Here Are Four People Who May Have Seen Brooklyn's "Crazy 8" Serial Killer

If you're one of the four people pictured above, you might have some information about a suspected serial killer currently on the loose, presumably in Brooklyn.

Two of the four witnesses were seen walking on Flatbush Avenue about 6 p.m. Friday, around the time 78-year-old Rahmatollah Vahidipour was fatally shot at the She She boutique. Two others, a man and a woman, were seen running near the scene just 20 minutes before Vahidipour was found dead.

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Calm Down -- You Probably Won't Be Murdered By Brooklyn's New Serial Killer

Don't worry -- this guy probably isn't going to kill you.
There's a serial killer in Brooklyn, which means one thing: time to freak out. But while you're freaking out -- and, admittedly, we are, too -- keep in mind that you're probably more likely to get hit by lightning than get murdered by a ruthless serial killer.

The so-called "Crazy 8 Killer" has struck three times since July. Each murder happened at a Brooklyn business with the number 8 in its address. In each case, the killer murdered a Middle Eastern business owner with the same .22-caliber pistol before -- in some cases -- stabbing them and covering their bodies with clothes.

If you're a Middle Easterner, and own a business that has an 8 in the address, feel free to freak out. As for the rest of us, the odds are in our favor that we'll be just fine.

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