Eataly Tells Customers It Was the Victim of a Four-Month Credit Card Data Hack

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Photo credit: nathanmac87 via Compfight cc
Eataly is alerting customers who shopped at the upscale Italian market between January and April that their credit card information may have been compromised as a result of a security breach.

According to a notice posted on the Eataly website, customers who used a credit or debit card at the complex's "retail marketplace" between January 16 and April 2 may be affected.

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DEA Agents Accused of Running Creepy Jersey Strip Club

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Screen capture
Someone might be go-going to prison.
Before we rush to judgment, who among us hasn't run a secret strip club in violation of national security rules and knowingly employed undocumented workers and threatened people with a government-issued firearm? I mean, glass houses, right?

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Catcalling Is Just the Worst Right Now, Says Viral-Video Subject

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Photo by Huascar Fiorletta
Shoshana Roberts, who bought the domains and, after starring in a viral video in October 2014
The email signature for New York actress Shoshana Roberts reminds you that she's the "star of the viral street harassment video with 40+ million views."

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Prosecutor Says Freddie Gray's Knife Was Legal Under Maryland State Law

Screenshot YouTube
Freddie Gray died in custody after an arrest under an antiquated knife law similar to New York's.
Freddie Gray's death in Baltimore is the latest in a rash of high-profile deaths of black men at the hands of police.

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Smuggled, Untaxed Cigarettes Are Everywhere in New York City

Jon Campbell
Smuggled cigarettes found during an inspection at a corner store in Long Island City
As six armed officers pour out of two unmarked Ford Explorers on a Long Island City street corner, you can see the confusion on the faces of gawkers and passersby. One woman looks up from her phone and does a sitcom-worthy double-take when she notices their windbreakers, embossed with the word "SHERIFF" in big gold letters, front and back.

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'They Had Done Their Homework': Meet Victor Kovner, Attorney for The Jinx Filmmakers

Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office
Sometimes life imitates art. Other times art intimidates life. That seemed to be the case with the HBO documentary series The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, which, over the course of a decade, tracked the shady past of the New York City real estate scion, in particular the trail of deaths that seemed to follow him. The final episode of The Jinx contained a shocking revelation: Durst, after an on-camera interview with filmmaker Andrew Jarecki, wandered into a hotel bathroom still wearing his microphone and made what sounded like a full confession. The shock was compounded by real-life events. The day before the finale was set to air, the FBI arrested Durst in New Orleans for the murder of Susan Berman, a friend of his who was killed in Los Angeles in 2000.

In a media landscape transfixed by artfully told true-crime stories (The Jinx comes on the heels of NPR's wildly popular Serial podcast), the show's presentation of its case against Durst — not to mention the timing of Durst's arrest — raised a host of questions regarding the lines between entertainment and jurisprudence, chain of custody, and the legal responsibilities of documentary journalists. The Jinx navigated this thicket with the help of Victor A. Kovner, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine with a long history of providing pre-print or pre-broadcast review to media outlets (including, from the mid-1960s until the mid-2000s, the Village Voice).

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After Taxi Driver Allegedly Assaults Pregnant Woman, She Gives Birth Prematurely

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Photo credit: vikwaters via Compfight cc
Leslie Cooper says she was "body slammed" by an irate cabbie, and went into preterm labor soon after.
Leslie Cooper says she was just trying to catch a ride home from work when an assault by a cab driver led to the terrifying preterm delivery of her baby daughter.

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New Jersey Boater Who Faked Own Death Surrenders After 7 Months on the Lam

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Source: Screenshot, CBS Philly
Andrew Biddle, as seen in a news report after his fake drowning
On July 20 of 2014, the Great Egg Coast Guard station in Longport, New Jersey, received a distress call after a boat struck an offshore buoy, knocking the two men on board into the sea. The call was received just before midnight, and soon emergency responders began canvassing a 60-square-mile patch of ocean just off Longport, which is near Atlantic City.

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NYPD Deserves Props for Dog Rescue Ops

Photo courtesy of the ASPCA
Who rescued this sweet puppy from certain death? The NYPD, that's who.
When the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced its partnership with the New York Police Department in January of 2014, locals were, understandably, skeptical.

A year into the experiment, the Voice checked in with the ASPCA to find out how things are going.

Not bad, as it turns out.

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Be Careful, New York, These Terrifying Craigslist Ads Could Be the Last Ones You Ever Answer

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Via Craigslist
Craigslist mostly functions as a chill local marketplace for moving boxes, BILLY bookcases, blowjobs, and strip clubs — yet it sometimes gets a pretty bad rap. If New York is our nation's weirdness capital (sorry, Austin), then Craigslist is its unofficial online clubhouse. Here are a handful of ads that sound like the beginning of a terrible B movie (or porn, depending on what you're into).

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