Allen T. Shannon of Brooklyn Convicted of Second-Degree Murder in Beating Death of Girlfriend's Toddler Daughter

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Image via Queens DA
Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, whose office prosecuted the case
After a three-year wait, a 31-year-old East New York man has been convicted on second-degree murder charges for beating his girlfriend's baby daughter to death.

On March 24, 2010, around 9 p.m., 22-year-old Candace Jones of Corona, Queens, went to work, leaving her boyfriend, Allen Shannon, to watch her 19-month old daughter, Anniyah Levant. Early the next morning, she got a call from Shannon. Anniyah didn't look well, he told her. When Jones came home, she found the baby in bad shape. The couple took Anniyah by livery cab to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where the child was admitted. She never came home, dying a short while later of her injuries. When the Medical Examiner's office examined her body, they found evidence of extensive trauma to the baby's head and torso, including a broken jaw, broken ribs, a lacerated liver and spleen, bruising on her face, and internal abdominal bleeding, according to the Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown's office.

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Accused UWS Nanny Might Have Murdered Children Over Her Pay


This is not exactly the story we want to hear again after Sandy or on Election Day.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Yoselyn Ortegas, the 50-year-old nanny charged with the first- and second-degree murder of two children, Lucia Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2, in an Upper West Side apartment two weeks ago, confessed to authorities that her original intention was over money issues - she argued that the parents were not paying her enough:

'She said that Ms. Krim and her husband, CNBC executive Kevin Krim, didn't pay her enough for the amount of hours she was working, the official said."

However, she also told the authorities that she did not mean to harm the children at all - the nanny is now arguing that she only "attacked" the children but didn't murder them.

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Upper West Side Horror: Nanny Arrested For Fatally Stabbing Two Young Children

An Upper West Side mom came home to a horror late yesterday. She walked into her West 75th Street apartment and found her two young children stabbed to death in the bathtub with a kitchen knife. Their nanny, who then tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists, has been arrested in the murders.

The victims, a girl, age 6, and a boy, age 2, were taken to St. Luke's Hospital, but could not be saved. The nanny was taken to a different hospital and was listed in critical condition.

A third child, who was not at home at the time of the attack, was unharmed.

The New York Post had several additional details last night: the nanny was identified as Yoselyn Ortega, 50. The children's mother was a pediatrician who had come home from running errands to find Ortega in a pool of blood in the kitchen. Their father was traveling out of town.

Ortega, who was is in police custody, was taken New York Presbyterian Hospital in critical but stable condition.

The New York Daily News identified the parents as Marina Krim and Kevin Krim, a executive with CNBC, the daughter as Lulu, and the son, as Leo. Marina Krim was returning home from her third child's swim practice. The newspaper said Ortega had slit her throat rather than her wrists.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the apartment was completely dark when Marina Krim entered. She went downstairs to ask the doorman if Ortega had left with the children. Then, she found the gruesome scene in the bathroom.

Teen Admits To Firing Shots In Death Of Bronx 4-Year-Old

Lloyd Morgan was killed by a stray bullet while watching a charity basketball game in the Bronx Sunday night.
Two people -- including a 17-year-old thug -- have been arrested in the shooting death of a Bronx 4-year-old over the weekend.

Rondell Pinkerton, 17, admitted to police that he fired shots during a charity basketball tournament at the Forest Houses project in Morrisania on Sunday, one of which is suspected to have hit 4-year-old Lloyd Morgan, killing the boy.

Authorities say at least 13 rounds were fired from either side of the basketball court and adjacent playground during a brief shootout. One of the rounds hit Morgan in the head as he stood with his mother near the playground.

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A Heat Wave, a Crime Wave

As mentioned on the newspaper front page in Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing," while Bed-Stuy burned in the 1989 summer heat, it looks like a helter swelter out there. And it's a damn bloody one.

In the past five days, with temperatures averaging well over 90 degrees, New York City has seen a spree of 16 murders - five of which have happened since Friday night. Although 2012 is continuing to attract record-low numbers of homicide, and crime, in general, for that matter, this quick blip on the radar is an outlier that runs parallel with the extreme weather.

We knew that the heat wave could cause our social media and respect for law at the McCarren Park Pool to collapse. But this shocking statistic and the stories behind some of them have convinced us that one thing is for sure: the heat is making New York go insane.
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Public Advocate Bill De Blasio Criticizes The City for Criticizing His Report On Child Deaths

lessons from tragedy .png
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who plans on running for mayor in 2013, released a report over the weekend on child deaths in the City -- calling on the Administration for Children's Services to implement a more comprehensive system for assessing cases of abuse and neglect.

De Blasio argued that there are some alarming trends in the child deaths that have occurred in the child welfare system, and that ACS can do more to address these problems systematically. The public advocate's report, based on a review of 75 child fatality reports released between January and December 2011, got some press over the weekend -- which gave the City a chance to fire back at de Blasio. In this New York Times piece published on Saturday, officials from A.C.S criticized the report, calling it "disingenuous and misleading."

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Levi Aron Participated in Prayers For Leiby Kletzky; Williamsburg Bridge Acrobats Defend High-Flying Felony

levi aron .jpeg
  • ‚ÄčNew details continue to emerge about Levi Aron, the Brooklyn man who confessed to killing and dismembering 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky this past week. Police sources said that Aron's family claims the 35-year-old was in a car accident at age 10 which impaired him mentally. Co-workers at the hardware store where he worked said that Aron took part in prayers that Leiby would be found on Tuesday, a day after the boy went missing. He even corrected someone's mispronunciation of Leiby's name. A grand jury began hearing evidence against Aron yesterday. The Post talked to an ex-wife of Aron's, Diana Diunov, who said that Aron is a "cold sociopath" who is sane and knows right from wrong. Meanwhile, Leiby's family is in the process of sitting shiva, the Jewish mourning ritual that lasts for seven days. [PIX 11, NYT, NYP]
  • Seanna Sharpe and Thomas (Savage) Skinner, the aerialist and magician who pulled off a performance 300 feet in the air over the Williamsburg Bridge, have pointed to the case of Philippe Petit, the French tightrope walker who walked between the Twin Towers in 1974 as evidence of why they shouldn't be punished. Petit was arrested and charged, but the charges were dropped when he offered to give free juggling classes. Sharpe and Skinner have been charged with felony reckless endangerment and face seven years in prison if convicted. It does seem steep for something that was probably really fucking cool to watch. [NYDN]

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Leiby Kletzky's Parents to Media, New Yorkers: 'We Will Not Be Giving Any Statements'

The Kletzky family, grieving for their 8-year-old son, Leiby, who was killed and dismembered by Levi Aron earlier this week, has posted a statement on their front door thanking New Yorkers and also asking for privacy and consideration from media and the public at this time. The full text of the statement, after the jump:

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Levi Aron Charged in Murder of Leiby Kletzky; Lawyer Says Aron Hears Voices

Screen shot 2011-07-14 at 3.42.16 PM.png
"His demeanor is not good," said Pierre Bazile today in court, where he represented Levi Aron, the 35-year-old Brooklyn man charged today with the abduction and murder of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky. Aron did not enter a plea and is being held without bail on charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping. Bazile claimed Aron hears voices and hallucinates, which might explain the bizarre and detached confession he gave police, and a psychiatric evaluation has been ordered. Aron reportedly giggled and showed "no remorse" during questioning. He denies sexually assaulting Kletzky, though his behavior may indicate otherwise. [NBC NY]

Levi Aron, the Questions: Was Leiby Molested? Video Shows Aron 'Grooming' Him As Molesters Do. What Was Aron Up to in Memphis?

Levi Aron is suspected in the murder of Kletzky, but not yet been charged.jpeg
Just accept the fact that Levi Aron's reported confession for murdering Leiby Kletzky is mostly bullshit for what he has left out. After the funeral (a too quick one) Wednesday night, we may never know for sure whether the little boy was sexually molested. But go back to the surveillance video, and you'll see Aron indeed acting like a classic molester.

Notice how Aron mostly doesn't walk side-by-side with the little boy. Instead, Aron walks a few feet in front of him. Cops and shrinks who deal with molesters have told me that's a common, and shrewd, technique by molesters.

As the cops and prosecutors bear down on Levi Aron, maybe they'll find out just where he learned to pick up little boys on the street.

Which makes you wonder: Were there any missing children in Memphis — or unsolved sex crimes — during the couple of years during which Levi Aron lived there?

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