, Blue State, Green Party, whatever -- together. If they're creepy.

It's a vibrator.
It's a vibrator made in the likeness of Barack Obama.

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The Brett Favre Image Rehabilitation Contest: The Dongshops Are Coming!

Thumbnail image for favre shirt.JPG
Last week, on the revelation that former New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre had supposedly texted pictures of his penis to former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger, we decided to have ourselves a contest: take the picture in question, and fill in the blank left once Favre's penis was removed from the action. The results?

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