Manhattan Double Homicide Caught on Tape

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Image: NYPD video
An early morning shooting left two people dead.
The NYPD is seeking the public's help to solve a double homicide in Manhattan early Sunday morning. The shooting took place on Broadway near 151 St. in Harlem.

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Newark's 10 Day Stretch of 10 Homicides Reflects Drop in Cop Numbers

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Newark mayor Cory Booker
During Cory Booker's first year as Newark's mayor, in 2006, there were 107 murders in his city. By 2009, that number was down to 68. That 36 percent drop in homicides helped establish the reputation that has propelled Booker to national prominence.

In 2010, however, 167 Newark police officers were laid off, a 13 percent drop in the force. City and state budget problems were the reason, of course. The murder rate jumped to 90 that year. There would be 96 in 2011 and 92 in 2012.

This year--Booker's last in city hall before he potentially relocates to the Senate chambers in D.C.--was looking better. The city remains on pace for less homicides this year than in each of the past three.

The past two weeks, however, brought Newark's public safety challenges back to the front pages. And after three years, the cuts to the police budget produced a sad crescendo: In a 10 day stretch, from Monday August 26 to Wednesday September 4, there were 10 homicides in the city, as well as three more non-fatal shootings and one non-fatal stabbing.

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Thursday's Good News: Homicide/Shooting Rates Have Dipped In First Quarter Of The Year

Given that it's Thursday, which means it's one day closer to Friday, we figured that it's time to shine some light on the good news out there in the world.

According to NYPD data released yesterday, the shooting and murder rates are down in New York City, with comparison to this time last year; the former has dropped by 24 percent and the latter by 30 percent.

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Even A Blizzard Didn't Stop A Ton Of Violence From Happening This Weekend

Nemo was able to shut down power, the Long Island Expressway and most of the news over the weekend. But, somehow, it apparently couldn't prevent the unfortunate plague of crime in New York City.

The first shooting victim came Friday night during the apex of the snowstorm. At a baby shower up on East 165th Street, a 20-year-old man was fatally shot just after midnight as the blizzard began to weather down on the City. Also, the man's cousin was shot but is currently in critical condition. There's video surveillance that shows the attackers but the police told the New York Post that no one has been charged yet with the shootings.

The violence continued into Saturday night.

At around 8:50pm, a 19-year-old man was found with two fatal gun wounds in his back at a bodega in Brooklyn. Once again, the cops are still unsure what happened while no arrests have been made. And then three hours later, a 54-year-old man was found dead at a motel in Elmhurst. The officials on the scene determined it was homicide and could be the result of a strangling.

And we haven't even mentioned the other shootings that went down this weekend yet.

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Robert Asika, Empire State Shooting Victim, Files First Claim Against City and Police

The first victim of police gunfire in the Empire State Shooting has filed a notice of intent to sue the city, the Voice has learned.

Robert Asika, one of 9 people wounded Aug. 24 by police bullets as they fatally shot a homicide suspect outside the storied building, has filed a notice of claim with the city comptroller's office, records indicate.

Asika was struck in his right elbow by a police bullet--one of 16 rounds fired at Jeffrey Johnson, who had just gunned down his former co-worker, Steve Ercolino. Dramatic news photographs showed Asika sprawled on the sidewalk with blood coming from his wound, as passersby tended to him.

Michael S. Lamonsoff, an attorney representing Asika, tells the Voice this afternoon that his client is still receiving medical care, and may have some neurological impairment as a result of his injuries. "We believe that there were too many rounds fired under the circumstances, and perhaps there should be more of an exploration of whether these officers had the proper training," he said.

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Roberto Nunez (Allegedly) Is Pretty Good At Murder; Sucks At Getting Away With It

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A less-than-legal immigrant living in New York City is allegedly pretty good at murder -- according to authorities, he blew away three people as they all sat in a parked car in Harlem last month during what an indictment filed this afternoon in a Manhattan criminal court describes only as a "criminal transaction."

The bitch of the whole thing: two of the three victims weren't even involved in whatever "criminal transaction" was taking place.

Roberto Nunez, 30, has been hit with multiple counts of first and second-degree murder in the triple slaying.

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A Heat Wave, a Crime Wave

As mentioned on the newspaper front page in Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing," while Bed-Stuy burned in the 1989 summer heat, it looks like a helter swelter out there. And it's a damn bloody one.

In the past five days, with temperatures averaging well over 90 degrees, New York City has seen a spree of 16 murders - five of which have happened since Friday night. Although 2012 is continuing to attract record-low numbers of homicide, and crime, in general, for that matter, this quick blip on the radar is an outlier that runs parallel with the extreme weather.

We knew that the heat wave could cause our social media and respect for law at the McCarren Park Pool to collapse. But this shocking statistic and the stories behind some of them have convinced us that one thing is for sure: the heat is making New York go insane.
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Manuel Mayi: 21 Years After Teen's Murder, Mother Lacks Answers (UPDATE)

Altagracia Mayi, in 2002
On March 28, 1991, Manuel Mayi was beaten to death by a mob in Corona, Queens.

At the time, as many as 10 white individuals chased the 18 year-old Dominican for 16 blocks. They then hit him with baseball bats, fatally cracking his skull. Cops made three arrests. The District Attorney tried one individual, who was not convicted.

Altagracia Mayi, his mother, still wants answers: "I will never tire of seeking justice," she told El Diario.

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Charles McDowell, Convicted Livery Cabbie Killer, Gets Life

Charles McDowell, who shot and killed livery cab driver Amadou Ndiaye in August, 2009, was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison, Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson tells us.

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Larry Davis, Accused Granny Killer, Also on Trial for Killing Trans Lover

DNA Was Recovered From Cigarettes
There's a lot to process here, but we'll give it our best shot.

Larry Davis took a hooker back to his apartment in April 2011. She noticed that his grandmother was dead and stuffed in the closet, according to cops.

So, Davis got busted for that crime, the Daily News reports, but his DNA appeared to be a match for another grisly offense -- the strangulation of Richard McCoy.

Turns out, the saliva on a cigarette recovered at the Brownsville crime scene was Davis's, police say.

Now, Davis is on trial for McCoy's death. Authorities accuse Davis of asphyxiating McCoy during an "hours-long pot-fueled romp in August 2010."

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