Freddie Gray Arrest Exposes an Antiquated Knife Law Similar to New York's

Screenshot YouTube
Freddie Gray died in custody after an arrest under an antiquated knife law similar to New York's.
Freddie Gray's death in Baltimore is the latest in a rash of high-profile deaths of black men at the hands of police.

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Smuggled, Untaxed Cigarettes Are Everywhere in New York City

Jon Campbell
Smuggled cigarettes found during an inspection at a corner store in Long Island City
As six armed officers pour out of two unmarked Ford Explorers on a Long Island City street corner, you can see the confusion on the faces of gawkers and passersby. One woman looks up from her phone and does a sitcom-worthy double-take when she notices their windbreakers, embossed with the word "SHERIFF" in big gold letters, front and back.

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After Taxi Driver Allegedly Assaults Pregnant Woman, She Gives Birth Prematurely

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Photo credit: vikwaters via Compfight cc
Leslie Cooper says she was "body slammed" by an irate cabbie, and went into preterm labor soon after.
Leslie Cooper says she was just trying to catch a ride home from work when an assault by a cab driver led to the terrifying preterm delivery of her baby daughter.

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New Jersey Boater Who Faked Own Death Surrenders After 7 Months on the Lam

Categories: Crime, New Jersey

Source: Screenshot, CBS Philly
Andrew Biddle, as seen in a news report after his fake drowning
On July 20 of 2014, the Great Egg Coast Guard station in Longport, New Jersey, received a distress call after a boat struck an offshore buoy, knocking the two men on board into the sea. The call was received just before midnight, and soon emergency responders began canvassing a 60-square-mile patch of ocean just off Longport, which is near Atlantic City.

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NYPD Deserves Props for Dog Rescue Ops

Categories: Crime, Dogs

Photo courtesy of the ASPCA
Who rescued this sweet puppy from certain death? The NYPD, that's who.
When the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced its partnership with the New York Police Department in January of 2014, locals were, understandably, skeptical.

A year into the experiment, the Voice checked in with the ASPCA to find out how things are going.

Not bad, as it turns out.

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New York Has Third Lowest Gun Death Rate in Nation

Categories: Crime
The Violence Policy Center released its annual state rankings yesterday, and New York comes in strong, as the state with the third lowest per capita rates of gun fatalities for 2013, the year the study examined.More »

Ex-Prisoners Are Committing Fewer Crimes That Land Them Back in Jail, Authorities Say

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Courtesy of RAPP Campaign
Speaker at a RAPP Campaign event this spring at Columbia University
Fewer inmates than ever are landing back in prison for new crimes, according to the most recent data from state correctional authorities.

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Video: Nightmare Passenger Stabs Cab Driver, Makes Him Crash, Steals His Phone and Money

Categories: Crime

NYPD via YouTube
A black car crashed in Bushwick this weekend after the passenger inside repeatedly stabbed its driver. The fare made off with the victim's phone and his cash. According to the NYPD, the driver picked the passenger up just before 11 a.m. on Saturday outside 1234 Halsey Street in Bushwick.

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Look Out for These Eleven New York City Scams

All illustrations by Curtis Tinsley
Tourists are easy (and the only?) targets for MTA card scammers.
December is the final busy month before New York sees its tourism dip in January and February, and with all those out-of-towners comes the opportunity for easy money to be made at subway stations, in Times Square, and even at one of the city's museums. So, with a month left before Christmas, we present this 2014 guide to New York scams, old and new. These first-hand accounts show you're always capable of having the wool pulled over your eyes, whether you're a tourist or a lifelong New Yorker. Happy holidays!

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How Do You Steal 30 Cars in 75 Days? Make Most of Them Honda Accords

Categories: Crime

Tom Huck
This week's feature story dove into the life of Reynaldo Nazario, an old-school car thief who used old-school methods to steal older-model cars. In October 2012, Bronx prosecutors charged him with stealing 30 cars over a 75-day stretch. To boost the cars, Nazario used shaved keys. He had 10 keys, from various models of car, filed down with sandpaper. With the right touch, these keys can turn on a car's ignition.

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