Larry Davis, Accused Granny Killer, Also on Trial for Killing Trans Lover

DNA Was Recovered From Cigarettes
There's a lot to process here, but we'll give it our best shot.

Larry Davis took a hooker back to his apartment in April 2011. She noticed that his grandmother was dead and stuffed in the closet, according to cops.

So, Davis got busted for that crime, the Daily News reports, but his DNA appeared to be a match for another grisly offense -- the strangulation of Richard McCoy.

Turns out, the saliva on a cigarette recovered at the Brownsville crime scene was Davis's, police say.

Now, Davis is on trial for McCoy's death. Authorities accuse Davis of asphyxiating McCoy during an "hours-long pot-fueled romp in August 2010."

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Judge Recommends Exploited Maid from India be Paid $1.5 Million

Shanti Gurung was 17 in when she left India in 2006 and came to New York City with the promise of a job as a maid. She would make around $100 a month to cook and do chores.

When she arrived, she instead found herself working 16 hours or more a day -- cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and giving massages. At the end of the day, she slept on the living room floor.

After more than three years of work, Gurung had earned a one-time payment of 5,500 rupees, equivalent to less than $120.

This week, six years after she first arrived to New York without friends or family, a judge has recommended that Gurung is owed close to $1.5 million by her former employers -- one who was a diplomat with India's consulate in New York.

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Beaten Toddler Kymell Oram Dead; Kysheen 'Killer' Oliver — Yes, That's His Moniker — Now May Face Murder Charge

Daily News
Dead: Kymell Oram, 17 months.
Kymell Oram, the 17-month-old toddler who was severely beaten a couple of weeks ago in his East New York foster home, has died of his injuries, cops said today. The chief suspect all along, Kysheen Oliver, 19, whose nickname is "Killer," likely faces murder charges. The alleged scumbag, the boyfriend of Kymell's foster mom, Teyunna Cummings, 32, had already been charged with second-degree assault and lesser counts.

The Times's Elissa Gootman notes this afternoon:

According to court papers and testimony, Kymell had been beaten so severely that a doctor told the police he had suffered "repeated serious blows from an adult, possibly with a metal rod or a bat," and was "likely to die."

Valentine's Day Massacre: Crazy Dude Brings Ex-Gal Flowers, Kills Her, Kills Himself

Villa and Figueroa
‚ÄčOrders of protections didn't do a damn bit of good for poor Guimmia Villa. The 32-year-old was working at the register at Crescent Chemists, on 34th Avenue in Long Island City, when her creepy ex, Alexander Figueroa, 38, walked in with flowers at about 3:45 p.m. Thursday. The Daily News captured the scene perfectly through witnesses:

"They talk and then I heard 'Pop!'" said witness Maria Lombar, 65. "I saw her on the ground. She went down dead. Blood was all over."

Less than three days before Valentine's Day. Boy, he sure showed her. What a man. Figueroa split, and he wound up taking the coward's way out.

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