Mayoral Candidate John Finan Has the Weirdest Twitter in the Game

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The big show may be all about Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota, but there's a third-party candidate whose Twitter game is far more entertaining. John Finan is an independent candidate for mayor whose Internet ramblings are, if nothing else, a breath of fresh air in campaign season highly sensitized to the dangers of sloppy social media use (looking at you, Anthony Weiner).

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Diane Keaton On Colbert Last Night: Was She Being Annie Hall, Kay Adams-Corleone, Or Just Plain Nuts?

Twitter was abuzz last night about Diane Keaton's appearance on the Colbert Report, with people wondering if the Annie Hall and Godfather star was drunk, high, or just plain nuts. Watching it, we wondered if Keaton was trying to out-Colbert Colbert in the performance art arena. Still, whatever she was doing didn't seem to help the cause of peddling her book, which was why she was ostensibly booked on the show. It's obvious Colbert isn't comfortable with what's happening; watch for yourself and decide what was going through Keaton's mind. We certainly found it to be the most awkward interview with a 70s star since Leonard Lopate suffered through a half hour on the air with Liza Minelli.
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Man Tries to Scale New York Times Building, Wanted Copy Of Paper

Screen shot 2012-03-24 at 12.03.51 PM.png

Who said no one cared about print anymore? A man attempted to climb the New York Times building this morning. Why? According to the New York Post, when the man was on the ground he explained he attempted his ascension because he "was looking for a copy of the newspaper." Yes, as one person said on Twitter, he could have just read it online, but maybe he just really wanted ink-stained fingers.

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"White America Has Lost Its Mind" Revisited: Where Are Those Crazy White Folks Now?

In September of 2010, the Voice published our cover story "White America Has Lost Its Mind." At the time, we thought the disease of crazy white people infecting the national zeitgeist was at its most noxious state. However, that period was before Donald Trump took birtherism to a whole new level, thrice-married adulterer Newt Gingrich took to protecting marriage (when he wasn't lecturing the "food stamp president" or hectoring black folks about food-stamps), and the entire Republican party declared war on birth-control people who have sex women. It almost makes the summer of 2010, in those early days of the Tea Party when healthcare reform passed, look like a halcyon era of first-rate mental health and civil public discourse.

We were honored when Drew Friedman illustrated the "White America" cover. But we realized, glancing at the asylum tableau last week, that the crazy white people he captured in cartoon format aren't doing so well. Let's take a look at the rough ride those five straightjacket wearing leaders of the right have had in the intervening months, especially in the past week.

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One-Legged Millionaire Convicted Of Assault With Rolex

Sophia Kandelaki
File this under things that would make good Law & Order episodes and/or Bravo TV shows: The New York Post reports that one-legged millionaire Thomas Hartmann was convicted Friday of assaulting Sophia Kandelaki with the Rolex on his wrist on the Upper East Side. On the stand Kandelaki described herself as a "gunpoint kidnapping survivor, a reality star hopeful, a stripper, a private shopper, a vegan chef, a singer, a composer and an expert in 'deep, inner tantric massage.'" Did you get all that?

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Sweden Allows Citizens to Run Its Official Twitter Account

swedish flag.jpg
Sweden has started a new policy of allowing one of its citizens to take over its official Twitter account every week. The policy is basically a marketing move, as expressed by the CEO of the country's tourism agency in The Next Web's writeup: "No one owns the brand of Sweden more than its people. With this initiative we let them show their Sweden to the world."

They have quite the lineup planned:

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Sam Mullet, Amish Beard-Cutter: "We're Just Trying to Live a Peaceful Life"

amish beard cutting mugs.jpg
Mugshots of the three men arrested for beard-cutting.
Have you been following the fascinating Amish beard-cutting attack story out of Ohio? Members of an offshoot Amish group broke into other Amish people's houses at night and forcibly cut off their beards, also cutting off women's hair.Three men have been arrested.

The leader of that group, the "Bergholz Clan," has given a rare interview to the AP. Sam Mullet (yeah, it's really his name) told a reporter that his group had been ostracized by the larger Amish community. He also didn't deny that the attacks happened, but said he didn't order them.

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All Hell Breaks Loose at Harlem Subway Station [Video]

It's been a while since we had a good subway fight video! This one is a doozy, featuring basically an all-out melee between young-looking girls and NYPD officers at the 125th Street 2/3 station. The girls tried to jump the turnstiles; chaos ensued.

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Alessio Rastani Subject Of New Taiwanese Animation

The Alessio Rastani weirdness comes to a fitting end with the Next Media Animation treatment:

Is the best part when the BBC anchors' heads explode? Or when it turns out Rastani is a noodling hippie?

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Devon Spurgeon vs. Patrick Bateman: Whose Business Card Is More Impressive?

bateman spurgeon .jpg
Back in May, Warren Buffett's chief of staff Devon Spurgeon was pretty aggressive with the Observer's Foster Kamer. Kamer tried to ask Warren Buffett a question and Spurgeon butted in, hustling Buffett out of the party. "If you want, you can call my office tomorrow," she said to Kamer. But her card indicated otherwise:

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