After SUV Attack, the Internet Thinks All Hollywood Stuntz Motorcycle Gang Members Are "Pussy" "Terrorists" Who Deserve to Die

Uploaded by YouTube User NY60Sec
A still from the Hollywood Stuntz Times Square block party video

Update, 10:15 a.m.: More information has emerged on a Brooklyn man alleged to be the founder of Hollywood Stuntz. Jump to the last page for that, and another video of a possible Stuntz ride.

Earlier this week, a disturbing video began circulating of a brutal incident between a man named Alexian Lien and multiple members of a motorcycle crew called the Hollywood Stuntz. As far as we can tell, the chain of events looks something like this: Lien, with his wife and two-year-old daughter, was driving in a black Range Rover behind a massive group of riders on the West Side Highway, when one of them, Christopher Cruz, stopped short in front of him. Lien hit the back of Cruz's bike. Cruz and several other riders got off their bikes and started to approach his car. Lien accelerated and drove away, running over another rider, Edwin "Jay" Mieses. Several more riders followed Lien to Washington Heights, where police say he was pulled from the car and beaten, sustaining two black eyes and needing stitches to his face and chest. His wife and child escaped unharmed. Mieses' family says he is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Meanwhile, the Internet has discovered more YouTube videos of the Hollywood Stuntz's other rides, most of them pretty tame compared to Monday's violent melee. In the past 24 hours, the number of views have skyrocketed. Public sympathy isn't on their side: Many of the comments on the videos call the riders "terrorists," use a variety of racial and homophobic slurs, and suggest they should be raped in prison until they die.

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6 Wild Gang Takedown: Caught Using Facebook, Robbing Drug Dealers

Facebook is a great place to post how you're doing, your new job, pictures of the dog, plates of restaurant food, and, if you're members of a violent drug gang, which specialized in home-invasion robberies of other drug dealers, snapshots of your piles of cash!

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Henry Hill, Goodfellas Gangster, on Art, the Witness Protection Program, and His Adult Circumcision

via Hill's eBay account
Henry Hill with Ray Liotta
Henry Hill was best known by Ray Liotta's face. An East New York native famously mentored by the Lucchese crime family, Hill was the Lufthansa-heisting mobster whose 1986 memoir, the Nicholas-Pileggi-shaped Wiseguy, served as the inspiration for Martin Scorsese's modern classic Goodfellas. As TMZ reported last night, Hill died yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 69.

Hill's life consisted of well-documented involvements with the dirty businesses of narcotics, extortion, robbery, and one major point-shaving college-basketball scandal. Eventually he became an FBI informant and entered the Witness Protection Program until he was expelled for, in his words, "being a Goodfella." He then lived openly under his real name, relocating to Topanga County, becoming a recurring guest on Howard Stern, and hawking his paintings through an eBay store. In 2007, the enterprising ex-con opened a mob-themed restaurant in West Haven, Connecticut called Wiseguys. (An attic fire mysteriously broke out shortly after the establishment opened.)

That same year, the Voice spoke with the self-described "bullshit artist" about spaghetti sauce, his artistic muse ("whatever goes through my sick, fuckin' mind"), his Witness Protection Program dismissal, and "learning to fuck again" after his late-life circumcision. Reprinted below is an edited version of Michael Clancy's Runnin' Scared dialogue with the legendary gangster.

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Manuel Mayi: 21 Years After Teen's Murder, Mother Lacks Answers (UPDATE)

Altagracia Mayi, in 2002
On March 28, 1991, Manuel Mayi was beaten to death by a mob in Corona, Queens.

At the time, as many as 10 white individuals chased the 18 year-old Dominican for 16 blocks. They then hit him with baseball bats, fatally cracking his skull. Cops made three arrests. The District Attorney tried one individual, who was not convicted.

Altagracia Mayi, his mother, still wants answers: "I will never tire of seeking justice," she told El Diario.

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Anthony Smith, Michael Smith, and Melvin Peters Get Prison for Murder of Roy Huntley

gavel resize.jpg
Roy Huntley died at the hands of a gang of thugs during a grisly robbery-turned-slaying that took place on Sept. 28, 2008.

Michael Smith, Anthony Smith, and Melvin Peters roughed up the 24-year-old husband and father of two in 2050 Eighth Avenue, stealing his watch and other small property before dragging him outside, where Anthony then shot him in the head. Two other men are said to be involved in the crime.

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Public Advocate Bill De Blasio Criticizes The City for Criticizing His Report On Child Deaths

lessons from tragedy .png
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who plans on running for mayor in 2013, released a report over the weekend on child deaths in the City -- calling on the Administration for Children's Services to implement a more comprehensive system for assessing cases of abuse and neglect.

De Blasio argued that there are some alarming trends in the child deaths that have occurred in the child welfare system, and that ACS can do more to address these problems systematically. The public advocate's report, based on a review of 75 child fatality reports released between January and December 2011, got some press over the weekend -- which gave the City a chance to fire back at de Blasio. In this New York Times piece published on Saturday, officials from A.C.S criticized the report, calling it "disingenuous and misleading."

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Robbery Roundup: Perps on the Loose in Queens and East Village

Cops want to find the two scumbags who roughed up two Queens residents in several recent robberies.

On Jan. 12, one of the suspected perps (pictured here) followed a 58-year-old man into an elevator at 71-57 161st Street. Cops say he whacked the victim on the head and stole his money.

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Beating Leaves One Man Near-Death

Categories: Beatings, Crime

Cops are looking for the two scumbags who beat a man into a coma on Sunday.

Around 3:30 a.m., two men roughed up a 23-year-old man during an altercation outside Mamajuana Cafe, located at 247 Dyckman Street, and eventually knocked him unconscious, police say. The victim has been hospitalized and has not recovered from the injuries.

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Firdaus Nazarov, Pedicab Driver, Sought by NYPD for Attack in Central Park

Things making Central Park slightly less pleasant: Cops are looking for 23-year-old Firdaus Nazarov, a pedicab driver who, along with three others, allegedly attacked two fellow pedicab drivers in the park near Central Park South at 10 p.m. on June 4 to "settle a preexisting beef." One of the victims, brothers from Kazakhstan who live in Brooklyn, suffered a broken nose and a fractured eye socket that could leave him blind. He was knocked unconscious and doesn't remember the attack. One of the attackers, Furkat Abidov, was caught in Chinatown and remains in jail charged with gang assault. Cops are still looking for Nazarov and two other men. On the wanted poster are the ominous words, "Caution, perpetrator may be a kick boxer." If you've seen Nazarov, call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-577-TIPS. [DNA Info]

Jason Fordell, Bronx Man, Says He Was Beat Up For Being White on 4 Train

Jason Fordell was treated at Montefiore Medical Center and released Sunday afternoon.jpeg
Jason Fordell
On his late-night commute home from the East Village, where he sells leather accessories in a club, Jason Fordell was assaulted on a 4 train in the Bronx; he says it was a hate crime. The self-described "small, little white kid with long hair" says a group of four young black men were harassing him. "People started saying stupid little comments -- cracker this, white boy this, faggot this," Fordell said. "I told them the only reason they were saying this is there was four of them and one of me."

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