Grieving Mother on Charges Against Cab Driver: 'It's a Traffic Violation for Killing a Child'

By now, 10 months on, the details of Cooper Stock's death are well-known: The nine-year-old was in the crosswalk, under the signal, holding his father's hand when he was run down by a cab driver a little after 8:45 p.m. on Friday, January 10, 2014.

Partly because of the heartbreaking circumstances and partly because of the timing -- shortly before Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an ambitious new initiative to combat pedestrian deaths in New York City -- the story has been repeated in countless articles since.

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Stephen Colbert is a Knife-Wielding Criminal -- And Here's the Video Proof!

Categories: America, Crime, NYPD

Credit: Screen grab from
Stephen Colbert brazenly flaunts an "illegal" knife in 2010.
This week's cover story is about the NYPD's very strict -- and some say ridiculous -- interpretation of a state statute regulating "gravity knives."

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On Switchblades, 'Cheap Dime Store Hoods' and That Wet End, Lachance

Categories: Crime, Politics

Credit: YouTube clip from Stand By Me
Ace is about to look significantly less tough than he does right now.
My favorite scene in Stand By Me -- which I could more or less recite word for word if you're interested -- comes near the end, when the movie's diminutive hero, Gordie Lachance, stands up to a neighborhood bully.

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Early-Summer Spike in Gun Violence Followed by Safest August in 20 Years

Categories: Crime

Joe Lhota via YouTube
Joe Lhota was wrong.
There was a moment back in June when CompStat computers kept spitting out calculations that showed gun violence on the rise and, gradually, a dark, sinking thought settled over the city: What if Joe Lhota was right and the streets of New York would be bathed in blood before summer was over? What if we chose...poorly?

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Trial Begins for Man Accused of Stealing $240k from Long Island Bank in 1993

Nassau County Police Department
In March 1993, two masked men with guns entered an a Long Island branch of European American Bank and left with $241,000. An armored car had delivered the cash right before the men arrived. It was the biggest bank robbery in Nassau County history.

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Mob Informant Who Ran Afoul of FBI Will Get New Trial

Categories: Crime, The Mafia

Photo Credit: bloomsberries via Compfight cc
Mob informant gets a new trial.
A longtime mob informant will get another chance, after an appeals court granted his motion for a new trial.

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NYPD Wants Some Help With A Pretty Intense Brooklyn Robbery (Video)

Categories: Crime

NYPD is seeking help on an unsolved Brooklyn robbery.
The NYPD is asking for help with a robbery at a Brooklyn cell phone store, which was caught on a security camera in a pretty dramatic piece of footage.

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NYPD Releases Disturbing Video of Attempted Rape

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Screenshot via.
For the second time in three weeks, the New York Police Department has announced they're looking for a suspect who attempted to rape a woman in the stairwell of her apartment building. The department released a video of the most recent incident on Sunday, August 10. The crime took place at 1 a.m. on August 9 in a building in Crown Heights. The police report that the suspect approached the woman in the stairwell, tried to talk to her, then pushed her to the ground and attempted to rape her. The victim resisted and the suspect took off. The NYPD has released a version of the video that, while it doesn't show the actual attempted rape, does show the woman being attacked and beaten.

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Queens Couple Charged With Starving and Beating 12-Year-Old Daughter For Nearly Two Years

Image via Google Maps
96th Street in Ozone Park, Queens, where the Ranots reportedly lived. Their address is listed as that of the boarded-up building on the right.
An Ozone Park, Queens couple has been arrested after their 12-year-old daughter told authorities about the abuse that she endured at their hands, including being isolated, beaten and starved down to just 58 pounds. Rajesh Ranot, 46, the child's father, and Sheetal Ranot, 31, her stepmother, are being charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child in the attacks on Maya Ranot. According to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, the little girl was been seen by emergency room doctors at least three times over the past year and a half. In one May, 2013 incident, emergency medical technicians found Maya lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, with the tendons to her left wrist cut to the bone after her stepmother allegedly attacked her with a metal broom handle.

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Police Looking for Suspect Who Stole 34k in Five Queens Bank Robberies

Police say this man has tried to rob seven banks.
The spree, according to police, began two years ago. The suspect robbed Amalgamated Bank in Jackson Heights, Queens. Since then, police suspect that the same man has struck at six other banks across the borough, most recently last week.

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